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Best Belly Sleeping Pillow 2019 • 0 Belly Sleeping Pillows Reviews

What is a belly sleeper pillow?

The lying position of a belly sleeper is relatively rare in contrast to that of a back or abdominal sleeper. The belly sleeper lies with the head laterally on the usually very flat mattress, whereby the neck area is usually slightly overstretched. In addition, the back curves inwards, creating a kind of hollow cross. In fact, in anatomical terms, a rather widere posture, which can sooner or later be noticeable by headaches, neck problems and tension due to the associated muscle stretching and overloading.

This is especially the case with people who do not have an abdominal sleeper pillow that adapts optimally to their individual physical conditions while sleeping. It can be observed that many belly sleepers only use a classic down or feather pillow, which they shape as needed and place under their head or under their arms while sleeping.

The problem with this conventional pillow variant is that it gives way very easily, so that the face of the abdominal sleeper sinks deep into the pillow, so that breathing problems can occur as a result. The fact is that the voluminous nature of the cushion prevents the exhaled CO2 from escaping completely or being released into the ambient air, so that this air is inhaled again. A deficiency of oxygen can therefore be the consequence in the worst case.

An interesting variety of products

An abdominal sleeper pillow is a specially designed pillow that is particularly important for people who sleep on their stomach at night. A belly sleeper pillow is rather flat in its condition, whereby the shaping as well as the conception of the surface is adapted to the anatomy of the sleeping person according to need.

In contrast to the voluminous down pillow, an abdominal sleeper pillow offers the advantage of free breathing. In addition, with the help of such a pillow, abdominal sleepers also benefit from the fact that they no longer lie on the mattress with their back pressed through or keep their legs stretched to compensate for an adequate posture.

The front side of the shoulder area is no longer pressed into the mattress thanks to the special composition of the belly pillow, and the knees are also relieved. Such a cushion for abdominal sleepers can be made of
different materials, whereby the well-assorted online specialized trade certainly also has a variety of high-quality belly sleeper pillows with down or feathers to offer.

It is important that the surface or the cover of the product is breathable, moisture-permeable and above all easy to clean. Because if you lie night after night with your face on the belly sleeper pillow and thus and the cover regularly comes into contact with moisture, sweat and dead skin flakes, then it is indeed understandable that the material is as easy to care for and insensitive as possible.

It is worth knowing that today even special water cushions are available, which also guarantee comfort and convenience for belly sleepers. Compared to fleece or foam cushions, water cushions for abdominal sleepers are relatively small in size.

How does an abdominal sleeping pillow work?

The function of an abdominal sleep pillow is based on different factors. So it is not only important to actively do something for the relaxation of the muscles, to relieve the joints and to spare the cervical spine, but also to do something for good breathing at the same time. If one considers that someone who sleeps regularly on his stomach night after night overstretches the neck area as well as a part of the head in order to be able to breathe and at the same time to lie comfortably at least to some extent, this literally means heavy work for the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Because during the entire sleep duration the muscle system etc. is subliminally almost exclusively occupied with creating a certain balance and providing relief for the entire body. In this regard, it should be remembered that most sleepers even hold their arms under their face at night – sometimes even in an entangled position – so that convulsions and circulatory disorders are almost always the result.

Nevertheless, this “grotesque” interlacing of the arms should at least make sure that you can breathe without any problems. However, this is rarely the case because you breathe into the crook of your arm. The belly sleeper breathes in the exhaled carbon dioxide again to a large extent. The oxygen from the ambient air can only be inhaled to a certain extent. This not only results in a massive dizziness after getting up, but can also cause headaches.

Not to mention that, in order to “get enough air”, you unconsciously breathe into the crook of your arm with your mouth wide open, which can usually be associated with considerable sharch sounds. It should be noted here that over time snorers must expect additional physical impairments, such as fatigue, chronic fatigue and even cardiovascular problems.

How does an abdominal pillow work?

Healthy sleep, tensions ade

All the more demanding consumers who decide to buy a belly sleeper pillow will benefit, because such a part is able to create help relatively quickly. The abdominal sleeper can thus finally sleep in a largely relaxed position, he can breathe relaxed due to the gentle lifting of the pillow and no longer has to use his arms for help. As a result, pulling in the arms as well as in the elbows is now finally a thing of the past.

