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Best Double Jogging Stroller 2019 • 7 Double Jogging Strollers Reviews

A double jogging stroller is an incredibly valuable accessory. If you're a busy caregiver or parent, you understand exactly how challenging getting things are done is when you have kids in tow. Figuring out how to juggle carrying diaper bags, bottles, and feeding supplies can be tricky.

Double Jogging Stroller Leaderboard 2019

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  BOB Gear Revolution Flex Baby Jogger City Mini Graco Uno2Duo Contours Options Elite Joovy X2 Baby Trend Expedition Kolcraft Cloud Plus
Rating 10.00
very good
very good
Amazon rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
271 customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
14 customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
26 customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
117 customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
680 customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
518 customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
79 customer reviews
Brand BOB Gear Baby Jogger Graco Contours Joovy Baby Trend Kolcraft
Product Dimensions

48 x 30.5 x 43 inches

41 x 41.9 x 30 inches

38.6 x 25.5 x 45.5 inches

49.5 x 26 x 40 inches

32.5 x 30 x 44.5 inches

49 x 21.5 x 43 inches

36 x 31 x 38 inches

Item Weight

19.75 pounds

28.2 pounds

22.8 pounds

34 pounds

32 pounds

34 pounds

22.6 pounds

Maximum weight recommendation

70 pounds

100 pounds

50 pounds

80 pounds

90 pounds

50 pounds

80 pounds









Seat Weight Capacity

70 pounds

100 pounds

50 pounds

80 pounds

90 pounds

50 pounds

80 pounds

Ajustable Handlebar








Fold Type

On hand

One hand

One hand

Two hand

On hand

One hand

Two hand

Brake Type








Accepts Infant Car Seats









240 days


365 days


2 year days

180 days

365 days

  • easy two-step fold
  • convenient transportation
  • smooth ride
  • air-filled tires
  • cup holders
  • longer-lasting
  • one handed fold
  • easy to push
  • lightweight
  • extra-large storage basket
  • removable child's tray
  • holds child up to 50 lb
  • click Connect compatible
  • includes second seat
  • sibling fun
  • 7 seating options
  • lightweight
  • smooth ride
  • elite features
  • affordable
  • actually fits through most doors
  • comfortable for the kids
  • easy to fold up
  • great sun shade
  • designed for children
  • multi-position seat
  • locking front swivel wheels
  • large storage basket
  • covered storage compartment
  • lightweight design
  • large canopy
  • reclining seat
  • extra storage
  • easy standing fold
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What is a double jogging stroller?

If you want to go on a run with your kids, learning how to do this can be even more challenging. That's where this particular style of Double Jogging Stroller comes in.

Double Jogging StrollerThe unique design of a double jogger enables you to run comfortably with both of your children. The seats for your children are side-by-side, which enables them to see one another. More importantly, this enables you to see your children. You'll always have full visual control and dependability when it comes to keeping an eye on your little ones during your outings.

This particular model of stroller features one front center wheel and two back wheels. The two back wheels provide the push the stroller needs to move, while the front wheel acts as a guide. The unique design enables a parent to push the stroller with full control over its direction even at high speeds. If you enjoy running quickly, you'll be able to guide the stroller without worrying about it veering off to one side. The front wheel fixes in place for jogging but can be unlocked in order to swivel for day-to-day activities.

How does a double jogging stroller work?

This style of stroller enables parents to place their children side-by-side. This is especially important because many children feel anxious or stressed when they are separated from their sibling. Young children especially like the visual aspect of the side-by-side stroller design. They can see their companion, so they feel more comfortable.

This particular style enables parents to run or jog quickly while bringing their children. These strollers are lightweight and require little effort to push and guide during a run. Whether you enjoy long runs or short jogs, it's important to have the right equipment before you set out on your journey.

A comfortable stroller like this features a bar for the pusher to hold. You can grip this with two hands or guide it gently with just one. A brake on the handlebar ensures you're able to quickly stop the stroller if you need to, offering even more control over the design and function of the stroller itself.

Advantages & Applications

double jogging stroller advantagesOne of the most important advantages of this style of stroller is that it enables adults to push the stroller with complete control. Traditional strollers that feature four wheels are difficult to push and guide. They are nearly impossible to push at fast speeds because the wheels can turn in any direction. With a jogger, the single front wheel acts as a guide for the rent of the unit and provides a cohesive way to move the unit.

These models come with incredible storage options. If you plan to go on a lengthy jog or hike with your children in tow, you don't have to stress about bringing their personal belongings. Most of these units come with a large under-stroller basket designed to house drinks, formula, backpacks, and diaper bags. This means you don't have to sacrifice utilizing your possessions just because you're going on a run.

Furthermore, the seats in these models can fully recline. If you have a child who wants to nap, but your second child doesn't want to, that's okay! Each chair can be reclined or positioned in an upright fashion. Additionally, most of these models come with car seat adaptability.

