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Best Blender 2019 • 0 Blenders Reviews

The handling of a stand mixer is more comfortable than that of a hand mixer or a hand blender. In the American language the stand mixer is called Blender. Also in the gastronomical area he is gladly worked with.

What's a blender?

The Standmixer, also known as Blender, is a household appliance that will make your housework much easier in the class=”alignright wp-image-465558 size-full” src=”” alt=”What is a standmixer test and comparison?” width=”300″ height=”300″ />. This is especially true if you frequently prepare soups, dressings, smoothies or shakes. The hand blender is ideal for all these dishes and prepares them for you within a few seconds.

But that's not all: You can even create your own pesto with a Standmixer from pine nuts, basil and hard cheese. All stand mixers in the Test have in common a mix or crushing function, which you can use for the ingredients of your choice. You can use the stand mixer to chop onions, crush fruit and vegetables and even process coffee beans into powder.

Most commercially available models also have a Ice Crush function that helps you crush ice. Mixed with a little fruit juice, this Crushed Ice is a welcome refreshment in the hot summer months and will surely taste good for your guests at the next pool party!

Don't be surprised if you don't find an Ice Crush function in the manual of your device; some manufacturers also call this Pulse function.

The construction of a stand mixer in our test

Constructed from two main components, the floor mixer is equipped with a foot with the motor, one mix cup with a integrated measuring unit and a lid. This construction is the same for all mixers.

However, the mixers differ in terms of motor performance, processing, the quality of the individual raw materials processed, such as glass, stainless steel or plastic, the knife's cutting ability, the different speed levels and the various pre-programmed functions. These differences had to be compared more closely in our detailed product reports.

The engine block

There is a motor in the base of the appliance which can be operated at different mixing speeds.

The mixing container with knife unit

The cup is placed on the base of the blender and is often made of glass, plastic or even stainless steel. In the bucket there are rotating knives, which are activated by the clutch of the motor. All ingredients are mixed with each other and crushed.

The lid

To prevent the food from escaping from the container during mixing, a lid is attached to the appliance.

The History and Development of the Stand Mixer

Already in the year 1922 there was the first stand mixer. It was invented and developed by Stephen Poplawski. So that he could create Sodamix drinks, he had the idea to develop such a device.

13 years later his invention was further improved. Fred Osius developed a better working stand mixer, the “Waring Blendor”. The further development of Fred Osius is in principle still available today as a stand mixer. Only in appearance and design as well as in materials has something changed over the years. But modern floor mixers still work, like the prototype developed by Fred Osius.

Of course, today's stand mixers are different in their performance. There are even stand mixers that can shred hard objects. This is ensured by a strong motor with a solid clutch. However, commercially available floor mixers are not suitable for crushing extremely hard objects as they would break them.

However, the functions of stand mixers will probably continue to improve and develop in the coming years.

How does a blender work?

At the bottom of the cup there are knives in star shape. Depending on the device, these can also be removed for easier cleaning. These knives are set in motion when the blender is switched on, and crush or mix the food into a pulp or juice. In a very short time a few fruits can turn into a delicious smoothie or vegetables into a creamy soup.

As soon as the knife star starts rotating, the ingredients are thrown against the outer wall of the cup. The result is a so-called rotation funnel. The cup is triangular in shape or has ribs that break the funnel. This allows the contained liquid to flow to the rotating knives and is processed even better.

A lid prevents the liquid from escaping. Some Standmixer also have additional knives and a wider circuit position. This additional function also enables the shredding of ice. The function of knives and knife stars is the opposite.

How fast the knives rotate is irrelevant for the fineness of the mixed food. The speed or additional knives are only responsible for how quickly the prepared product is ready. This of course results in less noise pollution and less heating of the engine.

The mixer unit is equipped with a lid so that the liquid ingredients cannot come out during mixing. As soon as you have filled all the ingredients into the blender and pressed the start button, the mostly star-shaped knives start to process the ingredients into a kind of porridge.

