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Best 32 Inch Smart TV 2019 • 0 32 Inch Smart TVs Reviews

What is a 32 inch Smart TV?

With the Smart TV you can go online and access the media libraries and online rentals available on the Internet. The built-in interface works with cable or via WLAN. By default, many 32 inch Smart TVs are equipped with additional sockets, so you can connect other devices as well.

Depending on the exact device data, the large streaming video libraries are easily accessible via the menu. In addition, some new Smart TVs can be operated via touch-screen devices or voice control, which further simplifies their use. In addition to the multifunctional equipment, a 32 inch Smart TV Test Winner scores with its good picture display and user-friendly operation.

How does a 32 inch Smart TV work?

The 32 inch Smart TV offers a variety of functions through its Internet access. While the older TV sets are mainly used for linear television and watching DVDs, the Smart TV is suitable for surfing and streaming.

This makes the modern 32 inch Smart TVs from the 2019 test more and more similar to the versatile PCs.

Unlike classical television, you are not restricted to the programme, but you can program and record your programmes to watch later. Time-shifted film enjoyment is also possible.

Depending on whether it is a WLAN or LAN connection, you may not even need a cable to go online with the TV. For the wireless connection via WLAN you only have to pair your 32 inch Smart TV with the WLAN Router. If Internet access is not yet pre-installed, a streaming box is used to provide access to the online service.

In addition to Internet suitability, the 32 inch Smart TVs from the 2019 test scored points for their additional connections. PC, smartphone, camera and other devices can also be connected. So you can watch your holiday photos or videos on the TV screen or play games.

The exact mode of operation depends on the existing equipment of the television. Some individual elements can be added. An external hard drive, for example, expands storage space, and headphones allow one person to follow the television programme without disturbing the others present.

The exact Setting options are described in the detailed instructions. Here you can learn how to activate the functions with the remote control or another device and what is possible with the 32 inch Smart TV.

Advantages & Application areas

The 32 inch Smart TV from the test is the right device for a small apartment, for a children's room or for the guestroom. Compared to the larger TV sets, the 32-inch television only requires a small seat spacing. A Full HD resolution is completely sufficient for the quite small format. This is the reason for the relatively cheap price of the 32 inch Smart TVs. Nevertheless, these small but innovative devices are convincing in their presentation and functionality.

Sony KDL-32WD755 80 cm (32 inch) TV (Full HD, HD Triple Tuner, Smart-TV) [Energy class A]The popular 32 inch Smart TVs offer many advantages due to their Internet capability. You can access streaming services directly or take part in online games.

The direct Internet connection leads to short access times, so that the image adapts within a short time. Settings can be made using the corresponding remote control, but users also have the option of turning other devices into controls.

A App transforms your smartphone or tablet into a handy remote control, making navigation a breeze.

The advantages of the 32 inch Smart TVs from the test are especially apparent when you don't just want to watch the normal TV program. With its intelligent extras, such a television supports time-shifted programming, direct recording and access to media libraries and online video libraries. The integrated applications bring users quickly to their favourite programmes, whether they are sports reports, live events or special series.

If you have a contract with a Pay-TV provider, you need a slot on your TV to insert the Pay-TV card. For the current 32 inch Smart TVs these slots are now standard.

If you navigate through the multitude of programs, you will see another advantage of the innovative devices: the clear menu navigation. The top brands offer 32 inch Smart TVs with different operating systems. Whichever manufacturer you choose, the available systems all have their advantages and ensure targeted and convenient operation.

Last but not least, the 32 inch Smart TV from the test comparison collect some plus points due to their pleasant appearance. Especially when these TV are located in a passage room, one wishes for a modern design. Typically the case is black or silver grey, so that such a 32 inch Smart TV fits nicely into the environment.

What types of 32 inch Smart TVs are there?

For 32 inch Smart TVs the screen format is fixed, but you can divide the available models into other categories. Among other things, you should check the reception technology. With today's Smart TVs you usually no longer need a separate receiver, so that the antenna cable only needs to be connected to the cable reception or the satellite system. Often a triple tuner is integrated in the smart TV set. This allows the three common types of reception: cable, satellite or DVB-T2.

box type=”info” align=””” class=””” width=”””]There are 32 inch Smart TVs with LAN interface and WLAN TV that work without cable connection. Which technology you choose depends, among other things, on the reception quality of the WLAN signal and on whether you can lay cables.[/box]

A further distinguishing feature is the television transmission technology , which depends on whether a cable connection is laid or whether the signal is received via satellite.

