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Best Ash Extractor 2019 • 0 Ash Extractors Reviews

What is an ash extractor?

A ashtray aspirator is often referred to as chimney aspirator .

FOX ash extractor especially for the extraction of fireplaces and pellet stovesThis is a special version of a wet-dry-sucker, therefore of a bagless vacuum cleaner.

While the renowned brand manufacturer Kärcher, for example, relies on models that are very similar to the conventional wet-dry vacuum cleaners of the same brand, other ashtray vacuum cleaners present themselves in a simple pot or fashion.

Most asuction cups have a metal receptacle, because it is also resistant to warm ash heat. In addition, asuction cups are equipped with a special asection filter.

These are so-called HEPA filters, which are used for separation of suspended matter and other very fine dust.

It is important in all cases that absorption of residual bag none harmful suspended particles whirled up.

Kärcher 1.629-662 Ash extractor AD 3 Premium FireplaceWe are thus largely protected from possible toxic dust.

To ensure that ash and charcoal residues can be reliably collected, ashtray vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a corresponding suction pipe and a suction nozzle.

Finally, we have to distinguish between the real asque vacuum cleaner with integrated motor and the pure asque filter elements , which are only connected to a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Aschefilter are only worthwhile if the connected vacuum cleaner also has a corresponding suction power.

In addition to high watt power, as suction cups should also have large suction cup volume. Good values here are 800 to 1,600 Watt and one volume from 18 to 20 Liter.

In addition to a sufficient suction power, many motor-driven asher vacuum cleaners have a blow-out function. This allows us to blow dirt and ash out of even the smallest smallest furnace glands.

How does an ash extractor work?

A fireplace or stove provides a comfortable side on one side, heat on the other side, other side but regularly cleaned. Usually for this purpose a flue set is required. This usually consists of a Poker, one Brush and one Blade.

Kärcher 1.629-662 Ash extractor AD 3 Premium FireplaceLeath to say, this cleaning work not always absolutely free of dirt. Ash and carbon residues may fall on the floor or contaminate the clothes. Here a functional asuction cup especially can be helpful.

In one test, for example, the test subjects dealt with a asher cleaner with motor, which is very similar to a vacuum cleaner. First, the test subjects had to establish a power connection via the power cord.

Most as suction cups have a sufficient long power cable, so that the test persons mostly still not needed a extension once.

The motor of our asuction cup is usually located in the lid of the suction cup. The controls for switch-on and for selection of the suction power can also be found here.

Thanks to a flexible suction hose with suction nozzle it was possible to reliably remove the asher residues in tests even on difficult to access sites.

It is important that, if possible, only cooled ash is absorbed, as the suction hose is often not heat-resistant. Unfortunately, only the fewest manufacturers offer completely heat-resistant as suction cups .

Advantages & Application areas

In our Asch suction cup comparison 2019 ReviewInstitute would like to introduce you to the possible application areas and advantages. As we have already mentioned, with a ashtray we can not only suck out fireplace ovens and open fireplaces , but also free our garden grill from residual ash and charcoal .

Especially after a longer garden party many grill masters let their charcoal grill cool down over night. This also makes sense, because hot ash not can be sucked away with an ash sucker .

Ash vacuum cleaner, 20Liter, safe suction of ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, grillsWhile Grill grate can be cleaned particularly well with oven spray, this looks different with the actual firebox of a garden grill. Here we have to scrub hard to get the places clean again.

Instead of simply dumping the remaining ash, the use of a asher is particularly worthwhile here. Even smaller charcoal residues, that have not yet completely burnt out could be absorbed by the test subjects in a test via the suction nozzle and the suction hose.

benefits from a test:

  • Cleaning of open fireplaces and stoves,
  • Cleaning of charcoal grills,
  • Cleaning of tiled stoves,
  • Cleaning of pellet boilers,
  • simple handling,
  • easy cleaning of the ash container and
  • the own vacuum cleaner will be spared.

What types of ash extractors are there?

In our Aschsucker comparison ReviewInstitute would like to introduce the different models to you again a little more closely.

Ashtray vacuum cleaner with motor

Widely used are the so-called sheet metal can-shaped ash extractors with integrated motor. These models have a large similarity with the As chef filters described later without motor unit.

The metal receptacle, which has a sufficiently strong suction motor in the lid, is conspicuous.

At the side a flexible suction pipe with suction nozzle leads out, over which we get a sufficient large radius of action.

Depending on model these vacuum cups are also equipped with a blow-out function.

