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Best Artificial Christmas Tree 2019 • 0 Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews

What is an artificial Christmas tree?

An artificial Christmas tree is a replica of a real tree in every detail. Mostly they are replicas of a classic Nordmann fir, but there are also many other variations. Although artificial Christmas trees still have an image problem, they no longer have to hide from real trees. The best specimens can hardly be distinguished from a real tree by the naked eye.

How does an artificial Christmas tree work?

In the case of an artificial Christmas tree, the appearance of a natural tree is reproduced down to the last detail by means of special production measures. Plastic in various mixtures is used for this purpose. At best, the material is odourless and has a natural colour. However, many low-cost models also make use of partly inferior raw materials, which can be seen above all in a very strong lustre.

Just like any other Christmas tree, an artificial Christmas tree can only be understood as a basis. Of course, this can also be decorated at will and provided with numerous things such as lamps. When it comes to design, everyone enjoys exactly the same freedom as with a real tree. With a little imagination and creativity you can create a real Christmas feeling even without a real tree.

Advantages & Application areas

Artificial Christmas trees convince with a multitude of advantages. With good quality, they can be used for several years without any problems and without affecting the appearance. It is therefore no longer necessary to search for a Christmas tree every year. Instead, the artificial tree finds space in the cellar or garage throughout the year and is simply taken out again for the party. This saves many costs over the years, so that an artificial Christmas tree usually pays for itself after just two or three years.

Another advantage is that no one has to worry about the disposal of an artificial Christmas tree. After the festival it is therefore not necessary to wait for the fire brigade or other organisations to collect their collection vans. Anyone can remove an artificial tree from their living room exactly when it suits them best. Should a disposal be necessary because something on the tree has broken or it simply no longer pleases, this is possible in case of doubt with normal household waste.

While an artificial Christmas tree does its job, it also offers noticeable advantages in everyday life. It does not needle, which makes cleaning completely superfluous. Even the best real trees can't keep up. In addition, artificial Christmas trees offer great advantages in design. They are specially adapted to the requirements of the end consumer. There are no branches that are too small or too big and the appearance is always close to perfection. The tip is not too long and all components provide optimum support for most decorative items.

These advantages have made artificial Christmas trees extremely popular in business today. Countless shops use them to decorate their shop windows, and large industrial companies also prefer artificial trees. With final consumers still genuine trees are more popular, however hardly noticeable disadvantages develop by an artificial tree. Ever more humans discover this for itself, why artificial Christmas trees can become generally accepted also in private households ever more.

What types of artificial Christmas trees are there?

DP-Tech-FarbenArtistic Christmas trees are available in a much larger selection than natural trees, which has very practical reasons. The manufacturers are in no way dependent on Mother Nature, but can design the trees according to their own ideas. For this reason, there are many trees with unique designs that are based on a snowman, for example. There are also artificial Christmas trees in all imaginable colours. With a red or a blue Christmas tree everyone gets a very special eyecatcher. The disadvantage is, of course, that the color cannot be changed easily. If you want to keep the tree for a longer period of time, you have to accept the same look every year.

Artificial Christmas trees in classic, natural design can be used like a real tree. They can be decorated by the user at will and last for many years with good quality. In some trees even LED candles are already fixed. This has the advantage that no disturbing cables have to be laid around the tree, as these already run inside the artificial branches. However, the disadvantage is that the lamps cannot be easily removed. So if you ever feel like a new chain of lights, you have to buy a new tree if in doubt.

All artificial Christmas trees do not have the typical smell of a real fir. Above all, many cheap models often smell very artificial at first, which can quickly spoil the Christmas spirit. However, there are some tricks to prevent such annoyances. For example, there is a special spray that imitates the smell of real Christmas trees. Anyone who deals with the subject can therefore achieve the same feeling with an artificial Christmas tree as with a real tree.

There are also great differences in the materials used for artificial Christmas trees. Although almost all variants rely on plastic, the mixtures can be very different. This has a direct influence on the quality and appearance of a tree.

This is how we tested the artificial Christmas trees

In our artificial Christmas trees test 2019 we took a close look at numerous individual models. The trees had to prove themselves in many different categories. What an artificial Christmas tree must convince comparison winners, you learn in the following.


One of the most important quality features of an artificial Christmas tree is the material used. Especially with plastics there are very big differences in this relationship. It can be very high quality, but it hardly differs optically from a real tree. All too cheap material, on the other hand, looks very artificial, which quickly disturbs one or the other. For every artificial Christmas tree, we check how high-quality the material is and how well it has been processed.