As described above, most of the current 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test are equipped with a triple tuner that is designed for all types of transmission. Depending on the technical requirements, it may be necessary to use an additional receiver to receive the signal without interference.

The advantages of the 32 inch Smart TV:

  • smart device functions,
  • many connection possibilities,
  • ordinary quality in image display,
  • low price.

The disadvantages of a 32 inch Smart TVs:

  • relatively small format unsuitable for large rooms,
  • Any possibility of attack by malware from the Internet.

This is how 32 inch Smart TVs are tested

This is how the best 32 inch Smart TVs are testedWith Testen the 32 inch Smart TVs special attention was paid to the respective quality features. In this way, prospective buyers should receive the help they need to find their way around the large assortment of suppliers. In addition to the specific data of these televisions, the many functions also come to the fore.

This distinguishes the Smart TVs from the classic televisions. Who looks around in the variety of the modern devices, finds on the basis of the following criteria the ideal 32 inch Smart TV for the home need.

The image resolution

The resolution of a 32 inch Smart TVs provides information about the image display. When watching television, the resolution should be as sharp as possible and should not show any blurred areas. The 32 inch TVn has no UHD resolution, which is related to the relatively small area.

More pixels wouldn't do much here. Therefore, most 32 inch Smart TVs from Test Comparison have Full HD picture quality. Here the resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Both the image dynamics and the brightness of the 32 inches TV sets are convincing.

The display version

box type=”info” align=””” class=”” width=”””]Most of the 32 inch Smart TVs has a display with LED or LCD technology. Both systems are based on the LCD principle, so the screen consists of liquid crystals. With LCD technology, the lighting comes from fluorescent elements that radiate from behind. This requires a wider construction of the TV.[/box]

With the LED screen the light emitting diodes either sit directly behind the display (Full LED Backlight or Direct Backlight) or at the edge (Edge LED). The television sets with Edge LED may have a slimmer design, but the illumination may lead to irregularities on the screen. In this context, experts speak of the clouding effect.

The refresh rate

The frame repetition rate, also known as the frame repetition frequency, ensures smooth, easily recognizable motion sequences. For the smaller 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test a value of 50 Hertz is usually sufficient. Some devices also have 100 Hertz, but the frequency does not have to be higher. Flicker should not be visible in the standard data of the refresh rate.

The Integrated Operating System

A look at the operating system of the 32 inch Smart TVs shows the similarity with the systems already known from computers and smartphones. The detailed information on TV shows that the brands often concentrate on a single operating system.

For example,

Samsung integrates the Tizen system, while Sony integrates Android and Panasonic works with Firefox. Other companies like LG rely on Web OS. The different operating systems support simple operation and are presented intuitively.

Reception technology

The 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test can usually be used for all three reception modes: Cable, satellite or indoor antenna. The indoor antenna is probably the rarest variant, so you should check before buying whether the selected 32 inch Smart TV is actually suitable for DVB-T2. The devices with an integrated triple tuner are suitable for any type of reception, and you also save yourself a separate receiver. This means you can get by with a single remote and don't need a second control.

Connections and connection options

Ultra HDTV Premium 4K HDMI Cable 2 MeterSome of the 32 inch Smart TVs only have the current cable connections and therefore cannot be connected to older devices like DVD players. If you want to connect your TV to other devices, you should have Scart and possibly VGA connections. A subsequent installation of such interfaces is normally not possible, so that one can only progress with adapters.

You should also take a close look at the other connection options. A WLAN TV does not need an extra LAN socket for Internet connection.

But for uploading stored data or to establish a connection to the PC , two or more USB ports should be available.

For everyday use, audio jacks are also useful to use headphones. HDMI sockets can also be useful to use other devices.

The good connectivity of a 32 inch Smart TVs supports flexible and convenient use. If you have several USB sockets, you don't have to remove the external hard drive again and again, for example to plug in your smartphone. At the same time, the game console and laptop can be connected via the HDMI connections .

The TV apps

For the 32 inch Smart TVs a variety of apps are available to make operation even easier. You can also access the TV program more quickly. The applications can be found in the respective OS-Shop. OS stands for Operating System. Already with the selection of your TV you can get an overview of the apps, whether it is about program information, calendar functions, games, weather reports or news.