By buttonpress these devices can be taken particularly easily in operation. Many adjustment options have the simpler devices not. For good brand products we can also adjust the suction power individual.

Understandably, these suckers are operated with power, so we need a socket in the immediate vicinity. In the garden a cable drum can help us here.

ash vacuum cleaner chimney vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner ash fine filter bag blowing function selectionThese electrically operated ash vacuum cleaners have a integrated filter, which filters out all harmful floating particles.


  • ideally suitable for fireplaces, stoves and grills,
  • simple handling,
  • partially with blow-out function,
  • good value for money.


  • partially small container volume,
  • not for liquids,
  • not for hot ash,
  • no transport rollers.

Ashtray vacuum cleaner with motor and transport rollers

Very popular are the ashtray vacuum cleaner models, which look similar to a wet-dry vacuum cleaner . These units are manufactured by the renowned brand manufacturers Kärcher and Syntrox Germany.

These suction cups generally have a particularly high capacity, have a good motor power and are supplied with extensive accessories. In addition to a conventional suction nozzle, these models are also equipped with corresponding floor nozzles.

To lighter transport these large ashtray are provided with corresponding transport rollers. It should also be mentioned that some manufacturers also offer models that can hot ash absorb.

These slightly higher and dome-shaped ash extractors at the same time offer the advantage, that all accessories can be easily stowed in chassis stowed whoden.

Syntrox Germany Basic 1600 Watt Stainless Steel 18 - 20 Liter Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Motor Fine Vacuum Cleaner Ash Vacuum CleanerUsing the Frame these Asch Vacuum Cleaner very easy manoeuvring.


  • ideally suitable for fireplaces, stoves and grills,
  • easy handling,
  • high motor and suction power,
  • high capacity,
  • Transport rollers,
  • some models can also absorb hot ash.


  • relatively expensive,
  • not for liquids.

Aschefilter without motor

For the sake of completeness we would like to mention here in our asctic comparison 2019 also the so-called asctic filter. These are not real suction cups, as they lack a motor.

Aschefilter are especially low priced and look very similar to the barrel-shaped ascher.

The special feature is that Aschefilter without additionally connected vacuum cleaners not can function.

These filters consist of a large collecting container, a vacuum cleaner connection, a suction hose and a suction nozzle.

Kinzo Ash Can be used for vacuum cleaner STIn order to achieve the best possible high suction performance, you should connect a wet-dry vacuum cleaner instead of a conventional household vacuum cleaner. The Aschefilter are here not subject of the observation.


  • ideally suitable for fireplaces, stoves and grills,
  • high capacity,
  • low priced.


  • a separate vacuum cleaner is required
  • not for liquids,
  • some awkward handling.

So the ash extractors were tested in tests

Before you decide on a ascher test winner, we would like to explain how the different models were tested.

  • Processing quality
  • The motor power
  • Suction hose length
  • Price-performance ratio
Especially important is solide and stable processing quality. Good ashtray have a metal ashtray container. For some models with transport rollers, the collection container is additionally provided with an attractive plastic coating.

In one test the subjects paid attention to the fitting accuracy of the individual components. Gaps between the respective components would indicate a deficient quality. During the suction process, no dust should be able to escape from the container if possible. Here all test candidates convinced.

An important decision criterion was motor power in watt. On average, ash extractors have power between 800 and 1,200 watts. The higher the performance is, the better these suckers can absorb ash and carbon residues. In other words, with such a performance about 60 to 70 liters of air in the minute sucked away .

If you want to suck out a small stove or a grill, a lower power will do. Only with bigger chimneys or even pellet stoves you should think of a stronger motor power. Our comparison test winners achieve a sufficient watt output and are therefore universally applicable.

A good suction hose is as important as a high suction power and a sufficiently large container volume. Many ash extractors have a suction pipe with a average length of 1.4 m.

The handling with a longer hose is of course considerably simpler. Here we come to hard-to-reach places. However, we must also consider that longer hose requires an increased watt power of the motor, so that all residues with sufficient suction power can also be sucked up.

short hoses are sufficient for grills and stoves. Longer ones are especially helpful for tiled stoves and large open fireplaces. Our tested ash vacuum cleaners have different hose lengths and are therefore also suitable for different applications.

Another test criterion was the price-performance ratio. Basically, we have to assume that a very expensive ascher cannot always meet all requirements. However, a very favorable model can also show many weaknesses.

A good price-performance ratio speaks for itself if the scope of delivery contains sufficient range of accessories . Also brand devices known Manufacturer reach a higher value than Noname products.