The smell of an artificial Christmas tree is optimal if it is not present at all. A neutral smelling Christmas tree can be freely designed with scent spray according to your own preferences. A too strong smell of plastic can, however, be very disturbing. We will tell you exactly which trees can convince you in this respect.


In this category, everything depends on what an artificial Christmas tree feels like. Here, too, the closer a copy comes to a real model, the better.


The appearance is probably the most obvious feature of an artificial Christmas tree. We test whether the outward appearance is convincing and whether it comes close to a real Christmas tree. First and foremost, the trees should stand out as evenly as possible so that they cut a good figure from each side. In addition, they need enough needles so that the branches are not pushed too much into the foreground.

Long life

At this point, we take a closer look at how long an artificial Christmas tree can last. For this purpose, we simulate a load over a longer period of time using different methods that simulate an everyday as well as a slightly increased load. With the results of these investigations we can estimate quite well how many years an artificial Christmas tree can be used before it is time for a new model.

Features and Functions

This category is not interesting for every artificial Christmas tree, because there are not always additional functions. But if they are available, we take a close look to see whether they make sense and how well they work in practice. This can be, for example, an integrated chain of lights or the playing of music.

Price/Performance ratio

Even if an artificial Christmas tree is convincing in every category, the price charged must also be right. At this point we will tell you exactly which trees are worth their money and where a manufacturer is charging too much for what they have bid.

What do I have to look out for when buying an artificial Christmas tree?

RSTrade-TanneWhen buying an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that it is the right size. Basically this is a matter of taste, of course, but the tree should fit easily into your own four walls. Especially the ceiling height is of interest. Especially if you order on the Internet, you should always make sure that a tree fits into your own living room.

Once you have found the right size and appearance, the quality plays an important role. High-quality materials are important so that you can enjoy your artificial Christmas tree for a long time and that a real Christmas mood is created when using it. These provide a convincing appearance and a good feeling when touching. Furthermore, good artificial Christmas trees do not smell very much like plastic. The best way to find out which trees are doing particularly well in this respect is to refer to our product reports.

It is recommended to pay attention to the possibilities with regard to decoration right at the time of purchase. Check carefully whether your existing tree ornaments can be attached to a tree without any problems. The branches must not be too thick or too thin, and the tip must be the right size. Please also pay attention to any special handling features in the product description.

If you want to use real candles as decoration, it would be a good idea to choose a tree made of flame-retardant material.

Finally, of course, the Price is always a topic when buying an artificial Christmas tree. It is not necessary to spend hundreds of euros on a good tree. Good models are also available for comparatively little money. Conversely, it does not make sense to look only for the cheapest trees. Instead, use product reports to find out about the exact quality of artificial Christmas trees. In this way, you can compare different specimens and choose the tree that best suits your individual needs.

Short information about leading manufacturers

DecoKing-TanneArtistic Christmas trees are often offered by no-name manufacturers and many of these specimens are highly recommended. However, it is difficult to assess in advance whether this is the case for a particular model. If you want to be on the safe side, you can choose an artificial Christmas tree from a renowned manufacturer. The most important of these are briefly presented below.


Snowtime offers a very large selection of artificial Christmas trees. From small models for the bedside table to large trees with a height of 2 metres there is something for everyone. However, there is not so much to discover in terms of optics. Most Snowtime trees are based on realistic models. We search in vain for unusual artificial Christmas trees in bright colours. In return, the trees are of a high quality thanks to the bank.

Unfortunately, there is little information about the manufacturer itself. It is very likely that it is only a brand used by a major importer for local distribution. Although the lack of precise information about the company has no impact on quality, it would still be desirable for the customer to know more about the production conditions and the origin of the manufacturer.


At Tropal, too, searches into the exact origin of the manufacturer are futile. So we can only assume that this is a brand of a larger network of dealers and producers. Compared to Snowtime, the selection is a little smaller, but there are also some unusual models. Very popular are the snow-wise artificial Christmas trees of Tropal. They always look as if they are completely covered in snow, even in a cosy warm living room.

When it comes to quality, Tropal can convince us with almost all its products. The materials are of a high quality and the design is also well thought-out and mature. Tropal makes sure that the trees are flame-retardant during production. For this reason a closer look is useful for all those who would like to use real candles instead of chains of lights.


Buri concentrates his artificial Christmas trees on an appearance that is as authentic as possible. So there are no overly unusual trees in bright colours here. But everyone can look forward to a wide selection of artificial trees in numerous different sizes. This makes it easy to find a suitable specimen for the single household as well as for a large family.