What should I look out for when buying a 32 inch Smart TV?

The purchase decision for a 32 inch Smart TV from the current Test is based on several criteria. The rather small format is mostly connected with the local conditions in the own dwelling. The next step is to find out about the possibilities of using the Internet and consider whether it should be a LAN or WLAN television.

If the WLAN Router emits a strong signal and you do not want to lay any cables, the WLAN connection is recommended. However, a weaker WLAN signal can sometimes weaken the transmission. Here the LAN connection is more reliable, but then you need a cable from the router to the TV .

Sony KDL-32WD757 80cm (32 inch) Television (Full HD, HD Triple Tuner, Smart-TV) [energy class A]

If you always leave your 32 inch Smart TV online, you don't need to worry about the practical Internet connection. But there are also many consumers who have to deactivate the Internet connection each time and reset it the next time they switch it on.

A Smart TV, which is particularly easy to connect thanks to a comfortable operating system, is worthwhile here. You should also rethink the Internet facility itself. The device password has many digits and it takes a long time to enter everything correctly. Perhaps it would be useful to use a simple password.

When searching for a suitable 32 inch Smart TV Test Winner, many consumers are looking for a decent picture quality. The favorites of these TV models have a Full HD resolution. For users, this means a good viewing experience with sharp contrasts. Compared to larger televisions, the 32-inch units are not quite as high class, but the picture is still convincing.

The selection for a 32 inch Smart TV is mainly based on the usage habits. Those who watch mainly linear television are less interested in the additional functions. But you can also change your habits and take advantage of online access. In connection with the multifunctionality of the Smart TVs they should have TV enough connections. The device is not only used for television, but also for watching holiday pictures or gaming. For film fans, the video rental shops are particularly worthwhile.

In addition to the technology, the modern Smart TVS also includes the optics. Most 32 inch Smart TVs from the 2019 test are designed in black and silver-gray, but there are certain differences in surface and frame size. High-gloss or matt, with contrast effects, a wide edge or just a narrow frame, the 32 inch Smart TV can be adapted precisely to the home environment.

Especially with such small devices it might be interesting if they can be mounted on the wall. In this context, you should already check at the time of purchase which mounting elements are included in the scope of delivery and what the advice for optimal mounting looks like.

Short information about leading 7 manufacturers

The Test the 32 inch Smart TVs deals with many high-class brand devices. In comparison to other size categories, however, the selection of 32-inch models is somewhat smaller. Nevertheless, the major manufacturers also offer convincing products in this area.

In the development of the modern Smart TVs, the IT groups in particular were able to assert themselves. Here again the gap closure between televisions and PCs catches the eye. The following manufacturer list not only lists the brands of 32 inch Smart TV Test Winner, but also some other examples.

  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Blue dot
  • LG Electronics
  • Hisense
Panasonic is known as an important multimedia company. The Japanese brand has been in existence since 1918 and the modern Smart TVs can be found in numerous households around the world. They support the everyday enjoyment of television as well as the perfect home cinema. In addition to the high technology quality, the Panasonic televisions also convince with their harmonious optics. Whether it's TV sets, cameras, PCs or other electronic products, customers are on the safe side with this brand.
The South Korean group Samsung is also one of the largest global players in the electronics and multimedia industries. Everything from the built-in technology to the design is perfect. The Group's 32 inch Smart TVs and the larger Televisions come from Samsung Electronics, a division established in the late 1960s. The strong influence of Samsung is reflected not only in the good sales figures, but also in the broad product range. In addition to televisions, computers and other IT electronics, numerous household appliances also bear the brand logo.
Sony Corporation from Japan focuses primarily on consumer electronics products. With the 32 inch Smart TVs Sony joins the ranks of the important manufacturers and collects many plus points with an innovative technology. Multifunctionality and simple operation are among the particularly relevant product features. Here, Sony's experts make sure that the customer's wishes are optimally fulfilled and that the right equipment is available for every requirement.
Toshiba also comes from Japan and has a company history dating back to the 19th century. The Tokyo-based company has various product categories in its range. The Smart TVs belong to the field of electronics. Here you will also find various other devices that complete your own multimedia area or are used at work.
Blaupunkt is mainly known for its automotive multimedia technology, but the brand name also stands for consumer electronics, navigation systems and household appliances. The company was founded in 1923 and after many changes the GmbH was finally dissolved in 2016. However, the brand continues to exist. GIP Development SARL in Luxembourg is now responsible for managing the Blaupunkt trademark rights. The numerous product groups around the globe have a high recognition value, which is why the name Blaupunkt still stands for top quality.
LG Electronics was formed from the former company Goldstar Co. and is based in South Korea. In the home entertainment segment, the brand presents not only innovative and smart TV sets, but also a wide range of PCs, audio devices and other products. LG Electronics has all the necessary components for the complete multimedia equipment.
Hisense is a company that has its roots in China. The renowned brand presents a versatile range of TVn and other electronic devices. The 32 inch Smart TVs from Hisense prove to be high class and easy to use. They appear regularly with the test winners.