In addition, an abdominal sleeper pillow scores points because neck and shoulder area were relieved in various external tests, and the back area was also spared in the practical test. The breathing was easier for all test subjects and a normal supply of oxygen during sleep could finally be achieved. All in all, an abdominal sleeper pillow ensured in all tests that mis-loadings avoided and tension pain in shoulder, head and neck were literally yesterday's snow.

By the way, most abdominal sleeper pillows are ideal even for side and back sleepers, whereby it is also possible to optimally adjust the height to the individual circumstances. The ideal belly sleeper pillow is characterised by its easy to clean properties and its easy washable texture. Parts of the interior can be put in or taken out as needed to ensure first-class sleeping comfort night after night.

benefits and applications from one test

If you decide to buy a belly sleeper pillow as a belly sleeper, you will benefit from various advantages. In contrast to the classic down pillow, the abdominal sleeper pillow enables a much easier breathing, so that you absorb more oxygen and reduce the absorption of CO2.

In this regard, it should be remembered that people who sleep in the prone position often hide their faces in the up , bent arms and breathe the whole night through into the resulting space in between. This means that what you exhale, most of it carbon dioxide, is sucked in again during the following breath. Oxygen can only be inhaled to a very limited extent, as the supply through your arms is considerably impeded. Through this almost permanent inhalation of CO2, the sleeping person in subconsciousness is given the feeling of not being able to breathe, which leads to the head being stretched upwards in a lateral position and the mouth being opened wide as a result. This means that oxygen can be inhaled, but this cramped and also unhealthy posture sometimes causes a considerable snoring noise.

A belly sleeper pillow can prevent this, which is a very important advantage of this product. The slightly raised shape of the pillow ensures that the head, neck and shoulders are in a straight line so that the face is free and the arms do not have to be pulled up again and held there for hours. Instead, the arms now relaxed can remain next to the body, so that even the front shoulder area is no longer pressed deep into the mattress. Under certain circumstances, this can also be accompanied by a considerable pain potential.

Ideal also for snorers

In view of the fact that the anatomically designed base enables easier breathing and higher oxygen supply, not only snorers but also their partners benefit. In any case, it is possible that snoring may be reduced by the change in sleeping position caused by the abdominal sleep pillow, so that calmer nights are guaranteed from now on.

Fatigue, tiredness or tension can sooner or later be a thing of the past, as can heart complaints, headaches, neck complaints or back pain, which have always been caused by the hollow back.

All in all, a belly sleeper pillow is characterized by remarkable preferences, and it can also be used anywhere. No matter whether in your home bedroom or on the road, when you are travelling: Nowhere else does one have to do without the abdominal sleeper pillow, because maximum flexibility is guaranteed with regard to the practical and functional conception.

High quality pillows in this category also have the advantage that they are breathable, moisture-permeable and easy to clean. Cleaning the belly sleeper pillow from time to time proves to be very easy with most pillows of this kind, whereby it is not least also advantageous to pay attention to a material condition of the highest possible quality when buying.

What types of belly sleeper pillows are there?

What types of belly sleeper pillows are there?

The belly sleeper pillow itself is very innovative and well thought out. The number of manufacturing companies has risen sharply to this day, with renowned providers convincing with ever new product highlights in this context. As a result of creativity and technical innovations, these types of stomach sleeper pillows have established themselves on the market:

Water cushion for abdominal dormouseWater cushion for abdominal dormouse

For many years, people have known about the healing, soothing power of water. Following the fact that water is the source of all life, it is not surprising that the well-assorted Online-Handel has a multitude of remarkable, functional belly sleeper pillows filled with Water. The gentle movements of the water inside the pillow make a valuable contribution to a comfortable, pleasant feeling while sleeping and lying down. In contrast to modern abdominal sleeping pillows with fleece or down filling or the like, water pillows are comparatively small. This, however, does not impair their functionality, but it is indeed worth trying out this product innovation.

belly sleeper pillow filled with fibre balls

Not every belly sleeper pillow has an inlay consisting of feathers, down or a mixture of these natural materials. Recent studies have shown, among other things, the beneficial effect of Softbausch fibre balls on humans. In themselves quite stable in composition, they offer maximum comfort and convenience, whereby it is easily possible to adjust the pillow height to the individual needs of the so-called belly sleeper pillows of this type.

belly sleeper pillow in butterfly shape

A very special type of belly sleeper pillow is the so-called butterfly pillow. In fact, it has the shape of a butterfly with spread wings, which are designed in such a way that the head can be comfortably placed on it without the arms having to be folded under the head, as in times of the “good old” down pillow, in order to have at least a halfway comfortable lying position. Due to the slightly round shape and the special foam filling integrated into the design, optimal adaptation to the anatomical conditions of the abdominal sleeper is ensured. In addition, it speaks for itself that not only the sleeping comfort is very high, but that the butterfly pillow for abdominal sleeper pillows also convinces with a remarkable support function.