This is also the reason why the stand mixer is particularly suitable for creamy soups and smoothies. The design of the floor mixer differs fundamentally from that of the hand blender: The hand blender is a flexible appliance that can quickly disappear into the kitchen cabinet after work.

The Standmixer on the other hand is very much heavier and should therefore be assigned a fixed place on your worktop. Basically, you can process all imaginable ingredients in a high-quality stand mixer; you can even add frozen ingredients and berries to a high-performance mixer.

For the typical creamy Consistency you should not put it alone in the mixer, but mix it with a liquid like almond milk, water or orange juice.

This in turn makes it possible that the stand mixer cannot wear out as quickly as slower units. Fast floor mixers are definitely more stable and durable than others. The longer a stand mixer works, the higher the risk of friction effects.

At the same time, however, a stronger emulsification process of the contained ingredients is created. This leads to melting of fats or solution of sugar.

High-quality blender start immediately, even if ice cream and harder fruit or vegetables are already included. Devices with a lower power should be supplied better only gradually, so that the Standmixer can take no damage. For this process, there are openings in the lid of a mixer's beaker, which can make filling enormously easier.

If finest liquids are to be prepared, this can only work with special homogenizers. There are also stirring rods for dispersing. There's a lot of gravity here. This creates a narrow gap, which makes optimal crushing and mixing possible.

If the beaker of the stand mixer consists of polycarbonate, for example, there is a danger that hot food can be mixed with dissolved components such as bisphenol. The same can happen with this material if the cup is constantly cleaned in the dishwasher.

What can be processed with a stand mixer?

By using a blender many ingredients can be processed.

That includes:

  • Fruit (which can also be added with a bowl and seeds or stones)
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Nuts
  • juices
  • cream, milk, yogurt

In principle, all kinds of food can be crushed, mashed or mixed. But also ice can be processed with a stand mixer. Some mixers have an extra thermo resist glass container in which hot soups can be mashed and cold cocktails can be mixed.

To ensure that the device is not filled or operated incorrectly, the operating instructions and the manufacturer's recommendation should be followed.

How useful are stand mixers?

Process fresh fruit and vegetables to a smoothie, pass tomatoes or make cold crushed ice for the fruit juice – all this can be done quickly and easily with the stand mixer. With these miniaturization tasks, a commercially available hand blender quickly reaches its limits. You can find out how useful a stand mixer really is in our guidebook.

First, of course, you should ask yourself what you want to use the stand mixer for. You just want to process fruit and vegetables into a fruity smoothie? Then a smoothie maker is preferable to Standmixer.

If you love fresh juice, you should rather reach for the juicer. You mainly want to puree soups? In this case, the Stabmixer is the better choice and takes up less space.

If you like to prepare crushed ice or drink cocktails, an ice crusher is the better choice. But if you want to make several of the things listed here, you can't avoid purchasing a powerful stand mixer.

Is the stand mixer just a waster of space in the kitchen?

Maybe you belong to those people who think that a stand mixer is an absolute waster of space in every kitchen. It stands on the worktop and takes up a lot of space. However, if you want to live a healthy life, a stand mixer is indispensable.

Here it depends on whether you use the mixer at least once a day. Then it makes sense and should also be placed on the work surface so that it is quickly ready to hand. For some years now Smoothies have been one of the big trends in the food industry.

For this, fresh fruit and vegetables are mashed, or passed through, so that a viscous drink is produced. It contains the concentrated power of vitamins and minerals. If you want to live a healthy life, you can enjoy a large portion of vegetable food.

In its original state, you would not eat so much fruit and vegetables in one day, as numerous tests have proven. For all those who are health conscious but can't do much with raw food, the stand mixer is indispensable for smoothie preparation.

Thanks to its robust equipment, it can be used in a wide variety of applications

But why is the Standmixer so useful as an all-round kitchen appliance? Thanks to its robust construction with a heavy foot, it does not become independent when shredding.

Place value on a non-slip stand . When buying, also pay attention to the weight of the mixer, the heavier the mixer, the safer it will be. A powerful motor provides the necessary power to take on ice or hard nuts.