Internet vs. specialist shops: Where is the best place to buy my 32 inch Smart TV?

Samsung M5570 80 cm (32 inch) Television (Full HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV) [energy class A] testThe search for a 32 inch Smart TV will take you to the electrical and multimedia department in a large department store or to the electrical trade. In the best case scenario, you will find specialist salespeople who can answer all the important questions.

Sometimes it can take a little time to find a competent salesperson, in other cases it is quicker. During the consultation, you will learn all the interesting facts about the available television sets.

Especially with the smaller 32 inch Smart TVs the selection may be limited. In comparison, the Internet shops have more devices ready.

In Business demo programs are often played. This may make it difficult to check the actual image quality. But on request, the vendors switch on the normal program so that you can compare better and possible vulnerabilities are more likely to be noticed.

With the Internet purchase one is dependent above all on the description, because a direct view on the representation quality is not possible here. As a compensation you get a detailed list of all device data as well as a multitude of evaluations of other buyers. It is precisely these reviews that make online ordering very popular, because they show how satisfied customers are with the various devices.

If you don't have much time, you can order your 32 inch Smart TV within a few minutes using the filter and sort function. But mostly there's no reason to get hectic. Buying online from home is not tied to opening hours and you can make yourself comfortable. Therefore one reads the individual experience reports as well as the product manual with pleasure somewhat more exactly. So you soon found the ideal 32 inch Smart TV.

In the case of delivery the liability lies with the dealer or the forwarding agent. This gives the buyers good security. In addition, you do not have to transport the 32 inch Smart TV from the shop to your own home yourself, which makes shopping easier.

32 inch Smart TV novelties of IFA

The magazine Welt tested the TV novelties of IFA Berlin in the categories “Cheap Smart TVs”, “All-rounders” and “Ultrasound TV giants”. Among the world test winners were also several 32 inch Smart TV novelties. The low-cost 32-inch Smart TVs were the Panasonic TX-32ASW504 (Amazon 479 Euro) and the Samsung UE32H6270 (currently not available). At Panasonic 32 inch Smart TV the testers liked the picture quality. They complained, however, that there is only one USB slot.

Things to Know & Advisor

Sony KDL-32WD755 80 cm (32 inch) TV (Full HD, HD Triple Tuner, Smart-TV) [energy class A]AppsThe Test of the 32 inch Smart TVs is not only about the pure product data and the usage options but also about the worth knowing background of the innovative technology.

In the extended framework one can inform about the offers of the streaming services and about additional functions like HbbTV and the corresponding Apps for Smartphone.

In order to be able to use the Internet properly with the 32 inch Smart TV, you first need a reliable broadband connection, which is now available in more and more German households.

The Internet functions at 32 inch Smart TV are not yet as mature as on PCs, but it is no problem to surf, start a download or access online services.

Netflix List

The good screen resolution ensures a smooth display, whether you are visiting a website, viewing pictures or movies. When streaming, however, it is important to make sure that the HD quality of the film matches the TV set.

In the guides and Tests the 32 inch Smart TV you will find hints on how to calculate the correct seat distance. Basically, two and a half times the length of the screendiagonal is recommended as the distance to the TV.

However, the optimal distance also depends on the image quality. With the simple basic rule, the correct seat distance is around two metres.

. So you can see the picture clearly without overstraining your eyes. Some TV viewers, however, prefer a smaller or larger distance, which is often related to individual visual acuity. It is worth testing the seat distance and, if necessary, repositioning the TV until you are satisfied with the result.

In addition to the advisor tips, the historical details are also explained here. The following chapters do not only deal with the history, but also with the special care and other special features of the 32 inch Smart TV.