Allergic pillow

A large part of the population in this country suffers from allergies. Therefore, it is essential to rely on a belly sleeper pillow that convinces with a antiallergenic texture. In this context, the well-known manufacturers in the industry have set themselves the task of developing abdominal sleeper pillows that are 100 percent allergy-friendly in terms of their material properties, inlays and care and cleaning.

This means that mainly natural raw materials have been incorporated and that, in addition, no further chemical substances of any kind have been used. The materials also score with their moisture-regulating and air-permeable properties, so that fluid build-up or the like is a thing of the past with Allergic abdominal sleeping pillows. The Inlay is usually even separately removable and washable, which also has the advantage that mites, house dust, bacteria, germs and Co. have no more chance to multiply in the pillow and cause diseases.

test criteria: Thus the abdominal sleeper pillows were tested in tests

A belly sleeper pillow had to be distinguished primarily by a high quality, a good couching and sleeping comfort as well as by as easy-care properties as possible in various tests. In addition, other aspects that are relevant to our product report are also taken into consideration. The belly sleeper pillows were examined in external tests according to these test criteria:


The highest possible Strapazierfähigkeit of abdominal sleeper pillows played an important role in all tests. The fact is that, on the one hand, the product has to undergo the most varied movements of the user without being damaged, and, on the other hand, the pillow for abdominal sleepers is exposed to the most varied additional stresses. In this regard, for example, it is said that body fluids, dead skin flakes and the like are deposited on the cover night after night.

Air circulation and humidity compensation

The material properties also played a central role in various tests. Especially with regard to moisture regulation and air circulation, abdominal sleeper pillows were extensively tested in a practical test. With regard to the sometimes high exposure to Sweat etc., it should in any case be ensured that the moisture is not simply stored inside the cushion, so that a growing breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mites is created.

But due to a well thought out nature of the Inlay and the Reference it must be guaranteed that Humidity can escape successively. The same applies to air circulation. If the processed materials could literally “breathe”, there was a plus point for the cushion in the practical test.

If this was not the case or if only a slight air circulation was possible in the test, this had an effect on the evaluation of the product. Not to forget in this context is also the aspect that the abdominal sleeping pillow must then be cleaned or ventilated much more frequently in order to ensure the long-term preservation of product quality.

Individual customization options

The material of the abdominal sleeping pillow should be as flexible as possible, but not too soft and not too hard. A optimal adaptability to the anatomical conditions of the user should be ensured from the beginning. It is irrelevant whether the product consists of one part or whether there are several inlays inside which can be removed or inserted as required.


Night after night the belly sleeper pillow comes into contact with sweat, sebum and the like. Therefore it is essential that either the cover can be cleaned easily and without great effort, or that the “inner life” convinces by its easy to maintain properties.

Price Performance

A good belly sleeper pillow no longer has to be expensive, as many tests have shown. Nevertheless, test experts repeatedly found that overpriced products are sold on the market that do not live up to their price in every respect. For this reason, the price conditions in the comparisons and tests also play a very important role. The fact is, then, that it is worth using our product reports as a decision-making aid in every respect.

What do I have to look out for when buying an abdominal sleeping pillow?

If you are looking for an adequate belly sleeper pillow, you will sometimes face a not insignificant problem, because the selection is simply huge. True to the motto: “Paper is patient” or with a view to the fact that the advertising promises of some manufacturers do not always keep what they promise, you should pay attention to the following aspects when making a purchase in order to secure your individually fitting abdominal pillow and to profit from the purchase in the long term:

What should I look out for when buying a belly pillow?Quality and workmanship

In view of the fact that you come into direct contact with the abdominal pillow, it is essential to pay attention to good quality and pleasant surface quality. It should feel good when you place your face or body on the abdominal pillow, because it is important that from the beginning an optimal lying and sleeping comfort is guaranteed. Therefore it does not only depend on the material condition, but also on the height and/or the volume of your document.