As we have found in our comparison, the price cap is just 100 Euro for a good ash extractor. The simpler pot ash suckers are around 25 Euro. These must be absolutely worse in the function not. In case of a possible purchase decision of an ash aspirator we should leave the optics out of the equation at first.

What do I have to look out for when buying an ash extractor?

Of course, there are other criteria, that you as a potential buyer of a as suction cup should pay attention to.

  • Packaging and scope of delivery
  • The suction tank volume
  • Length of the power cable
  • The weight
  • The filter
All ash extractors are delivered in a appealing cardboard packaging . Even on the outside we can usually see what is inside.

In addition to the ash vacuum cleaner itself, we usually find a suction hose and a suction nozzle separately and well packed. Depending on the manufacturer, the accessories are somewhat more extensive. However, we usually do not find brush attachments here.

A English-speaking Operating instructions should also not be missing. In particular, the more favourable pot ash extractors are partly delivered with instructions, which are hardly understandable due to a defective translation. On the other hand, the most ash suckers self-explanatory must be taken into operation.

One of the most important purchase criteria is the suction container volume. Make sure that this is between 17 and 20 liters. However, there are also relatively low-priced ash extractors with only 6 liters volume. These are still sufficient for smaller stoves. But if, for example, you want to clean a charcoal grill completely, then you should be able to fit something more into the container.

The only problem is that a large suction container can become very heavy over time. In this case we recommend the rollable ashtray suctioners, so that you only have to carry the suction hose here.

Especially when using outdoors, you need a socket near the house. As a rule, sockets are not to be found in the immediate vicinity of fireplace stoves or open fireplaces. For this reason an ash extractor should have a correspondingly long mains power cable.

Here we were pleasantly surprised by the test winners. These had a cable length of round 4 m. Other favorable as suction cups still come on 2.5 m. But you can also find models that have only one 1 m long cable. In this case a cable extension already is pre-programmed.

Ash suckers possess only a low own weight. Only when they are filled can they become relatively heavy. Without contents weigh ascher between 4 and 7 kg. Fortunately, the heavier models are equipped with additional transport rollers.
Almost all as suction cups are equipped with a filter system. The favourable representatives set thereby on simple paper filter. These tend to add ash and dust particles very quickly.

Practical and cost-saving are washable filter systems. But even these have only a limited durability. Interesting are ash extractors that have a centrifugal filter.

This rotation technique prevents the filter from clogging at all. This technology is also offered by some vacuum cleaner manufacturers for their filterless vacuum cleaners. This type self-cleaning filter is mostly found in the higher priced ash suckers.

Short information about leading manufacturers

In our as suction cup comparison ReviewInstitute would like to finally introduce you to one or the other well-known manufacturer. The enumeration makes no claim to completeness, but the purchase decision is intended to make it a little easier for you.

  • Einhell
  • Kärcher
  • Rowi
  • Arebos
  • Iago
One of the well-known German tool manufacturers is Einhell Germany AG, which has its headquarters in Landau on the Isar. The 1964 based enterprise is well known for its garden equipment, power tools, welding equipment, grills and cleaning equipment.

Einhell also produces various Aschauger. These models are presented in attractive colors and have sufficient motor power between 500 and 700 Watt. hell ash suckers have the typical barrel shape, where the container volume is approximately 18 liters.

The TH-VC and BT-VC series are relatively well known, and interestingly with and without transport rolls exist. These models are characterized by a solid processing. In addition to the asher vacuum cleaners with motor, there are also pure asher filters at inhell. These can only be operated using a separate vacuum cleaner.

hell ash vacuum cleaner with motor we find in lower to middle price segment.

In Winnenden in Baden-Württemberg the German Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG is resident. The 1935 founded company has become internationally known especially for its high pressure cleaners and wet-dry vacuum cleaners. It is noticeable that the products of Kärcher are all offered in typical black-yellow colour.

Similar to the wet-dry vacuum cleaners, the ash vacuum cleaners of Kärcher are also constructed. These models are characterized by first-class processing and high performance. The rollable housings are designed in such a way that Kärcher ash extractor can also accommodate complete accessories .

It is interesting to note that Kärcher ash extractors can be used multifunctionally. For example, they can also be used in workshops as regular dry vacuum cleaners for vacuuming wood chips or other dry materials. Kärcher ash vacuum cleaner can be found in higher to higher price segment.