The History of 32 Inch Smart TVs

The Smart TVs of today are a further development of the earlier televisions. In the past, televisions looked different. The first devices of this kind worked with the Braun tube. This principle was developed in 1897 by Ferdinand Braun in collaboration with Jonathan Zenneck.

The Braun tube was a cathode ray tube that was responsible for generating the pixels. The electron beam passed through an electrostatic field to the glass pane of the television to produce moving images. Until the first TV could be constructed, it still took more than three decades. It was not until 1930 that Manfred von Ardennen presented the first television set of this type.

Samsung M5570 80 cm (32 inch) Television (Full HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV) [energy class A]From about 1950 onwards the further development of the television progressed faster and faster. The device gradually became an indispensable medium. Soon there were colour televisions and the technique could be refined.

Since the 1970s, not only television behaviour has changed, but also the entire media landscape has undergone an unmistakable transformation.

With the progress of television sets and entertainment technology, remote controls have become standard. The newer media devices worked with fiber optics and soon also with broadband.

Television itself started some big projects. TV-SAT was integrated, and consumers also had access to the new screen and videotext. When cable television was born, this had consequences above all for distribution technology. The programs became even more varied and the typical zapping began. Instead of concentrating on just a few programme channels, the viewers got used to the constant switching.

The increasing cabling of German households resulted in a nationwide coaxial cable network with broadband. This enabled consumers in Germany to receive 29 channels.

The expanded technology was accompanied by a streamlining of the devices themselves. Due to the new screen technology no tube was necessary anymore. This is how the flat-screen televisions were created, which required considerably less space to be set up. Instead, the screen diagonal was increased. Since around 2000, many private television viewers have not been able to get enough of it. Home cinema established itself.

In addition to the desire for a perfect image presentation, other demands were added. Around 2011 the Smart TV came onto the market. This device presented itself as an Internet-ready TV, which made it unnecessary to use a DVD player. In combination with the improved broadband technology and the Internet systems, it is now possible to access the online offer directly from TV.

This gives access to the programme's own media libraries and streaming services. With today's possibilities, the linear television program can be recorded or watched with a time delay. You can call up individual programmes directly in the media library, stream series or download relatively new films. With the televisions of the past, the 32 Inch Smart TVs from the Test have little similarity.

Figures, data, facts about the 32 inch Smart TV

The 32 inch Smart TVs are well suited as a second TV or as a starter device. Compared to larger TVs, the resolution is lower, which has to do with the fact that a higher resolution rate for the rather small screen wouldn't do much good. The resolution is a maximum of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (Full HD), but there are also some devices that have 1,366 x 768 pixels or only 1,280 x 720 pixels. The lower resolution is also called HD-Ready.

With the smaller Smart TVs you sometimes have to cut back on the number of connections. Usually there are only two HDMI ports and a maximum of two USB sockets. But the buyers do not have to make any compromises on the interior. Who decides for a test winner who 32 inch Smart TVs has good capacities and does not have to do without WLAN.

The somewhat higher-quality devices from the 32-inch class cost more money, but you also get Full HD and more connection options. The advantages are better brightness, contrast and color reproduction as well as the pre-installed apps. Due to the additional connections, such a Smart TV can be used for gaming or other applications. You definitely leave the beginner class behind you.

The Internet capability of 32 inch Smart TV adapts to the needs of modern TV viewers. Such a device supports flexible use and simplifies operation at the same time. Younger people, in particular, are delighted with the Internet access, which is easy to set up. The older generation is usually less interested in the additional options and more likely to stay with the linear program. Here the extras are mainly used in combination with recorded programmes or when the holiday pictures are shown.

If you have a 32 inch Smart TV with a full Internet browser, you can search online and use the TV almost like a PC. In general, however, it is mainly the typical media functions that are used.

The standard HbbTV (Hybrid broadcast broadband TV) displays relevant information similar to classic teletext. However, the news does not come from the television program, but from the worldwide network.

By pressing the red button on the remote control the menu of the HbbTV is called up and all interesting information is available to the users. The font is easier to read than teletext, so you get a quicker overview. In addition to the daily news on political events, the weather, sports and other topics, you will also find the latest programme information.

For the connection to the Internet the 32 inch Smart TVs from the test are often equipped with an Ethernet connection. This component is installed at the rear of the device and ensures reliable data transmission. If it is a wireless Smart TV, the data transfer takes place via WLAN.