Size of the abdominal sleeping pillow

The usual standard size for abdominal pillows is 80 cm x 80 cm. However, because every belly sleeper has his or her own position when sleeping, it is possible that this standard measure does not really correspond to the personal feeling of well-being. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the size of the product and only then weighing up to what extent it meets the individual requirements for a comfortable sleeping position.

skin friendliness and freedom from harmful substances

Of course you should pay attention to the quality of the cover and the inlay when buying a new abdominal pillow. Natural Raw materials and absolute Non-toxic is indispensable. After all, you come into direct contact with the material night after night for several hours.


It is important that the material adapts perfectly to the anatomical conditions of your body. You are therefore well advised to find out in advance to what extent strength corresponds to your sense of comfort. In this respect, however, it is very important that the underlay is neither too soft or yields too much, nor too hard.

If the abdominal sleeper pillow is too soft, it is possible that you sink into the base with your head or face so that no adequate oxygen exchange can take place when breathing. Rather, there is a risk that you inhale the carbon dioxide you exhale with the next breath. This not only feels uncomfortable even when you sleep, and confining, but due to this lower intake of oxygen there is a danger that you will wake up the next morning with a headache or completely exhausted. Yet it is the opposite of what a modern belly sleeper pillow is supposed to achieve: You want to start the day fit and rested!

Short information about leading manufacturers

  • Tempur
  • Paradise
  • Yeast
  • Badenia
  • Samina
  • Centa-Star
It was in 1991, when the first products of the very young manufacturer Tempur were launched on the market. The high quality and well thought-out design of mattresses, pillows and many other products were well received by demanding customers.

As a result, Tempur products are now available in almost 80 countries. Although for a belly sleeper pillow from Tempur you sometimes have to put a little deeper in your pocket, this is worth it, because you will enjoy the product for many years to come.

When in the mid-1950s a Himalayan expedition went on a great adventure trip, the researchers were equipped with the high-quality products from Paradise. In general, the first-class quality of mattresses, pillows and covers from Paradies has been proverbial for over 160 years now.

Here the quality standard “Made in Germany” plays a very important role. Thus the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer wishes always comes first at Paradies.

The company Hefel has its headquarters in Schwarzach, a small town in the middle of the quadrangle between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The renowned company has existed on the market since 1907 and has always delighted discerning consumers with new, high-quality product innovations with a view to pillows, mattresses and bedding of all kinds.

The mattresses, cushions, neck rolls and all the other products from Badenia have already been a proof of their remarkable quality for many years. At the same time, however, it is the moderate price structure that has always made this German company so popular among discerning consumers.

In any case, one can already be curious about what Badenia will establish on the market in the future, when it comes to read bedding.

One of the founders of the company, who was involved 25 years ago with the establishment of the Samina house, is a sleep psychologist and health expert. The best prerequisites for being able to meet Samina's products in terms of bedding large trust.

From the outset the Vorarlberger tradition and exempt private company set accents by groundbreaking innovations approximately around cushions, mattresses and further high-quality sleep healthy solutions.

When we talk about the company Centa-Star, we immediately know that we are dealing with “Bed-Company”, which manufactures mattresses, pillows, covers and other bedding from the finest materials. And we have been for more than 40 years.

The group is headquartered in Stuttgart and has been supplying not only consumers in Germany, but also in many other countries around the world for a long time.

Internet vs. specialist shops: Where is the best place to buy my belly sleeper pillow?

When it comes to buying a new sleeping pillow, local retailers have a lot to offer. However, it turns out that there are well-known specialty stores not in every city, but that the customer often has to make do with discounters or cheap providers in order to find the desired product.

On the other hand it looks different in Internet. Here the selection is also extremely multi-sided, so that at first glance it may seem a bit difficult to get an overview and find the individually fitting abdominal pillows.

Then it offers itself to select the best and thus most recommendable belly sleeper pillows from various tests in accordance with our product reports and to occupy oneself with the research in view of the personal preferences. As you can see again and again, this is literally a piece of cake with regard to the information available in our Product report.

If one would visit one or the other retail shop locally with this background knowledge generated in such a way, the disillusionment often follows immediately. Because only rare are the products that you are interested in actually available in the shop. It is certainly a good idea to ask the sales staff for adequate alternatives, but here too it can be seen that you may be confronted with one or the other problem.