The German Label Rowi has become indispensable in the field of power tools. 1964 the married men Katharina and Rolf Wieser founded the retail company Rowi Schweißgeräte und Elektrowerkzeuge Vertrieb GmbH. Today the headquarters are located in Ubstadt-Weiher.

Rowi produces welding equipment, power tools,compressed air equipment, heating technology and innovative cleaning equipment.In this respect, the Rowi ash extractors must not go unmentioned. Rowi also manufactures a wide range of wet-dry vacuum cleaners.

Rowi ash vacuum cleaners are presented in the typical top shape with high gloss stainless steel housing. The motor power this vacuum cleaner varies between 800 and 1.200 Watt. Advantages offers the current RAS series, which is additionally equipped with a Vibration system .

This option prevents the Aschefilter from clogging up and cleans itself off. Rowi ash suckers are found in the medium price segment.

The Label Arebos is an Onlinevertrieb, specialized in Tool trolleys, power tools, motor-driven Tools, but also Pedicure- or Manicure products and Cosmetic cases. However, various cleaning devices are also offered under the label.

Arebos Ash suckers are characterized by high processing quality. Several models look very similar to the Kärcher models. These also have a mobile platform and are equipped with a capacity of at least 18 litres.

In addition to this upscale version, we also find simpler asuction cups of Arebos, which are again offered in the typical cylindrical shape. It is noticeable that Arebos equips its as suction cups with higher motor power of at least 1,200 Watt. It is particularly interesting that these devices are located in the lower price segment.

In year 2005, Goran Jakovac founded the German Jago AG, which has its headquarters in Stuttgart. Jago is one of the largest online mail order houses in Germany and is also represented in more than 30 countries in Europe.

The label Jago conceals household items, animal and leisure equipment, power tools and cleaning equipment. The Jago ash vacuum cleaner is also very popular.

The Jago models hardly differ from the other suppliers of cylindrical ash extractors. The only difference to the inhell- or Rowi models is the slightly different colouring. Also Jago ash vacuum cleaners have a high motor power of 1,200 Watt.

Especially striking is the large container volume to 20 liters, which represents the upper limit for ash vacuum cleaners. Jago ash suckers are located in the lower to middle price segment.

Internet vs. specialized trade: where do I best buy my ash extractor?

Rowi ash extractor RAS 800/18/1 Inox Basic, 800 W 18 LiterYou may now have decided on a certain ash extractor and would like to know where you can buy it at the cheapest .

For example, you can buy in any local DIY store, garden center, in fireplace accessory stores, in larger department stores, but also from discounters various ashtrays. You can also use Internet.

The purchase of an ash extractor in the local trade

If you have opted for an ash vacuum cleaner and want to buy it before location, you may have to take enormous routes in purchase. Just at weekends department stores, but also DIY stores are often overcrowded. Before place there is hazard, that desired ash suckers are unfortunately not available .

If we ask a seller for advice here, they will all sell us probability other model. In some businesses the sellers are also held, first of all possible discontinued models or shopkeepers to the man to transfer the woman.

It gets difficult most of the time when you want to call such a device failure purchase and return . Not every business will refund you the purchase price without further ado.


  • personal sales advice,
  • you can take the desired ash extractor with you immediately,
  • in business you can look at the ash extractor.


  • frequently difficult access routes,
  • low selection on site,
  • sometimes more expensive,
  • Difficulties with return if not satisfied.

The purchase of an ash extractor on the Internet

Of course you can also order an ashtray via the Internet . Here you don't need any complicated travels, because you can order comfortably from home.

A Online-Shop offers you not only the cheapest prices and the largest selection, but is also open around theclock.

Here you can also easily find our preferred comparison test winners. The order process has become much easier today and also the payment procedure safer. For the most part, none shipping costs more are to be paid. Some providers supply the ash vacuum cleaner even within of 24 hours.

If you don't like the product, you can return the as suction cup to the dealer. Within the scope of the granted right of withdrawal you will receive a refund after the return your purchase price.


  • no access routes,
  • largest selection,
  • low prices,
  • Shopping around the clock,
  • simple ordering and payment procedure,
  • Delivery within 24 hours,
  • right of withdrawal.


  • no personal sales advice,
  • You cannot immediately take your desired ash extractor with you.
Under Consideration the Pre- and Disadvantages we can state that with a Shopping via the Internet the Advantages outweigh.

Things to Know & Advisor

The following guide on asuction cups should give you further information on this topic. This is about the history, data, numbers and facts as well as accessories for ash vacuum cleaner.

