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Best Air Purifier 2019 • 0 Air Purifiers Reviews

Meanwhile scientists in the entire hemisphere of the earth have discovered over 1500 pathogens in our breathing air. They work in many different ways. Some directly attack the nervous system, while others actively allergies or certain cancers provoke. Most of these substances, however, are man-made and mostly chemical in nature. Wood varnishes, PVC components and pthalates made of plastics provide a climate, especially indoors, that can impair human health in the long term.

What used to be no problem – the concentration of chemicals in areas with poor ventilation can become a problem in times of globalisation. Because people have never spent so much time indoors as they do today. Between 18 and 22 hours daily there are modern people inside apartments, houses and office buildings. Therefore the topic balanced room climate with intelligent air filters is more important than ever.

Health problem moldAir purifier in children's room

What top athletes, allergy sufferers and doctors have long recognised, air purifiers not only ensure a fast and fresh exchange of gas molecules in the direct climatic environment, but are also able to actively combat mould spores in the air. Again and again one reads in the press about the negative effects of mold in apartments and houses.

Modern real estate usually consists of highly insulating concrete mixtures and additional insulating materials such as glass wool or silicone foam. This of course has the advantage that the insulation of the room ensures a build-up of air in the room, especially in the cold season. Wanted to keep the heat inside the house also highly insulating double and triple glazed windows provide additional containment of the room climate.

This means that the accumulated air can no longer diffuse through masonry and windows to ensure a good exchange. Since humans emit large amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment during exhalation, especially during rest phases and at night, a deterioration of the indoor climate can be measured after only a few hours.
It is particularly important that humans within the natural eight hours of sleep, which are set in the German average, up to one litre of water over the night sweat and the breathing air to the direct environment. This humidity does not cause any problems in bright days with regular ventilation.

Humidity as a basis for mould

Air purifier from frontWhen, however, humid air is emitted for hours in an isolated room that is not able to emit the humid gas molecules to the environment, this leads to a strong concentration, which favors mould formation. At places where the insulation of the brickwork is not so high, thus still air molecules can be exchanged then form at the surface broadbandig drops of water. They are created by the humid air, which is accelerated by the flow towards the “outlet” and loses part of its water through condensation on fine-pored surfaces.

In the long term, walls, such as edges between walls and ceilings and larger areas of exterior walls form strongly humid areas, which ferment quietly and secretly. With longer duration, small water-channels that constantly grow form in ever deeper wall structures then. They soak the wall from the inside and destroy the building fabric.

If the whole then comes to the surface, there is usually already a longer load of the closer environment with mold spores. They are separated from the aggressive moulds and spread over the entire room. The filamentous pathogens are produced permanently and attack the human immune system in the lung and bronchi. The DNA-changing properties of the mould spores are suspected to cause severe allergies, such as asthma and hay fever.

To combat this, a air purifier with a water collection system is a good choice. Fine filters are used here to separate the strakt moist gases and a perfect room humidity can be guaranteed. But also special HEPA filter systems, which are actually used to combat fine dust in house dust allergies are able to fish the microscopically small particles from the room air.

They then collect in suitable filter systems instead of in the human alveoli. They can be cleaned quickly and gently by water jet and leave no traces in the environment. In addition, activated carbon filters, which are often used against odours and have to be replaced regularly, are also able not only to collect smoke and dust, but fight the small disease-causing spores additionally.

Allergies despite

Many people in Germany suffer from the fine traces that our household leaves in the air. Thus modern carpets, sheets and curtains offer a good basis for various small creatures and microbes . They produce a wide variety of particles which mix in the air due to the movement of the air molecules in the room. In sensitive allergy sufferers, they trigger strong reactions of the immune system.

To prevent this, air cleaners have recently been equipped with the so-called HEPA filter technology. Originally this intelligent filter system was developed to enable allergic patients to vacuum in the home. Because at speeds of up to 2000 revolutions per minute, enormous amounts of fine particles are swirled in the room when vacuuming. A large part of the dust, especially the fine particles, migrate through the collection bag and are distributed unhindered in the higher regions of the room. In contrast, Filter system in air purifierSpecial textile filters, which are reinforced in several layers with active carbon fibers, provide relief.