In the stable art or glass container the food is stored safely and cannot leak. Sharp knives ensure that almost any food is easily chopped.

The cut material is processed as if by magic in a few seconds, without you having to exert yourself as with the Standmixer. Therefore it is the right appliance for health conscious people, gourmets and people who do not want to do too much work in the kitchen.

Numerous application possibilities for healthy and delicious enjoyment

Standmixer are not only useful for health-conscious people. Even if you are a gourmet and like to make your own food, such a device is the right choice.

Since you can even crush nuts with the mixer, you can, for example, make a delicious nut pesto. Simply add basil leaves, pine nuts, hard cheese and olive oil to the mixer and crush for a few seconds.

Stored in refrigerator the pesto will last a few days. This example also shows that a stand mixer is very useful if you like quick meals. For a tasty meal, simply cook the pasta on the stove, mix the pesto with the mixer and a meal is ready in no time.

Extra Tip – How to avoid discoloration on the blender jug?

You may have seen it at friends or acquaintances before – numerous foods leave unattractive discolorations in the stand mixer. These are then difficult to remove. This is particularly the case with betanin, carotene and curcumin.

With mixing cups made of plastic the dyestuffs are deposited. As healthy as smoothies or soups with carrots, beetroot or turmeric are, the blender does not look nice and clean afterwards. But how can these deposits be prevented?

Numerous tests have confirmed that curcumin is not water-soluble. That's why hot water with detergent doesn't help. It is better to use vinegar or alcohol for cleaning. Soak the cup for a few hours and then rinse it with hot water.

The situation is different with the dye betanin, which is responsible for the red beetroot. This is fortunately water soluble. It is therefore sufficient to clean the blender jug several times with cold water after use.

If you want it ecological, you can put the cup in sunlight for a few hours. Alternatively, the container can also be cleaned with oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. This also helps to prevent future discoloration.

Use cold water to clean deposits , with warm water the discolorations penetrate particularly well into the plastic material. If you want to avoid the residues right from the start, choose a blender with a glass container. The dyes adhere much worse to it than to plastic.

What functions do floor mixers have?

Fruity smoothies, refreshing sorbets or healthy nut milk can be made in no time at all with a blender. In our guidebook you can find out which functions the floor-standing devices are equipped with and for what purpose you can use them.

Crushing and mixing function

All common Standmixer have a mixing and crushing function. It can be used, for example, to turn warm vegetables into hearty soups or to chop onions into small pieces.

A little more power is needed when shredding nuts and hard fruit and vegetables. But coffee beans can also be transformed into coffee powder with the crushing function. Another possibility is the grinding of sugar into icing sugar. Very handy when the icing sugar is gone again, but still needed.

The Crushed Ice Function

In the USA Crushed Ice is a wonderful refreshment in the warm months. To do this, crushed ice is mixed with fruit juice and then slowly spooned or drunk. This ice cream is made with Standmixers.

Also on the German market many floor-standing machines have a crushed ice program, some models also have a pulse function. Due to the great power of the mixers, ice cubes can be chopped into small pieces and then processed into ice, cocktails or sorbet.

It is important to choose a professional device with the necessary power. It must be at least 1,000 watts by now. The mixer container should also be able to withstand quite a bit, as the swirling ice is really getting on its nerves.

This function can also be used to make delicious vegan ice from frozen bananas. Cut the ripe bananas into slices, freeze them, then put them into the mixer. Add some cream, milk or vegetable milk. Now everything is mixed to a creamy ice cream in the blender.

The smoothie function

The tasty smoothies are currently literally on everyone's lips. If you want to make it easy for yourself to make them, you can reach for the stand mixer. Many models have an extra Smoothie function, with which the juices can be prepared in the twinkling of an eye.

To do this, simply shred fresh fruit and vegetables, fill into the blender jug, add a little water and start the program. A few seconds later you can pour your delicious smoothie into the glass.

With the special function the fruit and vegetables are extra finely ground, resulting in a particularly creamy drink.