For this a corresponding hardware was integrated or an external USB dongle is used. For trouble-free Internet access, it is important that the bandwidth is at least 6,000 Kbit/s.

Otherwise there can be small weaknesses when surfing, streaming or Online-Gaming. It is recommended to use a Smart TVs to conclude a tariff with flat rate, otherwise the monthly costs can skyrocket.

32 inch Smart TV in 7 steps properly prepare

Before you can use all Internet functions and other extras of the 32 inch Smart TVs, you have to set up the device correctly. This means that you should first read the instructions. Online access doesn't cost a lot of effort, but you still need the peace and quiet you need to familiarize yourself with the device and its potential. Especially if you have only looked at the linear program so far, you should inform yourself comprehensively so that you don't miss anything.

Typically the 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test are equipped with pre-installed applications, which can then be adapted to your own preferences. Whether you really need all available apps, often only becomes clear after a certain time. In the menus, the apps can be moved and sorted to set their own priorities. This will make it easier to find the preferred applications in the future. Additional apps may also be downloaded from the Internet.

The following are the main steps in preparing and setting up a Smart TVs.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5
  • Step 6
  • Step 7

Step 1: Set-up and wiring

The 32 inch Smart TV will be placed at the desired position and the seat distance should be checked. When connecting to the satellite system or the cable network, make sure that the cables are not in the way.

Step 2: Using the 32 inch Smart TV to go online

For Internet access, connect your Smart TV either with a cable or via WLAN to the router. With the cable connection, this access often works via Plug & Play, so you don't have to perform any special actions. With a WLAN connection, the router data is entered in the menu before the connection is established. Depending on the type of router, a button is available here to speed up the connection setup. Normally the internet connection is maintained, even if you switch off the TV. However, you can also set the device so that the WLAN password must be entered anew each time.

Step 3: Go to the TV apps

The TV applications can be found in the app area of 32 inch Smart TVs. You can get here by going to “my TV apps” in the menu. Some smart televisions also have an app button on the remote so you don't have to navigate through menus first.

The app page lists all available apps. This includes the pre-installed and downloaded applications. From this page you can also access other apps that can be downloaded from here.

Step 4: Search the Apps

To browse the apps, use the arrow keys on the remote control. Instead of the normal remote control, you can also use the smartphone or tablet after installing the corresponding app. This makes manoeuvring in the menu and in the applications much easier. When browsing through the applications, you get an overview of the apps already installed and the additional functions.

Step 5: Selecting an App

The app overview makes it possible to select a single app for your 32 inch Smart TV. You can mark this app by clicking the “Enter” key. A description of the application will appear.

Step 6: Download an App

After reading the description click on “Download” if you want to download the app. The smart app is then loaded onto the TV set and is ready for installation in the same train.

Step 7: Start an App

If an app is installed, it can be started with one click. All you have to do is activate the “Execute” button.


10 Tips for care

The maintenance of the 32 inch Smart TVs from the test 2019 requires a certain care and must not be neglected. Especially the screen is very sensitive and must not be treated with all means. The following tips should not be neglected when cleaning, in addition one finds in the product description of the Smart TVs further references to the equipment care.

  • Tip 1
  • Tip 2
  • Tip 3
  • Tip 4
  • Tip 5
  • Tip 6
  • Tip 7
  • Tip 8
  • Tip 9
  • Tip 10
Tip 1: Many manufacturers recommend disconnecting the TV from the mains before cleaning it thoroughly. If you only switch off your 32 inch Smart TV but leave the plug in, there is still a residual risk. A short circuit can only be ruled out if the mains plug is pulled out. It's best to wait a while until the television has cooled down. For a short dry cleaning you don't have to pull the plug.
Tip 2: When wiping dry, the loose dust particles are removed so that the screen and other surfaces are clean. When Cleaning the screen, you should check whether the cloth is suitable for this type of care. If it is a special cleaning cloth for glass cleaning, it may contain substances that leave streaks or streaks on the TV screen .
Tip 3: If you want to clean your 32 inch Smart TV wet, the cloths used must be clean and fresh. There are very soft, lint-free cloths especially for screencleaning. After damp wiping with the first cleaning cloth, carefully dry the surface with the second, dry cloth. Modern microfibre cloths are particularly suitable for this type of care.
Tip 4: Even a slightly moistened microfiber cloth will not make it into the corners of the screen where the dust likes to settle. Here a soft cleaning brush helps, which sweeps the dust particles out of the corners. A compressed air spray is also suitable for perfect cleaning of the corners. It only works with pressure and does not contain any chemical substances. It simply blows away the dirt particles and does not come into contact with the display.