They catch even the smallest dusts and hold them for a long time. Washed out with water can be cleaned well and quickly and reused several times. This technology is also used in modern air purifiers. The latest developments in the industry are particularly attracting attention, as a completely new sensor technology has been used for several years in top-of-the-range devices.

The air components of the constant airflow are analyzed by means of an intrigued sensor and the required filters are connected one after the other. In this way, the devices can be individually adjusted according to individual requirements. If bad odours are to be removed from the air, the active carbon filter can be used, while HEPA filters especially suitable for house dust and fine dust can be activated. Within just a few hours, up to 99 percent of all allergens can be bound in the room and no longer cause burning eyes, sniffing noses and a dry cough.

Some Lung clinics recommend especially sensitive patients the use of such a filter system in their own four walls, because the Functioning of an air filterVentilation especially in spring and autumn aggressive grass allergens and pollen enter the room climate. They can also be easily combined with such filter systems and enable a life without allergic reactions – at least at home.

Overview of air purifier functions

The principle of an air purifier – simple as it is ingenious. Via a narrow channel or a hole in the surface of the cover of the device, but sometimes also laterally hidden by a narrow gap, the air is sucked into the device by a vacuum. The negative pressure results from the fact that a installed fan on the rear side of the device draws air from the filter to the outside by its rotation.

Inside the device there are usually up to five different filter stages waiting, all of which have a special purpose. In the first filter stage, the room air passes through a prefilter. It frees the draught from above-average large dust particles. This function is particularly important, since otherwise a large potential could be wasted here with the fine filters.

Because the coarse fiber or hair particles are able to block the fine filter output stages and clog. This drastically reduces the filter performance and ensures greater flow resistance of the air. At the same time, a clogged filter is usually responsible for a increase in motor power consumptione. The significantly increases the power consumption of the air purifier.
Therefore it is always worthwhile to check the filters optically for heavy contamination during operation. Especially pre-filters can be easily cleaned under running water. Heavy contamination reduces the filter performance up to by a factor of 100..

Next comes a HEPA and activated carbon filter plate system. Here, several textile filters can line up behind each other. Depending on the grain size, they partly fish particle sizes of up to 0.02 micrometer from the air. In the process, both mould spores, allergens and house dust are sorted out. Next follows a series of UV rods. They emit a strong ionizing radiation into the air in their direct environment and thus destroy a large part of the germs. This enables active viruses, bacteria and germs to be fought in the air.

A photo-analytical filter serves as a further means of disinfection in the next step. It cleans all remaining germs that have not fallen victim to UV radiation. A Ionization provides an unmistakable freshness effect at the end. Here the individual air molecules run over a electrically charged metal plate. This leads to a one-sided polarity and gives the air a particularly fresh structure. Behind it there is an outlet next to the fan.

It is driven via an automatically regulated motor unit. It can be switched on and off, raised and lowered as required. It interacts reliably at regular intervals with the sensors, which permanently check the air. They are usually located in the outer area of the air purifier to get an unaltered picture of the ambient air and in Automatic mode to be able to give the right commands. The determined values can be read either on a spacious display or by means of a coloured LED display.

Sensors in use, for automatic climate control

The latest trend in the field of air filters are automatic systems, which are able to decide independently when which filters are to be switched on and how high the degree of pollution is in the room air. If the air filters are used permanently, they consume about as much energy as a standard radio over a period of one year. With average consumption values between 20 and 50 Watt you have a very low power consumption, but work over 24 hours a day.

With this performance, the devices wear out quickly over the years even in our long-term tests and the power consumption adds up . In order to counteract this and not always have to switch manually to stand-by operation, the latest generations of air purifiers have very sensitive sensors, which are able to assess the quality of the air in a very differentiated way. A special ultrasonic technique is used.

Due to the ionizing radiation, all air currents are permanently scanned in the fan's catchment area and scanned.

The microprocessor can be controlled to determine the number and size of the individual dust grains. In order to fight against this, the sensor switches on the fan and activates the necessary filters from a certain dust density
. Thus it only wakes up the device in stand-by operation when the particle density is borderline and meticulous cleaning is necessary. The sensor does not remain inactive during the cleaning process. In turn, it continuously checks the quality of the air and switches off the unit after reaching the previously programmed setpoints.