Use the advantages of buying online

Internet vs. specialist shops: Where is the best place to buy my belly pillow?It should be noted that not every belly pillow you want is available in local shops. Because the suppliers can only offer a selection of these products in view of their usually very limited space, in order to keep the financial expenses for rent, storage, personnel etc. as low as possible, it is obvious that one does not always have to expect a wide selection of belly pillows on site. Quite understandable, but on the other hand also a decisive disadvantage.

After all, the customer is primarily interested in finding a product that actually fully meets his needs and requirements. In most cases, retailers are happy to offer interested consumers the option of order the product they are interested in, so that they can view and inspect it on site. Certainly this is connected with a certain waiting time, but the service oriented seller would like to offer its customer from the outset first-class achievements. Even before the purchase. In this regard, the customer, if he actually decides on such a course of action, is under circumstances under Zugzwang when visiting the shop of his trust again.

Many consumers are whether this individual service sometimes of the opinion, the stomach sleeper cushion now to buy to have . In order to avoid this pressure, many consumers usually decide from the outset not to order the belly sleeper pillow as a test. And so the search for the desired product continues.

The consultation is also important

Who wishes itself a adequate consultation to the Bauchschläferkissen, that is with Billiganbietern and Discountern according to experience not particularly well aufgehoben. Here it is shown again and again that – also due to the mostly comparatively low salary or the predominant employment of temporary or part-time workers – competent and friendly advice cannot always be guaranteed.

However, the situation is different in the local specialist shop. In many cases, the customer actually benefits from a complete package that is something to be proud of.

But also the Online-Handel is in no way inferior. On the contrary: In terms of friendliness, flexibility and service, Internet shops today have a lot to offer, with the customer benefiting in many ways from truly first-class services. Nevertheless, he often gets the desired abdominal pillow at a considerably cheaper price.

It should not be forgotten that Online-Kauf can save you the usually very time-consuming car trips into the city as well as the tiresome search for a parking space. Even the long wait in overcrowded shops in front of the checkout or bumpkins by other customers are pushed more and more into the background thanks to the First-Class offer of online trading.

Things to Know & Advisor

The history of the abdominal sleeping pillow

Since time immemorial one has used one or more documents in order to rest at night and to lie as soft and comfortably as possible. Whereas straw, natural fibres or jute bags were used in the past, this has changed dramatically to this day.

One recognized already quite early that humans are after a comfortable sleep on an adequate document in the morning relaxed and fitter, so that also the efficiency is strengthened. Already in the early Middle Ages people used superimposed fabrics or textiles that were filled with soft inlays. This is how the first pillows were created, as we still know them today.

In general, the industry has developed gradually over time, with researchers finding out, among other things, that sleeping people could basically be divided into different categories, namely the so-called side sleepers, back sleepers and abdominal sleepers.

Fact is that the lying position of each individual is completely different, whereby there is numerous evidence that only about 15 percent of all consumers in this country sleep on the belly. The sleep difficulties associated with this and the corresponding health problems in the 1980s years led to the first pillows being specially designed for abdominal sleepers.

In this regard, the main focus during development was on the fact that the material composition corresponds to the anatomical conditions of the abdominal sleeper, so that a high level of sleeping comfort and the possibility of breathing freely and getting a sufficient amount of oxygen during sleep are guaranteed right from the start.

To date, multiple abdominal sleeper pillow species have established themselves on the market, where we are talking about water pillow, butterfly pillow or allergy pillow especially for abdominal sleepers. The demands of the consumers are fulfilled by this versatility of the products in full extent, whereby also in the future always new innovations with view of stomach sleeper cushions the market will conquer.

Figures, data, facts about the abdominal sleeper pillow

The usual dimensions of a modern abdominal pillow are 80 cm x 80 cm. In view of the fact that the sleeping position on the belly is quite unusual, the well-assorted online specialist trade even has smaller belly sleeper pillows in the sizes 40 cm x 40 cm or 60 cm x 60 cm ready. The former are suitable, among other things, for placing them in the open spaces between head and neck and filling them adequately. Of course this is not absolutely necessary, but many belly sleepers find it altogether more pleasant.