The history of ash vacuum cleaners

Asch vacuum cleaners have a historical reference to normal vacuum cleaners. The traditional household vacuum cleaner was first invented in the USA in year 1860. Thus, in Iowa Daniel Hess developed his first vacuum cleaner. Almost simultaneously Ives W. McGaffey presented in Chicago a like device.

Patented the vacuum cleaner with the designation Carpet Sweeper in year 1876 from Melvill Bissel. With this the carpets could be cleaned reliably. The first model was so large, that it had to be mounted on a horse-drawn vehicle and in the houses the cleaning hose had to be laid.

The groundbreaking invention of James Murray Spangler, who made a vacuum cleaner from an old fan and a pillow 1906, was James Murray Spangler. This model was even provided with a rotating brush.

It is interesting that this idea was taken up by Spangler's cousin. This was none other than the Founder the Hoover Harness and Leather Goods Factory, any company, the first Hoover vacuum cleaner distributed worldwide.

There was still ash suctioners nothing to hear about. In Germany 1912 the first vacuum cleaner was developed with the designation Lux I from Axel Wenner-Gren. Only after the World War II did these more compact devices increasingly come onto the market. Only from 1980 did the typical hand vacuum cleaners develop into the bottom vacuum cleaners.

In the 90s the so-called vacuum cups were added. From these, today's wet-dry vacuum cleaners have developed. In order to be able to absorb coarser materials, special dry vacuum cleaners were built and from these only the ashtray vacuum cleaners. were made.

Today all species of vacuum cleaners are represented on the market, so that for each applications corresponding solutions are available.

Figures, data, facts about the ash extractors

Ashtray vacuum cleaners differ significantly from conventional vacuum cleaners. Instead of various suction brushes made of plastic we find here only metal versions without brush function. This is also understandable, because we have to suck up with a asher under circumstances also something warmer asher and carbon residues.

In principle, an ashtray not too high requirements are placed with respect to an attractive design. The models should be functional and reliable. This is why the typical metal, barrel-shaped collecting containers are increasingly to be found here.

Often is also of self-cleaning asher the speech. However, this name is somewhat misleading. We must continue to remove the ash residues from the collection container ourselves. However, these models are equipped with a vibration system.

By vibrations during des suction the asher residues are released from the inside of the collection container and thus cannot clog the filter of this asher so fast. This technique offers decisive advantages, that should be considered in a possible purchase.

The interest in as suction cups is still unchecked. This is partly due to the fact that more and more real estate owners are thinking of purchasing a fireplace as an additional heating source. In the context of alternative energy solutions, such as pellet stoves, the asuction cups also have important cleaning task to fulfill.

Why not to use a household vacuum cleaner to vacuum ash

Understandably, some wonder why it should be a ash vacuum cleaner to suck out a chimney or grill and not a traditional household vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately the household vacuum cleaners not are suitable for vacuuming warmer ash residues.

Most Household vacuum cleaners are mainly made of plastic. Some of them have dust bags made of recyceltem paper. These components are absolute not fireproof.

Even if we suck none hot ash, it may happen that glow residues destroy the sensitive plastic chassis of our vacuum cleaner.

Likewise, the fine asher residues of filter of a vacuum cleaner cannot be properly recorded. It becomes unpleasant when a small ash cloud is ejected from the rear of the household vacuum cleaner.

By the way, the modern wet-dry-suckers not are also suitable for ash suction. Although these are already manufactured much more stable and some even have a metal receptacle, but the suction hoses and suction nozzles are usually still made of plastic.

All in all, we can primarily recommend the genuine ash extractors for cleaning stoves and charcoal barbecues. Especially high-quality models are even able to absorb hot embers .

The biggest difference, however, is that the aschefilter are designed better and really no ashe clouds can get out more.

A smaller Tip first of all: It is always better to leave a fireplace or grill completely cool. In this case can definitely aash vacuum cleaner can also not damaged.

Cleaning and maintenance

By cleaning of asher we mean not emptying of asher container. This is primarily about cleaning of device itself. Our asuction cups generally consist of metal receptacles. These could be cleaned in tests without problems with something water and soap.

For safety's sake the snap locks motor unit and the cover should be removed. Then the test subjects could for the most part even flush the inside of the ash container into tests.

The Filter must be blown out or replaced at regular distances. Here it always depends on which filter system a as suction cup uses.

Repair ashtray vacuum cleaner

ash vacuum cleaners are especially robust built. They must withstand hard strain. If very favorable models the motor unit fails, you should consider here whether repair is worthwhile.