In our test mode the average energy consumption could be reduced by about 60 percent in the long run due to this setting option . At the same time, some devices that are able to take over the humidity management in the room have similar systems to measure and regulate the water content in the air.night sensor at the air purifier

Another real energy saver is the so-called night switch. Some manufacturers install special night sensors especially in the area of higher quality premium air purifiers. It is possible to detect the brightness in the room using photo-analytical measurement. If the measured value falls below a threshold value, the instrument registers this and switches automatically to night mode. In our price test, this usually meant that the default program level was lowered by one value.

Some manufacturers also reduced the fan circulation speed to a minimum. A clear advantage: During the night interfering noises of the fan are shut down, but at the same time the operating time is often extended in night mode if a strong contamination of the air is detected. This can be explained by the slower flow of air through the filter systems.

Current consumption of an air purifier

Fresh air is one of the most elementary needs of people in this world. Without fresh air, the general quality of life suffers and especially one's own health. Not for nothing does a walk in the fresh air simply do you good and after such a walk you feel much better. Sleeping with the window open or ventilating within one's own four walls in general is also caused by the need for fresh air. However, these steps are often not really sufficient in everyday life to meet the need and air pollution cannot be combated.

In fact, this is no longer a rarity on the one hand, but on the other hand you don't have to accept this unpleasant state, but you can easily take appropriate measures to improve it. With a so-called air purifier you get on the one hand the modern technology directly into your own four walls and profit on the other hand then also from a clearly better air, if you use the purifier also really as intended and work here constantly.

The selection of different models and techniques on the market today is very extensive, both price-wise and functionally you will find here some clear differences, which we would like to bring closer to you also in the Air purifier test. Of course you will find among other things in the air purifier test different brands, models and variants from cheap and simple to high-priced and extensively equipped.

But there is always a central question in the room in the truest sense of the word when people decide to buy and use an air purifier. What about the running costs? On the one hand, the models and techniques of the past years have become cheaper and cheaper due to the wide range of products on offer, so that the purchase should often no longer be a problem today.

But of course the power consumption must not be ignored, because under certain circumstances this can result in very high costs, which you as a user and owner of the air purifier will not only have to accept, but also a payment of these high costs is obligatory.

Or is it perhaps no longer the case with air cleaners today that electricity consumption is very high and you have to reckon with correspondingly high running costs? We would be pleased to answer this important question for you and show you the practical and helpful answers in the following article. Based on the information and the Air Purifier Test you can then decide for yourself whether you would like to invest in such a cleaner or whether you might end up looking for another option or technology on the market.

We would like to reassure you at this point, because first of all the running costs are probably significantly lower than you fear now, especially with regard to power consumption. In the area of efficiency, manufacturers have made more than significant progress here in recent months and have been able to more than significantly reduce the power consumption of many models. However, the actual cost and consumption of electricity in use unfortunately depends on many factors that play a very important role in calculating and choosing the right air purifier.

To ensure that you, as a potential customer, always have an important overview and have an overview of all facts and information at all times, the manufacturers have decided to specify the corresponding consumption or the so-called power consumption for each air purifier on the market. Here you will usually always find an indication in kilowatt hours, but many manufacturers are much more customer-friendly and use examples to directly calculate how expensive the application is for a typical use throughout the year.

Only efficient devices consume less power

However, the differences vary more than clearly from model to model, which is why we always recommend that you take a close look at the various air purifiers on the market before you buy and then make a competent comparison here. Because not all models and cleaners on the market work economically and efficiently, this depends above all on the technology used and to a large extent also on the manufacturer chosen.

Thanks to the clear presentation of all facts and information, you have the possibility to compare the different models and offers within a very short time and at the same time with very little effort, even together with the air purifier test. This not only makes sense so that you relieve your wallet and the electricity bill is not as high as you might fear now, but on the other hand it also has a positive effect on the environment.

And the differences between the individual offers on the market today are really enormous, so that we would like to pick up here at this point around the electricity consumption still another fact. Unfortunately, many people today still consciously opt for a model with a lower efficiency. The reasons for this are actually perfectly clear, because usually these models are simpler equipped or older, so that the prices here are somewhat cheaper. Here the corresponding air purifiers reveal themselves at first glance as a real bargain.