All Vitamins and minerals are optimally broken down and can therefore be better absorbed by the body. But also here you should pay attention to a powerful model. At least 1,000 watts are needed for tasty smoothies.

The self-cleaning function

Some more expensive models have a self-cleaning program on board. This means that the stand mixer cleans itself in this program.

The function is not absolutely necessary because many mixers can be cleaned easily. To do this, fill the blender jug halfway with warm water, add a few drops of detergent and then switch on the appliance at the highest setting for a few seconds. After emptying, rinse a few more times with clear water.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a blender?

Advantages of a blender

If you decide for a stand mixer , you can profit from many advantages. Thanks to the high performance, numerous dishes can be produced easily. Soups, smoothies and nut pestos are just some of the possibilities.

Another aspect is the hygiene. Since the ingredients are processed in a closed system, the worktop and kitchen cannot be soiled. Also the cleaning of the stand mixer is very easy, here you should pay attention to material and design. Another positive aspect is the small amount of work involved.

A Stickmixer must always be held and guided precisely, otherwise the ingredients will spread throughout the kitchen. The blender does the job all by itself, all you have to do is fill in the ingredients, select the speed level and turn it on.

The food is crushed in no time at all. A lot of power is also needed to dismember ice cream and forged food such as fruit. For a powerful stand mixer this is no problem at all.


  • With a stand mixer you can puree almost any food and process it into a porridge.
  • In addition, both hot and cold food can be prepared very quickly with a stand mixer.
  • The stability of such a mixer also speaks for itself.
  • Stand mixers are more powerful and robust than hand mixers.
  • Many devices have a handle on the cup that makes them even easier to handle.
  • Existing safety systems ensure that the stand mixer can only be used if the knife star is firmly integrated in the appliance.
  • Holes and openings in the lid make it possible to fill additional ingredients.

The disadvantages of a stand mixer

Of course there are also some disadvantages with Standmixer and . The first thing to mention here is the volume. Powerful devices with 1000 watts can become almost as loud as a percussion drill.

It is recommended to use earplugs for this purpose. In addition, a Standmixer takes up more space than a rod mixer, which disappears quickly and easily into the cabinet.

But the stand-alone unit is also more versatile. In terms of cleanliness, the Stabmixer also has a slight advantage, although today there are many stand mixers that are easy to keep clean.


  • The drawback of a stand mixer is its size. Accordingly, it is difficult to stow away in the kitchen. It is best if you have an extra place where you can leave it.
  • Some of the floor mixers are also difficult to clean, as they are difficult to disassemble.

How did we test the stand mixer test?

In our test of 13 different stand mixers we first dedicated ourselves to delivery and packaging of each unit.

After examining them, we went over the appearance, design and texture of the materials to examine them closely.

The better a stand mixer is technically equipped, the better it functions naturally. Therefore, the data and facts were of great importance for us in our test.

We also paid attention to the comfort, the handling, the operation and the adjustability of the tested stand mixers.

Then we turned to the cutting result of each device and also here we report about the power of the standmixer.

Another point after we tested was the cleaning and care of the devices.

If the accessories of the individual stand mixers was rich, there were plus points for it in our test.

Also the guarantee of the manufacturer as well as their respective services were classified by us.

For each stand mixer there is a summary of its features at the end, so that everything can be seen at a glance.

Also with regard to the fill quantity her, the individual models available on the market sometimes differ strongly from each other. Some devices have a capacity of just 600 millilitres. So if you live in a four-person household, you should choose a blender that can hold at least 1.2 litres of liquid.

In terms of comfort and handling it makes sense if the mixer is equipped with the longest possible power cable. This gives you more freedom of movement. The individual parts of the mixer should be mounted as smoothly as possible. If too much effort is required, there is an unnecessary risk of injury and you should rather choose a different stand mixer. After use, the blender should be as easy to clean as possible.

The Pulse button that some mixers offer is useful in this context – with this button the mixer practically cleans itself. The stand mixer should be delivered well packed and adequately protected from damage in transit.