Advice on buying an abdominal sleeping pillowThe price Conditions of abdominal sleeping pillows vary – depending on supplier, model and quality – between 10 and 150 Euro. In this respect, the size is also important. It is also worth knowing that there is a large number of different cushions for abdominal sleepers, which can be divided into two, three or more areas, whereby the inlays can also be removed or used as required.

This offers the advantage that the height of the pillow can be adjusted according to your needs to ensure that the spine is straight and that the head does not sink too deeply into the support. The average height of an abdominal sleeping pillow is between six and eight centimeters, whereby in this respect it is also up to the consumer to choose which volume is individually perceived as particularly pleasant.

The percentage the belly dormouse in this country ranges from 14 to 16 percent, with the majority of people who do not use a belly dormouse pillow having to contend with sometimes considerable health problems. Tension and muscle cramps in the neck, shoulder and neck area as well as headaches, chronic fatigue due to insufficient absorption of oxygen during sleep are only some of the aspects that come to bear in this connection.

In this respect, it is not surprising that consumer interest in modern abdominal sleeper pillows increased by 20 percent last year. A development that will probably continue next year.

Trends in the area of abdominal sleeping pillows

As strongly as the market for pillows has changed in recent years, so much does the discerning consumer benefit today from the current trends in terms of belly sleeper pillows. In this respect, not only the material composition has changed a lot, but also design-specific aspects and much more play a central role here. The following belly sleeper pillows are currently the absolute trend:

belly sleeper pillow in bright colours

The material composition of an abdominal sleeping pillow is of fundamental importance for all who expect a pleasant, deep and restful sleep from an abdominal sleeping pillow. It therefore goes without saying that high-quality raw materials are used in production. However, what is also relevant at the moment are striking, peppy colours that are fundamentally different from classic white or champagne. From neon yellow to bright pink to bright orange, almost everything is available that the consumer heart desires.

X cushion

So far, round, square or rectangular belly sleeper pillows have enjoyed great popularity. In fact, they are incredibly promising to provide optimal sleeping comfort for those who sleep at night.

Now there are however also the new X-förmigen Bauchschläferkissen, which have still more to offer regarding comfort and sleep feeling. By creating a additional space for head, shoulder and arms in view of the x-shaped structure, the user benefits from being able to breathe even more freely, thus ensuring even better oxygen absorption.

Trends in the area of abdominal sleeping pillows

antiallergenic pillows

The higher the raw materials used for the production of the abdominal sleeping pillow, the better. The trend in this respect is strongly towards antiallergenic belly sleeper pillows, which consist primarily of selected natural materials. It goes without saying that these pillows are absolutely >free of harmful substances and furthermore have all the advantages that one would expect from a high-quality pillow for belly sleepers.
Also the special humidity balancing properties speak for themselves in the hip models.

Pillow for abdominal sleeper or side sleeper pillow?

Only a comparatively small proportion sleeps on their stomach, whereas around 80 to 90 percent of people in this country sleep in lateral position or on back. So it is quite obvious that until not so long ago, the portfolio of products and services was considerably larger and more attractive for side sleepers than for people who sleep on their stomachs.

And so many consumers did not even ask themselves the question of looking for a special abdominal sleeper pillow that really fully meets their personal requirements and anatomical conditions. It is hardly surprising that many of the so-called belly sleepers decided to buy a side sleeper pillow in the hope that the health impairments caused by unhealthy sleeping habits would disappear into thin air in this way.

In order to understand that a side sleeper pillow no way must also be suitable for every belly sleeper, it is important to consider the explicit lying position and the associated consequences for body and mind.

Those who sleep on the back often lie in a kind of hollow-back position, with their arms directly next to their head or even under their head. This often has a negative effect on the shoulder and neck muscles. Relaxed sleep is only possible to a limited extent under these conditions.

belly sleepers turn their heads to a lateral position during sleep, whereby the entire musculature of the neck is overstretched and thus heavily strained. It should also not be forgotten that breathing is permanently affected by one's own body weight. Not to mention the fact that when choosing the wrong pillow the absorption of oxygen is additionally restricted, since only the CO2 exhaled before is inhaled again through the bent arms lying next to or under the head.

Many aspects that prove that side and back sleepers need a supplementarily different pillow than someone who sleeps almost exclusively on his stomach at night.