At the same time, however, you should always think a long way ahead, because it is usually the case that you buy the new air purifier once and then use it more or less regularly in your own premises for several years. And here again it can be more than worthwhile and sensible to choose an economical air purifier, even if it may be much more expensive at first glance. Because the saving is just then, if you use the air purifier every day and also for several hours in a row, with some euro in the year. With a use of several years you can calculate yourself then fast and think that the initial costs pay themselves here in any case and you can then possibly in the long run seen even with the more expensive high-quality air purifier clearly money save can.

So take a close look at the models, compare the offers and the services and in the best case do not decide directly only on the basis of the price for an air purifier. In any case, you will profit very clearly from this low expenditure with great effect.

How long does an air purifier work?

An air purifier has in the first place with you of course a very important task. Because by the constant application and together with the modern technology such a helper should clean the air. For some time now, the quality of the air has been anything but good, not only outdoors, but also in private rooms. This is especially true if you live in a city or on a street with a lot of traffic. Here many pollutants can be found in the air, among other things then also in the own areas. Whether in the office, bedroom or kitchen, this not only puts an additional strain on one's own health, but is also very strenuous for one's own body in the long run.

And at the same time this does not have to be quite simply, because with the air purifier, for example, you have a very good and very practical solution, which you are very welcome to use. The modern air purifiers do not only work well in tests, but also in your everyday life and leave hardly any wishes unfulfilled. In addition, you will very quickly notice that especially during regular use, as prescribed by the manufacturer, the quality of the air in all affected rooms becomes very quickly very much better. The result: you can breathe freely again in any room at home and your health also benefits from this fact more than clearly. There are many reasons why you should buy such an air purifier and use it to improve your air quality.

Once you have chosen an air purifier together with the Air Purifier Test and your own research from the Internet or from a specialist shop you trust, you may soon ask yourself one or two questions about its use after the first application.

Among other things, many users are concerned with the duration of application. After all, it is only natural that the duration of application is limited by a number of factors. Here it depends for example on the installed filters, these are built into every air purifier and play a very important role here. These filters then ensure that even the smallest particles can be filtered directly from the air , which is not to be scoffed at in the case of an allergy, for example.

The filters first leave after

The question of how long you can use your own air purifier cannot be answered very clearly, since the differences between the different models and variants are again more than clearly different. This means that with one cleaner, it is much more necessary to change the filters installed than with another variant on the market, for example. Nevertheless, you will always find general guidelines from the experts and also in the test, which you are welcome to orientate yourself to if necessary and which should at least give you a first clue. If you use the air purifier regularly, you can be sure that you will have to change it after about six to twelve months.

Tip: Many of the modern and practical cleaners on the market offer an activated carbon filter in combination with the HEPA filter described above. Here then poisonous gases with such are eliminated and also unpleasant smells have no chance here with this then. If you want to save yourself a lot of work and effort, make sure when you buy your new air purifier that it has such a combined filter. The choice here is very large, so that a choice should not be particularly difficult for you.

And if you would like to go one step further with modern technology, look for another important and above all very useful function, but even today not all air purifiers on the market can show. Because some of the cleaners offer an integrated LED light, which shows the status of the built-in filter anytime and whenever you wish and if you want to inform yourself about the condition briefly. Here you no longer have to orientate yourself on approximate values, but rely directly on the technology.

If the filters have to be changed because the strain in everyday life is very high, you will notice this immediately and you can then become active again directly. You can then replace the filters in just a few simple steps.

With a so-called prefilter many models want to significantly extend the life of the actual filter. In this case, larger particles get stuck directly in the cleaner and do not even reach the inside of the cleaner. Here it is only logical that the installed and fine filters are significantly relieved. With a simple and fast cleaning of the filters under running water you make them very quickly fit again and the air purifier is then within a few minutes and within a very short time completely fit again. In addition, there are other filters for high-quality models, but in many cases these regenerate themselves and you do not have to become active as a user.

Word to look out for when buying an air purifier?

When purchasing the new air purifier, many potential customers and users are initially more than overwhelmed. This is probably due to the fact that the selection on the market today is gigantic. Models of well-known brands and big manufacturers as well as of rather unknown companies are cavorting here, which can attract attention above all with low prices. The air purifier test already offers you a valuable help if you personally feel overwhelmed by the search and in the end simply do not know which of the models and which air purifier is a good, suitable choice for you. Among other things, the air purifier test looks at some important aspects and then forms a real note based on observations and experience, which you may and can orientate yourself when buying.