In terms of quality, Buri is one of the best artificial Christmas trees currently available on the market. The materials are selected with great care and the design benefits the use in everyday life. Last but not least, the high quality also ensures that Buri's artificial Christmas trees can be used for several years without any problems. If you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree that is in no way inferior to a real one, you have come to the right place.


Brauns-Heitmann is a German company that can look back on a long tradition. The manufacturer already became very famous at the end of the 19th century, when he introduced the first egg colours for home use. Since then it has been a tradition in many families to dye their own eggs at Easter. Previously, this required an elaborate procedure that could hardly be carried out in one's own household.

Over the years, Brauns-Heitmann has continued to conduct research in the field of chemistry and has been able to inspire end consumers with its own products through a number of innovations. Today the product range consists mainly of cleaning and care products for textiles. But there are still egg colours and some articles from the field of decoration. Artificial Christmas trees can also be discovered anew every year. Although the selection is somewhat smaller than that of some of our competitors, the quality is beyond all doubt. We literally notice the trees' decades of expertise in plastics and chemistry. Brauns-Heidmann's artificial Christmas trees do not have to fear comparison with a real tree in any way. If you don't want to compromise on quality, a Brauns-Heitmann tree is a good choice.

Black Box Trees

Black Box Trees Christmas trees are characterized by a few sophisticated tricks. Very successful are for example the Shake2Shape trees. These arrive folded up at the customer and do not look like a Christmas tree at first glance. However, with simple shaking they can be brought into shape in a short time. This principle allows easy transport and storage.

Black Box Trees attaches great importance to the fact that the own articles do not turn out more expensive than necessary. For this purpose there are already times or other compromises with the quality. All in all, however, the trees are of high quality, even if they cannot compete with the best representatives of this genus. If you are looking for a good artificial Christmas tree at a reasonable price, Black Box Trees is the place for you.


infactory is a brand of the German mail order company Pearl. The logo can be found on a large number of articles, most of which are imported from Asia. Production in the Far East primarily enables unbeatable prices. But infactory Christmas trees can also convince in other categories. They sometimes offer very unusual ideas, which are almost impossible to find in the competition. Such features are not always useful, but still worth a look for all those who are looking for something very special.

In terms of quality, infactory is subject to large fluctuations in some cases. This is due to the fact that the brand is partly made up of completely different manufacturers. In some cases the trees are of very high quality despite their favourable prices, in other cases, however, the material quality is not convincing. At infactory it is therefore particularly worthwhile to study product reports before purchasing.

Internet vs. specialist shops: where is the best place to buy my artificial Christmas tree?

Spetebo-TanneWhen buying an artificial Christmas tree the question always arises where it should be bought best. Specialist retailers and online shops face each other and both offer their very own advantages and disadvantages. But what is most profitable for a consumer?

The Internet convinces at first sight with clearly more favorable prices . Online shops save a lot of money on staff and storage and they do not need expensive sales space. Many shops pass on these savings directly to their customers. They also have to do this, otherwise the clientele will simply migrate to the competition. Because also the choice of dealers speaks clearly for the Internet. While in many towns there is only one or even no specialist retailer, on the Internet everyone can choose from shops all over Germany and simply decide on the best offer.

The convenience also speaks for online shops. Those who shop online save themselves the annoying search for a parking space as well as the annoying queuing in long queues. Besides, no one has to look out for store opening hours here. Anyone can shop exactly when it suits them best. Even in the middle of the night, at weekends or on public holidays, this is no problem at all. Once ordered, an artificial Christmas tree finds its way to your front door within a few days. So you don't even have to leave your own four walls to buy a tree on the Internet.

The biggest advantage in the specialized trade is the possibility of being able to examine an artificial tree already on site exactly under the magnifying glass. Thus it can be determined already before the purchase whether a tree becomes fair the own requirements. However, at a quick glance, it is almost impossible to determine how high-quality the materials are and how durable a tree is. Therefore, it makes sense to inform yourself about such qualities with product reports. Do not rely too much on personal advice from a salesperson. Especially in large DIY stores, they rarely have the necessary expertise to advise customers comprehensively. In addition, not every retailer only has the customer's well-being in mind. Some sellers pay much more attention to their own profits and therefore try to sell their customers expensive trees that are not suitable for the individual requirements. This is by no means the case with every specialist retailer,
but good sellers are almost indistinguishable from less recommendable ones.

If you have ordered an artificial Christmas tree on the Internet and, contrary to expectations, it does not meet your personal requirements, this is no reason to panic. Within 14 days it is possible to exchange a tree without any ifs or buts when you buy it on the Internet. Every customer is legally entitled to this option. The situation is quite different when it comes to retail purchases. Of course, damage is repaired or the customer receives a new tree if something is broken. However, there is no right to an exchange if the customer does not like the tree after the purchase. In case of doubt, users remain sitting on a tree. Only a few dealers offer an exchange as a gesture of goodwill, but nobody should rely on that.