Care and cleaning

Night after night the sleeping person comes in contact with the surface or the cover when using the abdominal sleeping pillow in direct. Scientific studies prove that humans secrete approximately one litre liquid or sweat during an approximately eight-hour sleep, whereby also the portion of the secreted dead skin flakes is not insignificant.

In addition, there is the body heat, saliva and the like with which the bed linen or the stomach sleeper pillow is moistened during the night. All in all this results in a excellent culture medium for bacteria, mites and all kinds of other unpleasant “blackheads” within a very short time.

Many good reasons, therefore, to ensure from the outset that an adequate cleaning and care of the abdominal sleep pillow is guaranteed. First and foremost, you should therefore be careful to choose a product that is as high-quality as possible, and that has the following properties: moisture-regulating Properties
and a high air circulation capacity. In this way it is avoided that moisture is stored in the inside of the cushion and thus impairs the qualitative value of the cushion in the long term.

Easy to clean – good for your health

By using a fleece or a special cover you also make an important contribution to optimum hygiene. If necessary, a fleece can be renewed night after night, which is advantageous for the use of an abdominal sleeping pillow in hotels, guesthouses and the like. The regular change of the pillowcase is anyway the be-all and end-all with regard to the desired cleanliness of your abdominal pillow.

It is certainly not necessary to change the cover daily, but it is sufficient to put on a new pillowcase at intervals of about one to two weeks. When purchasing the pillow for abdominal sleepers, make sure that the surface is easy to clean or can be wiped off with a damp cloth if necessary. This has the advantage that, for example, coffee stains that may occur during breakfast in bed are a thing of the past in no time.

Useful accessories

fleece or care cloths

Buying a belly sleeper pillow is usually associated with the anticipation of finally being able to sleep comfortably in the evening without waking up the next morning as if on wheels. If you are lucky enough to have a belly sleeper pillow available in your hotel or holiday apartment, you are well advised to put on a special fleece to guarantee a maximum of hygiene and cleanliness.

After all, you never know who slept on the pillow before. Alternative special care cloths, which are distinguished by their cleaning and disinfecting properties, are available instead of the fleece. You only have to wipe the surface of the pillow a few times in order to lie down relaxed.


A pillowcase is indispensable with a view to the regular and permanent use of an abdominal sleeping pillow. If one were to sleep on the uncovered surface of the pillow, this would be quite questionable in view of the hygienic conditions. Because a cover is much easier to clean than an entire pillow.

In general, it should be noted that people give off moisture during sleep and that dead skin flakes could get on the pillow. Without adequate protection of the cushion, these contaminants would be able to penetrate even deeper into the interior of the cushion. In this respect, a reference represents a promising solution when it comes to cleanness and hygiene.

Pillow cases for on the way

If you have a belly sleeper pillow, you probably don't want to miss out on Travelling in view of the remarkable sleeping comfort. So that the good piece arrives at its destination undamaged and can be transported as cleanly as possible from A to B, it is recommended to buy special sleeves for the belly sleeper pillow. These can be cleaned very easily, are sometimes even washable – depending on the model – and are also characterized by their high space savings.

Alternatives to the abdominal sleeping pillow

Small cushions

A stomach sleeper pillow is not always available when you need one. Therefore it is a good idea to use one or more small size cushions, which are characterized by low volume.

With these practical, soft and comfortable helpers it is possible to contribute to a healthy and restful sleep, as the cushions can be inserted well into free zones between head, neck and shoulder due to their special format. This means that by filling the space created in the prone position, optimal protection of the neck and neck area can be guaranteed. As a result, tension or overloading of the musculature is avoided.

Unlike a large feather or down pillow in the standard 80 cm x 80 cm format, several small pillows offer special comfort and even more flexibility, especially for people who sleep on their stomach. This means not least that a more relaxed posture resulting from this can make even headaches, fatigue and lack of drive in the morning a thing of the past.

Sleeping roll

Certainly a sleeping roll is one of the classics that were already on every sofa in the 1970s. Assuming that there is no bellyläfer pillow available to comfortably sleep on, recommends the use of the “good old” sleeping roll is indeed recommended.

Due to the round design, flexible models in particular can be bent very well in such a way that they adequately fill the area between neck, head and shoulder. In this way a comfortable lying position can be guaranteed even for belly sleepers.

Ideally, you should choose a small size roll that is as sleep roll as an alternative to the belly sleeper pillow as a belly sleeper.

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