However, not all models are included in the Air Purifier Test and you may also want to find out more about these practical devices and their possibilities in advance. And exactly with this step we are very gladly there for you and offer you a competent and extensive assistance, at which you may orientate yourselves then very gladly with the search. We will look into which points are of central importance to you as a buyer and where you should look when you decide to buy a new air purifier after careful consideration.

On the basis of the following overview with the corresponding points you compare the different air purifiers and offers on the market then directly, form here an opinion and may then, gladly also together with the air purifier test, for a new model decide. Here you can thanks to the extensive information be quite sure that you receive an air purifier that is very well suited to your own requirements and can meet these without problems.

The quality must be right

One of the important points that should play a very important role for you as a customer, both in the search and in the actual purchase, is the efficiency of the installed technology. Many of the inexpensive models and many unknown manufacturers then rely here on a rather simple technology, which is not necessarily the latest. Of course, it can be assumed that these air purifiers also work perfectly and well, but both your purse and the environment suffer. Because the lower the efficiency of the technology installed in your new air purifier fails, the higher are then also the running costs and the higher is then the burden on the environment, especially with a regular and persistent use. In order to avoid all this, it is therefore advisable to pay attention to good and modern efficiency directly at the time of purchase. Many of the models that meet this requirement on the market today are not even particularly expensive, so that the purchase is doubly worthwhile for you here then.

Also not to be neglected is the range of functions, which plays an important role in every air purifier. On the one hand, of course, a model with many functions is particularly expensive, on the other hand, many functions that are missing in the very simple and very inexpensive models are more than important for regular and comfortable use. If you want to use the air purifier in your home at night, for example, the so-called night function plays an important role and should always play an important role in your decision for or against an air purifier. This is then a special mode in which the air purifier enters.

Among other things, the output of the built-in fan is regulated downwards, which in turn ensures that the air purifier is significantly quieter. Sleeping is also possible if it works as usual and you don't have to deactivate it completely. At the same time lower this over night then also the power consumption and this benefits the running costs without you having to save again on the functionality. Very important: Many of the models and especially good variants on the market have a directly integrated timer. This activates or deactivates the night mode completely automatically, so that you don't have to worry about this point anymore. Especially in hectic everyday life this can actually mean a significant relief, even in the air purifier test a corresponding function proves to be very practical and useful for every application.

Over time not only the performance of the air purifier decreases, but after a few weeks or months it is absolutely necessary to replace the installed filters so that you can continue to use the purifier as usual and so that it can still provide the desired performance. Accordingly, it is very important in such a case and at such an appointment that you buy directly one of the air purifiers with which you can do this step with very little effort and within a short time. Because the filters and other accessories that are responsible for safe and flawless operation are available in a wide selection and with little effort directly on the Internet from the manufacturer or in other online shops.

But in the end this does not help you very much in everyday life, if you are not able to carry out the necessary exchange yourself or if it is very expensive. This is not uncommon with some of the air purifiers on the market, many models from the manufacturers are unfortunately not particularly clever and customer-friendly designed. So you will need a very long time here, and you can save yourself this time and effort. This works very simply if you are aware of this fact and then pay attention to this point directly before the purchase and get a direct picture of it. On the one hand this makes the air purifier test possible, on the other hand it is also no problem with the reviews and the real experiences of customers on the market. Among other things, many of our customers are very specific about maintenance and offer important information here. With the air purifier test you will quickly find the really good and practical models, where you do not go wrong with the purchase and with which you can rely on the fact in any case that you use this also after some weeks and months in the own four walls and in the own home still very gladly.

Purchase recommendation: Internet or specialized trade

Like hardly any other device, an air purifier needs comprehensive information before the device can be selected. Our experience was that a large number of companies and manufacturers on the Internet willingly and comprehensively provide information about the features and peculiarities of air filters. So there are a number of technical details and data that have to be considered when buying on the Internet.

Should the device be used in a private household or rather in continuous operation in a business environment? Here the manufacturers give exact instructions. The same applies to the size of the household for which the appliance is designed. to the square metre is indicated, which surfaces and volumes can be cleaned with the air filters. In our experience the limits are from 30 up to 200 square meters..