The bottom line is that buying artificial Christmas trees on the Internet is not only cheaper, but also more convenient and safer. For this reason, we can only recommend online stores in this regard. Especially those who inform themselves comprehensively with product reports before buying can easily find exactly the right tree for their own needs. By comparing current prices, this is then also available at particularly low prices.

Things to Know & Advisor

In the following, we present some interesting facts and useful tips for the use of artificial Christmas trees in everyday life.

The history of artificial Christmas trees

RSTrade-TanneArtificial Christmas trees have a long and eventful history behind them. An American department store already offered the first artificial Christmas tree at the end of the 19th century. At that time, the models were still made of paper and cardboard and differed visually from a real tree. Demand was correspondingly low.

Despite initial failures, artificial Christmas trees always remained a topic. This was also due to the fact that some important personalities like Theodore Roosevelt were concerned about the environment early on. The massive felling of fir trees at Christmas time was not without its consequences, and in some places entire forests disappeared from the scene. Artificial trees could prevent such a development.

In the 1930s, the first manufacturers tried to produce artificial Christmas trees from aluminium. Such specimens were already much more stable than their predecessors, but could not yet convince optically. At about the same time the first sustainable Christmas tree farms were established. Instead of using the trees from the forests, people finally planted fir trees specifically for use as Christmas trees. In general, the environmental performance of Christmas trees improved significantly.

Artificial Christmas trees were still a shadowy existence in the following decades. They could assert themselves only in small parts of the population. Most of them preferred the natural look of a real fir tree and willingly accepted the disadvantages. Since the 1980s, however, sales of artificial Christmas trees have increased. Thanks to modern materials such as PVC and ingenious production mechanisms, it was finally possible to produce artificial trees that could hardly be distinguished externally from real ones. In addition, people with allergy problems had to struggle increasingly. The essential oils in Christmas trees can cause breathlessness or other symptoms in some people. With an artificial Christmas tree, however, allergy sufferers need fear nothing.

It can be assumed that artificial Christmas trees will continue to gain in importance in the future. Although they are unlikely to completely replace real trees in the foreseeable future, they are already a real alternative, not only for allergy sufferers and environmentalists.

Figures, data, facts about artificial Christmas trees

Surveys clearly show how the distribution of artificial trees varies from region to region. In German-speaking Switzerland, for example, just 13% of respondents bought an artificial Christmas tree in 2017. In western Switzerland, on the other hand, Statista estimates that the distribution was an impressive 50 %.

Generally it can be observed that artificial Christmas trees are very popular especially in suburbs. In the middle of the big cities as well as in the countryside people prefer real trees. Why this is the case can only be speculated upon.

The largest Christmas tree in the world was an artificial Christmas tree. It was built in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. With a height of 85 metres, his record is still unbroken today. The artificial tree weighed 542 tons and was decorated with more than 3 million light bulbs. With these gigantic dimensions hardly any real Christmas tree can compete with it. Even sequoia trees, which are decorated as Christmas trees, usually only reach a height of 80 metres. The largest sequoia tree decorated for Christmas in Europe is located in Wermelskirchen. It was already planted there in 1870.

Since 1996, there has been a special form of an artificial Christmas tree every year at the Christmas market in Dortmund. It is already a tradition there today to erect a 45 metre high artificial tree. However, it is not made of plastic, wood or metal. The Dortmunders use much more than 1700 red spruces, which together imitate the shape of a single, huge tree. So it is an artificial Christmas tree made from real Christmas trees. For a long time such a structure was unique worldwide and to this day it is a real highlight of Dortmund's Christmas market.

Christmas tree in 3 steps decorate

hangerEgal whether real or artificial tree, each Christmas tree can be decorated in three steps. The following section explains how this works:

1. First of all, it is advisable to devote all your attention to the chain of lights. First plug them into a socket away from the tree. So you have all the lights in view and can check exactly whether there are any defective lights. Proceed in this way with all the light chains that you want to use. If everything is all right, attach the fairy lights to the tree. You can work from top to bottom and wrap the chains of lights around the tree. Wrap the light chains slightly around the branches to give them extra hold. One last tip: If you attach a light directly to the tip, it will later illuminate a tip that you attach to the tree.