Good result in the Standmixer Test 2018 especially the products which are delivered with various accessories. In addition to an instruction manual, you will often find a pestle in the package to make it easier to feed the individual ingredients.

If you receive a drinking bottle with your Smoothie, you can take it with you to the office. The more accessories are included in the scope of delivery, the more expensive the stand mixer will be in the purchase.

Which manufacturers produce stand mixers and what makes them stand out?

Many well-known manufacturers produce stand mixers. The brands belong to these companies:

  • Philips
  • Russell Hobbs
  • Kenwood
  • Professional Cook
  • brown
  • Karcher
  • Clatronic
  • Sinbo
  • Severin
  • Crups
  • WMF
  • Kitchenaid
  • AEG
  • Bosch

as well as many other manufacturers.

All companies are constantly striving to further develop and improve their equipment. Of course, this also includes the expansion of the functions and the performance of the stand mixers. The devices of the manufacturers are often also available in different colors, depending upon taste.

The best brands of floor mixers

Standmixer are real all-round talents and a great work relief for everyone who likes cooking and baking. There are many devices available on the market that come with more or less functions. There are models from different manufacturers in different price categories. In our guidebook you will learn everything about the best brands of Standmixer.

  • WMF
  • Omniblend
  • Russel Hobbs
  • Clear stone

WMF – by tradition good

One of the top brands among the stand mixer manufacturers is WMF. The manufacturer WMF has stood for high-quality kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories for over 160 years. The German company has a strong international presence and continues to set new trends with its innovations. Thanks to the high-quality appliances, gourmets can enjoy cooking even more and benefit from the longevity of the products. Of course, this is also reflected in the prices, but every now and then a bargain can be made.

WMF also has a lot to offer when it comes to stand mixers. Especially worth mentioning is the WMF Kult Pro Power, a real design mixer for every household. It comes with 1.400 Watt and is available for less than 150 Euro. In tests, the four-blade system completed well with up to 24,000 revolutions per minute. The container can hold up to 1.8 litres of liquid and is made of shatterproof glass. However, if you can't lift too hard, this mixer is rather unsuitable for you. Because through the glass it weighs considerably more than a plastic mixer. Three integrated programs allow several functions. So you can make delicious smoothies or crushed ice with it. Thanks to its high power, even nuts and frozen fruit are no problem for the Kult Pro Power, as the name suggests. All in all, it's the right choice if you want a rugged, durable device that looks good too.

Omniblend – hip brand for food and fitness lovers

The Omniblend stand mixer of the brand Yayago has been very popular for some time now. For several years now, Yayago has stood for innovative stand mixers with which smoothies, nut milk and sorbets in particular can be produced. It is available for less than 300 euros and is therefore the cheaper variant of the so-called Vitamix. The Ombilend V has 2,200 watts on board and performs up to 38,000 revolutions per minute. Six steel blades shred everything that gets into the container: ice cream, fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. A positive aspect of the Power is the tolerable volume. Other devices with this equipment are much louder.

Russel Hobbs – Quality products with British Touch

The company Russel Hobbs was founded in 1952 in England and since then has stood for high-quality kitchen appliances in the medium price segment. The two founders Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs wanted to simplify everyday life with their electrical kitchen appliances. With the products great importance is attached to a beautiful design. If you value quality products with a British flair, the stand mixers from Russel Hobbs are recommended for you. One example is the Russel Hobbs Essentials Standmixer 17956-56, which has been leading the sales lists for stand mixers for years. It is available for less than 50 Euro and therefore a good entry-level model. With its fiery red colour it immediately catches the eye in every kitchen and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Although the stand mixer only has 600 watts, product tests have shown that it can still reliably grind ice cream and frozen vegetables. This takes a little longer than with more powerful mixers. Two different speed levels and an ice crushing function are on board. The container has a capacity of 1.5 litres and is made of glass. The stainless steel blades can be removed, which makes cleaning much easier. If you pay attention to a few things during use, the Russel Hobbs Standmixer can keep up well with the more expensive models. For example, you should always put the soft ingredients in the mixer first, then the harder ones. This allows the machine to process the food better.