Many renowned brand-name manufacturers offer corresponding spare parts for their ashtrays. Especially the somewhat more expensive labels, such as Kärcher or Rowi, can offer a good spare parts assortment.

Sometimes these companies also have their own repair service, so you only have to send the damaged devices there.

In general, however, you should get a cost estimate. This way you especially avoid teure repairs. Instead a new purchase may be better solution.


❓Welche Equipment should have an ash extractor for cleaning a garden barbecue?

First of all, the electrically operated asher aspirator should have a sufficiently long mains supply line. As is well known, not are sufficiently present in every garden sockets.

In addition, as suction cups with a blow-out function are recommended to. This allows us to clean difficult to access sites of our grill very effectively . We should only be careful not to blow against the wind, otherwise we will notice the ash residues ourselves.

❓Wie does it look like hot ashes?

Most manufacturers of asuction cups point out that despite metal housing only warm ash may be aspirated. Hot ash could damage all plastic compounds, flex hoses and possibly also the filter.

❓Wie an ash extractor can still be used?

With a ash vacuum we can suck up all solid and dry materials. Interesting is for example the use in a carpenter's workshop.

There we can easily suck up sawdust and drilling residues. Basically, the ashtray vacuum cleaner has the same functions as a dry vacuum cleaner.

❓Was is actually an ash extractor?

A ash vacuum cleaner is generally considered a fireplace accessory. With this suction unit we can easily remove ash and charcoal residues from chimneys, stoves, pellet stoves and garden grills.

In connection with corresponding floor nozzles these ashtray can also be used for any other type of suction work. But they are not for fluids suitable.

Useful accessories

Many probably wonder if there are still useful accessories for ashtray. In principle, most devices are delivered ready for immediate use. Nevertheless, there are various accessories, which we would like to introduce to you in the following.

  • Transport rollers
  • Hose and nozzle
  • Replacement filter
Depending on the size of the ashtray it can be quite difficult to transport such a ashtray. Therefore a separates role system, as for example with the models from Kärcher. is quite practical.

This also allows large sump container to be manoeuvred without any problems. Depending on manufacturer there are either fitting transport rollers or we use a stable roller plate for flower tub.

If we regularly warm to hot ash have to absorb, damage to suction hose and suction nozzle cannot be excluded.

For this reason, many manufacturers offer corresponding spare parts. Hose and nozzle can be easily replaced.

As a rule, ash extractors are operated with a filter. This ensures that the fine ash dusts do not escape into the environment. The filter elements can clog with the time. It also plays no role, whether we use a self-cleaning asher or not.

Especially the lamellas- and fold filters tend to clog. We can blow them out with compressed air or even wash them, but wear is not unmistakable. Better are the so-called coarse metal filters or non-combustible filter bags. These can be cleaned more easily or simply replaced.

If you order an ashtray , remember to order a replacement filter at the same time as your time . This will save you a lot of work and waiting time.

Alternatives to ash vacuum cleaner

If you have chosen a Asch suction cup comparison winner decided, we would still like to show you possible alternatives.

  • Ash pre-separator and vacuum cleaner
  • Shovel and broom
The asher vacuum cleaners presented so far all have their own motor and can be operated like a conventional vacuum cleaner . As we already mentioned above, there are also pure Aschefilter without Motor.

These are also referred to as ash pre-separators and require a separate vacuum cleaner to operate. Ideally we should use the efficiency here because of a high-quality wet-dry vacuum cleaner. This provides sufficient power to operate the upstream Aschefilter.

Otherwise the pure aschefilter must be emptied as well as an asche vacuum cleaner with motor. Optically the filters with their barrel-shaped design look very similar to the asche vacuum cleaners. Also the suction hose and the suction nozzle are based on the models with motor.

Also here you should consider carefully whether you should load your good vacuum cleaner with such a filter system. After all, this is also subject to natural wear. Household vacuum cleaners are often considerably more expensive than a good Asch vacuum cleaner with motor.

Of course we can also clean our fireplace or grill in the traditional way. With a brush and a shovel the cleaning but a torture. After all, we come then directly with the ash dust in touch, which is actually not health-promoting.

If possible, we should do without this cleaning method for health and dirt reasons . Therefore, please consider whether it is not worthwhile to order an low-priced ash extractor right away.

Continuing links and sources

If you want to go a little deeper into the matter of asches vacuum cleaners, we can recommend the following links and sources.

The enumeration is of course not conclusive, but it should give you some important information so that you can make a purchase decision.

The following Blog deals with asuction aspirators

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