Afterwards it must be clarified with the purchase in the Internet, which pollutants from the air should be filtered. If the user is sensitive to pollen and grass, we recommend searching for devices with integrated HEPA filter. If, on the other hand, an allergic reaction occurs to all components of the house dust, then special disinfecting HEPA filters are required.

Special activated carbon components help to get bad smells from the kitchen and toilet area. With this you can neutralize all odours very well, but you also help against various chemical compounds which often smell unpleasant. At the same time, they also chase away the cigarette and pipe smoke, which is so popular on all sides, from the home parlour.

It is therefore necessary to get an overview of one's own needs independently and to get an impression of the current market situation. According to our comparison results, however, one can actually make a mistake if one looks in the Internet especially in the portfolio of the large and well-known brand providers kaum. They all offer the highest quality products with a demand for quality and safety – as our test also showed.

The Internet is clearly ahead when it comes to the width of the product range. The retailers and specialist dealers we visited only rarely had a larger range of air purifiers than about ten units. Usually the air purifiers also came from two to three of the same brands. There's nothing on the internet that doesn't exist. Online dealers who specialize in the equipment are medium wave like sand on the sea. Over the past few years, a excessive price war has developed in favor of the customer.

Our recommendation is, if you have found your suitable product over a price search engine to find out the most favorable offerer and to look at its evaluation. After that you can buy soothed and wait for the package. Meanwhile also many dealers in the Internet offer interesting purchase assistance – like one financial purchase over a cooperating bank on such financing offers find themselves with specialized dealers only rarely. Within a few days the shipping standard has been reached. After 5 days at the latest the package will be there and in our experience mostly up to 30 percent cheaper than in specialist shops.

In the specialized trade itself usually only a small selection of air purifiers is waiting for the test. Nevertheless the possibility of testing the devices on site is of course an advantage, if you buy one, to be able to take the air purifier directly with you. Also the personal consultation replaces some – nevertheless the disadvantages from higher price and limited market transparency outweigh in our opinion here however.

price discussion

It is of course difficult to estimate how much an air purifier should cost. Against the background that, as already discussed, each person inhales and exhales up to 23,000 times a day most people do not give much thought to the extent to which a good indoor climate and clean air contributes to the well-being of all of us.

Therefore, a investment in the lower to upper three-digit range for private devices equipped with the same technology as the big professionals is quite realistic. That's how the industry sees it. Rational room air filters and cleaners begin pricewise with an amount of 300 euro , can however depending upon equipment and mark of the manufacturer also already once with 600 to 900 euro to beech strike.

Test setup and procedure

In our practical test, we put to the test on various manufacturers and their devices. We tried to define hard test criteria for the individual disciplines. We started with packaging. Here the strength, the design of the cardboard box and the padding of the devices were evaluated Shipping by us. The more polystyrene, bubble wrap or cardboard was used between the device and the outer wall, the better the scores we awarded.

Another important feature were the operating and operating instructions. In Germany, there is a special DIN standard for these descriptions for the installation, maintenance, repair and operation of equipment. It prescribes which parts must be declared exactly, which technical test procedures, such as the CE standard or TÜV seals are awarded and must be identified. Since this is about user safety, we have weighted this part particularly hard. Here and there we found some declaration errors, but by and large the air purifier industry has done its homework well when it comes to operating instructions.

A further test criterion was the quality of the filter systems. Using complex processes, we have specially led dyed steam into the intake areas of the air purifiers in various high program levels.

The optical judgement was very good by the bank very good. Hardly any device was not able to filter the coarse-grained particles of the steam engine out of the air. The sustainability of the air filter was also checked. We searched specifically for environmentally harmful substances in the filters – so far without results.

As far as the program variety is concerned, we have of course compared the various requirements depending on the size of the devices with each other. As a rule, smaller air filter systems usually offer 3- 4 function stages, while the professional league has 5-6 setting stages. The performance of the different fan systems is very different. Here also the meaningful construction of the drive elements could be understood. Especially brushless motors and a lean control technology paid off here.

considerations before purchase

In the search for the perfect air filter there are some basic questions to clarify in advance.

  • How large is the room in which the air purifier is operated?
  • How much power does the device need?
  • Are special filter systems against smoke, dust or allergens necessary and how much air should be cleaned per hour with the device?