Klarstein – Design-Standmixer for professional users

The company Klarstein from Berlin stands for contemporary kitchen appliances with an appealing design. Klarstein floor mixers are available in different equipment variants and price classes. What they all have in common is that they are manufactured with a focus on durability and user-friendliness. The Klarstein Herakles Black Touch comes with a modern design and a 1,680 Watt motor. The Japanese stainless steel blades make it to about 32,000 revolutions per minute. With this equipment, the mixer is undoubtedly one of the professional devices. Tests have shown that it can be used to easily crush nuts and ice. Ten speed levels make precise work possible. Six automatic mix programs offer many application possibilities. No matter if smoothie, nut milk or coffee beans – this mixer chops almost everything small for you. The large LCD display with touch display makes operation child's play. The grandiose equipment has its price, of course. But if you are looking for a professional machine for daily use, the Klarstein-Standmixer is worth a close look.


What should you look out for when buying a blender?

  • If you want to buy a stand mixer, you should in any case compare the performance of the devices with each other. The higher the performance, the more ingredients and other things can be crushed, mixed or mashed with it. An output of over 500 watts is advisable here.
  • The knives of the device should be placed opposite to each other. This circumstance guarantees an even crushing and mashing of the entered ingredients.
  • Also the volume that the container can hold is an aspect that must be taken into account when purchasing. The smaller the cup, the more cumbersome and tedious is its handling. We recommend devices that have a capacity of at least 1.5 litres.
  • The switches should be easy to use on a stand mixer, which makes it much easier to use.
  • Ebenso is a good stability of importance. If a stand mixer stands well, the safety for the user is also higher. If the mix level increases, inferior devices can start to “wander”. For this reason, the preferred floor mixer should always have non-slip materials on the foot.
  • Even so the possibility should be present to be able to fill during the enterprise further ingredients. This allows a opening in the lid of the cup.
  • The easy cleaning possibility should also be given and not be neglected, otherwise a stand mixer is often difficult to clean. For this reason, it should always be possible to remove the knives individually. In the ideal case, your stand mixer can be disassembled and reassembled in just a few moments. In our test, we also found that a smoothie spout, which is present on some devices, is actually unnecessary and only requires additional cleaning.
Ultimately, however, the decision to purchase a stand mixer depends on the demands you place on it and is individual.

Which positive aspects offers one the Standmixer purchase in the Internet in the comparison to the purchase with the specialized dealer

If you are considering the possibility of purchasing a stand mixer, you should also not reject the alternative of buying on the Internet:

Compare instead of rate
On the Internet you can compare far more products with each other than it is the case in a conventional shop for electrical articles. In addition, you can consult independent ratings and test judgments and will not be ripped off by a dealer.

Click instead of drag
If you prefer to buy on the Internet, you can simply select and order a stand mixer from your own home. This completely eliminates annoying paths. The transport of the devices is also omitted, since a transport company is commissioned by the manufacturer to deliver the article. Choosing a stand mixer on the Internet saves time, money and physical strength, which can be used for other things.

Darkened instead of ripped off
The purchase itself is also uncomplicated, as a stand mixer can be ordered and paid for relatively quickly with just a few clicks. The payment is also simple, it can be made in seconds and completely prevents the often disturbing but also dangerous carrying of cash.

Support instead of indifference
But there are other positive aspects that speak in favour of buying a stand mixer on the Internet. The service and warranty of the manufacturer is usually of a higher quality than that of a specialist retailer. Many useful service details can already be accessed or downloaded online. Some companies even offer a free warranty extension.

Favourable instead of overdriven
Who buys a device e.g. via Amazon, often pays a lower price and generally gets better conditions than with other dealers.

Help instead of rejection
If you need a spare part quickly or have other questions about a device, you will usually get a faster and better service than with a specialist dealer, since you can also access the company and its employees directly online.