It is better not to use the compressed air spray at the cooling slots, otherwise there is a danger that the dust will be blown in instead of disappearing. For this reason, compressed air is not recommended when cleaning the loudspeakers.

Tip 5: To clean the LCD or LED display of the 32 inch Smart TVs, there are many special products available. These are designed to clean all types of displays and are therefore also suitable for smartphones, tablets and PCs. A glance at the substances contained and the promised effect shows whether the purchase of such expensive special products is worthwhile. Some are products that seal the screen. In this case, the display is well protected against future soiling.
Tip 6: The expensive screen cleaners often have an antistatic effect. This means that the display does not immediately attract the next dust after cleaning. In addition, the special cleaning agents for displays guarantee a streak-free surface. Some of these products are therefore worth their price.
Tip 7: Other cleaning agents are less suitable for cleaning Smart TVs. You should keep your fingers off household products with acidic ingredients in particular. A glass cleaner with mild ingredients is the better choice. Or you don't use any chemicals at all, but simply use distilled, clear water to gently clean the screen.
Tip 8: Abrasive cleaners are of course taboo when it comes to cleaning a 32 inch Smart TVs. Alcohol, alcohol, vinegar and citric acid also have no place here. Alleged insider tips circulating on the Internet should also be treated with caution. Whether a car care product actually helps is questionable. Such experiments always represent a risk, so you should not test them at all, but rather spare the screen.
Tip 9: Besides cleaning the 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test you should do a small check regularly. Are all cables still tight or do I have to repair them? The connections do not all have to be disconnected during this passage. In most cases it is sufficient to press the plug connections a little tight. When cleaning the cables and connection systems, you should be careful not to accidentally pull something out.
Tip 10: The maintenance of the technology also includes an occasional update of the apps and the operating system. Such updates are necessary from time to time in order to exploit the potential of the various functions. If you regularly update your apps to the latest version, this will also have an effect on the Internet security of the Smart TVs.


Useful accessories

Special holders are available for the 32 inch Smart TVs from the current Test. This allows the device to be mounted on the room wall. Typically, this is a VESA mount. This corresponds to a general standard for fixing of televisions. This means that not only the Smart TV complies with the VESA standard, but also the mounting system with which the TV is mounted on the wall.

If you want to set up your 32 inch Smart TV Test Winner, a TV rack or a low board is a good choice. Such a small piece of furniture can be adapted to the existing furniture and offers the TV a safe stand. These racks often have several levels, even if you can do without additional devices such as DVD players today. The lower levels or the compartments in the rack therefore serve as storage space for other things, such as magazines or other technical equipment.

Even if you gradually switch to streaming with the 32 inch Smart TV, many consumers still own a DVD player. Such devices offer the possibility to watch your own DVDs.

The new Smart TV should have the necessary connectivity to connect to the DVD or Blu-ray player. In addition to the usual connections, a TV should be prepared for Pay-TV. This is now standard on almost all televisions. The Pay-TV card itself is issued upon conclusion of a corresponding contract with the broadcaster.

Flexible use of the 32 inch Smart TVs requires storage media such as USB sticks or external hard drives. The connection to these components is established via the device cables or via separate connecting cables. In most cases, these storage media have a USB connection, which enables simple coupling.

If you want an optimal sound in addition to the good image display, you can supplement your 32 inch Smart TV with a high-caliber sound bar or another suitable audio system. This gives you a great sound that accompanies the enjoyment of the film or the football tournament and thus perfects the multimedia experience. Depending on the size of the room and your own wishes, there are various sound systems to choose from that can be installed without great effort.

By default an original remote control is included with the 32 inch Smart TVs from the test 2019. If necessary, the remote control can be replaced or supplemented. It is often easier to use a keyboard, especially when it comes to menu navigation. Or you can install an app on the smartphone, which can then be used as a convenient remote control. Such extras make it easier to use the Smart TV and are available with the original brands. Sometimes it is possible to buy the special TV keyboard from another manufacturer, but you should check the compatibility first.

If it is a WLAN Smart TV, a repeater may need to amplify the signal to avoid interference. With a WLAN repeater in the right place in the house possible weaknesses are excluded and the connection offers the ideal stability.