Within the last ten years, the number of good premium and brand manufacturers have established themselves on the air purifier market. Where previously only a few devices with a limited program and small functional sequences were offered, today potential users meet a variety of individually adjustable devices with technical innovations in various designs and price categories.

An essential feature when operating an air filter is the development of noise inside the rotor. It has long been known from sleep research that especially in deep sleep phases all ambient sounds are harmful for the recovery phases of the human body. Therefore it is important to pay special attention to the acoustic output and the emission values of the devices.

However, annoying hum and vibration noises are nowadays an absolute exception, especially in the field of high-quality air cleaners. Rather, the rotors inside the units today offer high-quality bearing and drive technology, which contributes to low sound emissions with high design effort and an intelligent design. The use of brushless electric motors, which have also been established on the air purifier market for about five years, ensures low noise levels and a high energy efficiency during operation. This not only prevents unwanted noise, but also saves energy costs .[/box]

The spirits also differ in the area of consumption. Thus the devices vary strongly in their specific power consumption. Depending on the size, the values are between 5 and 60 Watt in continuous operation. Especially high-quality devices have a good on and off automatic . It uses ultrasonic sensors to check the components of the room air and temporarily switches off the fan during periods of homogeneous mixing of the air with particles.

This not only saves electricity, but also reduces sound emission significantly in practical tests. However, thanks to shorter running times, life extensions are also possible here. So not all devices are suitable for every living space. The size of the fan inside and the area of the filters limit the working capacity of the air filters. Here, the rule of thumb is: the bigger, the more powerful.

Starting with room sizes from 25 -30 square meters for rather smaller, inconspicuously positioned air cleaners to medium sized units with surface suction capacities of up to 50 square meters, the largest in their class can even create a proud 200 square meters without any problems
Thus, with a surface air cleaning in rooms of different sizes, different types of different brands can also be used.

When does an air purifier make sense?

But where does it make sense to use air purifiers? With an average length of stay of eight and a half hours per day, we spend nowhere else as much time as in our home bedroom. The particular challenge here is that during sleep, especially in modern buildings, the air circulation inside the house or apartment is inadequate.

In particular, the fact that people sleep for hours in rooms usually up to 30 square meters with typical ceiling heights of 2.60 meters provide a bad indoor climate and the best conditions for the use of air purifiers. Particularly the high release of moisture and the dusts whirled up by breathing in carpets, gardienes and bed linen often cause an unsettled sleeping climate here.

To counteract this it is worth using especially in the sleeping area air purifier. But also in the areas where there is no ventilation problem air purifiers help to filter allergens, dusts and odours effectively from the ambient air.
Unfortunately, there are few alternatives to air filtration with low efficiency. The daily airing , which should be carried out several times in intervals, helps to transport fresh oxygen into the living space, but at the same time often provides a strong turbulence of dust in the room itself. As a result, the particles, which otherwise tend to be in the lower regions, reach higher regions, where they are then inhaled by humans.

Averting odours Frequent ventilation also only helps to a limited extent, since as a rule not all areas of the room are flooded with fresh air within the short ventilation times. The frequent vacuuming has also proven to be effective against dust, dust mites and allergens in indoor air. Here, similar to the room air cleaner, besides the particles from the floor also parts of the ambient air are filtered with .

However, this requires the HEPA Filtration with special fine filter systems, which is now also used in the field of air cleaning technology. However, studies have shown in the past that must be thoroughly cleaned at least three times a day in order to eliminate the dust in the air. Significantly quieter, automatic and less costly if this is carried out permanently by an air filter.

When selecting the filter systems the spirits were divided. What is needed, a All in One package or only special air purifiers depends entirely on the user and his life circumstances. Thus, modern active carbon filters offer the possibility of permanently filtering the smoke aromas from the breathing air in smoking households and thus also for passive smokers to make life a little healthier. At the same time, odors from areas such as the kitchen or WC can also be effectively neutralized .

Another but very effective filter system is the HEPA filtration of room air. Several textile filters wear each other out. They have a always smaller grain size and thus provide a long-term almost dust-free environment. This allows many allergy-causing house dusts to be filtered out of the air. The only drawback here is the regular change of filters, which must be done once or twice a year.

Even in times of autumn and spring where many pollen find their way into the home four walls, these systems are in the long to make the life of hay fever allergy sufferers easier.
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