However, this is not comparable to what is on offer on the World Wide Web; in the shopping giant Amazon alone, you will find 48 result pages under the search term Standmixer.

This proves impressively in Test: Online you have a giant selection and can choose the model that best meets your requirements.

Most well-known Onlineshops supply you your new Küchenhelfer besides versandkostenfrei home. So you can save yourself the trouble of searching for a parking space and the hustle and bustle at the checkout.

Try the stand mixer at home, because you have a right of return of 14 days. Maybe you already have a certain model in mind? In this case, we recommend an online price comparison, as you can easily do with idealo, for example. The only reason for buying from a specialist electrical shop around the corner is actually the personal advice of the specialist salesperson.

We are therefore of the opinion that the purchase of a stand mixer on the Internet is the cheaper and more optimal alternative compared to conventional dealers.

The right accessory for the floor mixer

With a stand mixer you can produce countless dishes and drinks. Everything you need for use is included in the scope of delivery. Nevertheless, there are some accessories that make cooking with the stand mixer even more user-friendly.

The drinking bottle for fruity smoothies

Health-conscious people have long appreciated the invigorating effect of smoothies. In recent times, the fruity drinks made from fruit and vegetables have found more and more followers.

Egal whether pure fruit smoothie or smoothie from green vegetables: Before enjoyment stands the preparation. The best way to do this is with a blender, because thanks to the sharp knives, fruit and vegetables are crushed and vitamins are broken down.

All this succeeds in the mix container without dirtying the kitchen. If you want to take the smoothie with you to work or sport, you should buy a water bottle as an accessory.

The smoothie can then easily be poured into it from the Standmixer jug. A useful accessory for making smoothie are also recipe books, in which you can learn everything you need to know about fruity drinks and how to prepare them. You can also spice up your smoothie with a few superfoods like Chia or Matcha.

Measuring cup for cocktails and Co.

Certainly not everyday, but the production of cocktails with the Standmixer is quite conceivable. Simply put the ingredients into the blender and mix together. However, it is recommended to use a small mix cup for cocktails.

Otherwise the mixture may become a little too strong. Another possibility is to make crushed ice with a shot, just like in America. A small mixing cup like this also does a good job here.

Although on the mixing container the stand mixer is a measure, it is nevertheless worthwhile to use a correct measuring cup. If you use several liquids together, it is easier to calculate the individual quantities with a separate measuring cup.

Spare parts for the worst case

If your Standmixer has a defect, it is worth looking for spare parts. Well-known brands such as WMF or Klarstein offer numerous possibilities for this. For example, there are the blades that grind the food individually to buy. If your knives are dull or defective, you can only replace the blades and do not have to buy a new one.

The same applies to the blender jug. If it is broken or has unattractive discolorations, it can be quickly replaced with the replacement jug. It is possible, however, that the lid of the floor mixer is also leaking, there is a replacement available in the trade for this as well.

Finite Rest with Mixer Housings

An extremely practical accessory is the mixer housing for the stand mixer. It consists of transparent plastic and is simply put over the mixer. Product tests have shown that the number of washes can be reduced by half.

A foam mat inside gives the housing support and prevents loud slipping back and forth. This means that the mixer can also be used in noise-sensitive places such as cafés or bars. Also at home mixer housings are useful.

If you want to mix your smoothie for work early, but don't want to wake up the family with loud noises, or want to serve soup late in the evening.

Nut milk bag for healthy nut milk from coconut and almond

For lactose intolerant people, a Standmixer offers the possibility to produce their own vegetable milk from coconut, almond or hazelnuts. For example, almonds and water are added to the mixer and crushed together. The result is a milky liquid that tastes delicious and is healthy. Somewhat disturbing are the shell remains of the almonds. Here nut milk bags can help as accessories for the mixer.

Sift the almond milk simply through the nut bag, the leftovers will then stick in the bag. So you can enjoy nut milk just like in the supermarket and save a lot of money. The almond remains are suitable as almond flour for cakes or rolls. After emptying, simply wash the bag in the washing machine or dishwasher and let it dry.

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