For the LAN connection to the Internet and for the other cables of the 32 inch Smart TVs cable channels may be useful. This prevents cable clutter and tripping hazards in the TV corner. The cable ducts not only provide more order and reduce the risk of accidents.

They also make the cables invisible and create a beautiful, tidy environment. If you live for rent, cable ducts for gluing are a good choice. Here you don't have to screw it on and there are no holes. When such cable ducts are removed later, there are no more residues to be seen, so that the landlord remains peaceful.

10 Questions about the 32 inch Smart TV

Question 1: How big is the 32 inch Smart TV exactly?

One inch measures 2.54 cm, so the screen diagonal at 32 inch is exactly 81.28 cm long. A close look at the 32 inch Smart TVs from the Test will show small deviations. In addition, one should remember that the calculated size of 732 x 431 mm refers only to the visible screen. With the frame the TV is a bit bigger.

Question 2: What is the ideal seat distance to the 32-inch Smart TV?

The optimal distance to screen des 32 inch Smart TVs depends on several factors. At this size, a distance of around two metres is recommended, but individual vision and pixel resolution also play a role in this context. With better vision, the distance is usually slightly greater.

Question 3: What other devices can be connected to the 32 inch Smart TV?

The question about the connection options can only be answered by looking at the connections of the Smart TVs. By default, there are at least USB sockets and audio connections that allow USB storage media, smartphones, PCs and audio cables to be connected. Some Smart TVs also have classic connection options so that they can be connected to a DVD player.

Question 4: For which rooms is a 32 inch Smart TV from the test 2019? suitable?

With its slightly smaller screen the 32 inch Smart TV is suitable as a second TV in the guest room, sleeping area or children's room. In the kitchen, this appliance can also be easily accommodated. And even in confined spaces, the seat spacing of around two meters is no problem.

Question 5: What is the difference between LED and LCD?

Both systems are based on the screen technology LCD, whereby LED offers a more uniform display of colors and brightness. In addition, it should be noted that LCD and LED backlighting are accompanied by a greater installation depth due to the illumination from behind.

If you choose a 32 inch Smart TV with LED Edge technology, the pixels are illuminated from the edge, which can lead to clouding effects. This has a negative effect on the sharpness of the image. Which technology is the better one depends on the individual requirements of the buyer.

Question 6: How to adjust the picture correctly on Smart TV?

ie 32 inch Smart TVs from the test offer users different picture modes. You can either choose the preset modes or set the colors and brightness gradations separately. This allows the image display to be precisely tuned until you are satisfied with the reproduction.

Question 7: What to prepare for Pay-TV?

If you want to watch 32 inch Smart TV a Pay TV channel with your >32 inch, you must first sign a contract with the program provider. Then you get the decoder card, which you push into the slot provided for it. This card unlocks the access of the encrypted transmitter and you can enjoy the sports broadcasts or the latest blockbusters.

Question 8: How to make manoeuvring easier in the menu?

Navigating through the menu with the remote control can take a lot of time. With the arrow keys you have to click one letter after the other. It becomes much easier with a smart touch operation, with a special TV keyboard or with a Smartphone app. The navigation is much faster and you enjoy a user-friendly comfort.

Question 9: How does the time shift work on Smart TV?

The Time-Shift function makes it possible to pause a running programme and record its progress. You turn it on when the phone rings, for example, or when you are disturbed by another television event. Later, the show is restarted so that you don't miss a single moment of the thriller or football match. With the new 32 inch Smart TVs from the 2019 test, the time shift function is based on a cloud-based system or on PVR.

What can the 32 inch Smart TV do?

The Testwinners of the 32 inch Smart TVs can perform many functions, but they cannot replace a PC. They support direct browser use, can be connected to various devices and contain a wide range of applications. The focus is on television and film functions in combination with linear programming and streaming services. In addition, the operating system supports other uses, such as viewing self-made photos or online gaming.

Alternatives to the 32 inch Smart TV

The 32 inch Smart TV from the last Test can be replaced by smart televisions in a different format, but you should follow the tips on seat spacing. In addition, you can also choose a simple TV with 32 inch screen, but then the Internet functions are missing.

If necessary, an Internet stick can be retrofitted if the device is prepared for the Internet. Young people like to use a notebook and completely do without the TV. The notebook offers itself as a multifunctional device, but here the monitor is much smaller.

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