Christmas tree balls2. Apply the tree decoration

Now is the time to attach the tree ornaments to the tree. What exactly is used is of course up to you. Combine balls with tinsel or candy canes according to your own ideas. You also have the free choice of whether you want to decorate your tree in a certain shade of colour or prefer to make it appear colourful. However, we can still give you a tip: Glossy decorations such as Christmas baubles make themselves particularly good near lights. The reflecting material shines through the close light source and stands out from its surroundings.

3. turn on and enjoy

Once the lights and tree decorations have been attached to the tree, all you have to do is connect the lights to a socket. An extension cable may be required if there is no power outlet in the immediate vicinity. Now the Christmas tree is decorated and you can enjoy its appearance. Of course, this has the greatest effect when the light is switched off. For all owners of real trees we also have a tip here. A plastic foil under the tree can catch falling needles, making cleaning much easier.

Artificial Christmas tree and the environment

The environmental balance of real and artificial Christmas trees can be very different. Anyone who thinks that artificial trees are per se better for the environment is wrong. If harmful materials are used during production, this is not only harmful during disposal. It usually also leads to increased CO2 production.

Genuine Christmas trees can also be very harmful to the environment. Although these are almost exclusively cultivated in special plantations today, some of the production processes have a considerable impact on the environment. This is also due to the fact that the majority of trees today no longer originate from Germany. Instead, there are huge plantations abroad and here the environmental requirements are not as strict as in Germany. This is why harmful pesticides and other chemicals are often used. In addition, the environment is also polluted by the long transport routes.

Long paths can of course also occur with artificial trees. If these are imported from the Far East, some of them even have to travel much longer distances. However, this can be offset by environmentally friendly materials.

Anyone who cares about the environment when buying their own Christmas tree should pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly materials. Trees made of recycled material or wood are particularly recommended. They hardly pollute the environment during disposal and CO2 emissions during production are also very low. All in all, such artificial trees are much better for the environment than real trees. It is even more environmentally friendly to use a real tree with a root in your own garden. If this is constantly maintained, it does not pollute the environment at all – it even helps it. Christmas trees can easily grow up to 100 years old, which is why a single tree can last a lifetime. However, care is not entirely uncomplicated, which is why a little know-how is required.

Useful accessories

The most important accessory for any artificial Christmas tree is the matching decoration. For chains of lights we can recommend LED lamps. They are particularly bright and consume even less electricity than classic light bulbs. Some of the lamps can also be dimmed so that everyone can adjust the brightness according to their own ideas. For a tree with a height of 1.80 m you need about six chains of lights with 100 lights each.

When it comes to tree decorations, you can use the same things for an artificial Christmas tree as you use for a real tree. So you can use tree balls as you like, decorate the tree with candy canes and other sweets or use tinsel. But if you want to use real candles, you need an artificial tree made of fireproof material. Especially trees made of PVC are recommended.

Every tree needs a matching stand in addition to jewellery. In this the tree has a firm hold and always stands straight. Artificial trees are partly delivered with their own stand, partly they also stand by themselves. In the latter case, a stand can still be useful, as it enhances the appearance of the tree noticeably.

Special fragrance spray provides the right smell for an artificial Christmas tree. It spreads the same smell as a real tree and thus creates a real Christmas atmosphere. Alternatively, such fragrances are also available in other varieties. If you like, you can also let your tree smell like gingerbread or mulled wine. In this respect you also enjoy the free choice.

For all owners of pets such as dogs and cats there are also special gates and other protective measures. They prevent animals from having too easy access to a tree and from knocking it over or damaging it in any other way while playing. Such accessories are recommended especially for animals that have problems with obedience. Some dogs are difficult to raise and most cats do what they want anyway. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your own Christmas tree sufficiently in such cases.

Alternatives to artificial Christmas trees

The only alternative to an artificial tree is a real Christmas tree. We have already explained the advantages and disadvantages, but in the following we have summarized them for you once again.

  • Advantages of Real Christmas Trees:
  • Disadvantages of Real Christmas Trees
  • Unequalled natural optics
  • Agenious smell
  • Often cheap available
  • Soiling by needles
  • Light flammable, not recommended for real candles
  • Errorily grown, not always straight
  • Environmental impact due to long transport distances
  • Each year Disposal and new purchase
  • Only available in limited variations
  • Not suitable for allergy sufferers

As you can see, the disadvantages of artificial trees outweigh the disadvantages. We don't want to deny real trees their right to exist, but it's worth thinking about an artificial tree next Christmas. With a little creativity you can create a real Christmas feeling, just like with a real tree.

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If you would like to learn more about artificial Christmas trees, you will find some interesting links below. Wikipedia is a good first port of call, but we've also picked out some videos for all friends of visual media that deal with artificial trees.

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