This means you can easily place your child's car seat baby carrier in the front of the stroller for incredible comfort. Most strollers do have a minimum age for using the regular seats. This ranges from three to six months, depending on the style of the unit. Utilizing a car seat adapter enables you to place a smaller child in the double jogger in a safe, comfortable way.

Another wonderful feature of these models is their ability to fold up easily. Did you know that many jogging units can be folded with just one hand? That's right. You don't even have to use both hands in order to completely fold up the unit for storage in your trunk, car, or garage. Once you've practiced folding and unfolding your jogger a few times, you'll find using it easier than you ever thought possible.

What types of double jogging strollers are there?

Type of double jogging strollerThere are many different types of jogging units available for use by parents. Single units are very popular for families with one child, while double units can be used by families who have two children. Typical joggers are designed to have children placed side-by-side. Parents can view their children easily over the top bar of the unit. If you choose to extend your canopy to protect your child from rain or sun, you'll be able to peek through a back window to check on your little ones without disturbing them.

In addition to traditional double joggers, you may have heard of inline jogging strollers. These are models that are designed to be much narrower than double joggers. These strollers feature two seats that are situated with one in front of the other. Typically, an inline stroller is a single jogger that has been converted into a double unit using a conversion kit. Phil & Ted's is a popular brand that offers double inline strollers for family use. This is a solid option if you have two children who want to come with you on your runs, but you need something that will fit through narrow spaces and doorways.

This is how a double jogger is reviewed

Safety testing is incredibly important when it comes to finding the best possible unit for you and your family. Don't buy a damaged or defective model. Instead, opt for something from a trusted brand you know has been thoroughly tested. Each review winner model should come with a variety of safety features designed to protect you and your children.

  • Handlebar brakes
  • Foot brakes
  • Safety harness
Most joggers come with a brake option on the handlebar. This enables you to stop quickly in case of an emergency. If you notice the stroller seems to be getting away from you or you're struggling to maintain control, you can simply grip the handlebar brake and the unit will come to a stop.
In addition to handlebar brakes, double jogging strollers come with brakes near the wheels. You can flip these down with your foot to prevent the stroller from rolling once you're stopped. If you find you need to stop in a parking lot, field, or even on a small incline, having these in place will prevent the unit from rolling.
Each child's seat comes with a safety harness designed to protect them while they're riding in the stroller. The harness will keep them in place if you hit any bumps or go over a curb. When you place your child in their seat for the first time, make sure you check the harness to ensure it fits correctly. It should fit snugly against your child's chest, but should not be too tight.

When you first make your purchase, take a few minutes to read your owner's manual. This will provide more information on creating a safe environment while you use your stroller. Learn about all of the safety features your particular model has to offer prior to utilizing it. This will provide you with the best experience possible.

What should I pay attention to when buying a Jogging stroller?

Double jogging Stroller reviewEach stroller comes with its own unique design, style, and special features. When you're ready to start shopping for the ideal review winner for your life, it's important to consider the features you think are most important. This looks different for each family, but there are a few things any parent should consider when buying a stroller.


Whether you choose an inline stroller or a traditional side-by-side double jogging stroller is up to you, but pay careful attention to the width of the stroller. Did you know that some strollers are so wide they can't fit through doorways? In order to fit through exterior doorways, you'll need to select a model that is less than 36 inches in width. This will provide you with an optimum experience.

Car seat compatibility

If you have a child who is under six months old, chances are you'll want to use their car seat with the stroller. This provides a safer, calmer, more relaxing experience for your child and ensures their utmost safety. Before you can place the car seat in the jogger, though, you need to make sure it's car seat compatible. When you shop for the right jogging stroller, make sure you look for units that come fully car seat compatible or that offer a conversion kit you can use.


Always look for a unit that has a lot of space. Not only should you look for leg room for your children, but make sure they have plenty of wiggle room in the seats themselves. Most joggers can hold children up to 50 pounds, but it's important to make sure your tall children will be comfortable in the unit.

Additionally, take care to check for a basket beneath the seats. Is the included basket large enough for all of your necessary items? Whether you want to bring your diaper bag or purse, it's important to have enough space to place these items in your review winner unit.


BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie jogging Stroller, Black & BOB Duallie Snack Tray, BlackMake sure you consider all of the accessories that your jogger comes with or is compatible with. For example, you may want to install a drink holder on your unit if it doesn't come standard issue with the model you choose. You can also install a snack tray for your hungry toddlers. This will enable them to eat while you're pushing them. Some parents want to purchase a rain cover for the stroller that will keep little ones dry during rainy weather. You may also want to purchase a car seat converter if you have small infants.

No matter what you plan to use your double jogger for, make sure you take the time to carefully select the design you want. Remember that a double jogging stroller is an investment, so it's important to select a design you feel comfortable and happy with. Never settle for less when you can find something that's absolutely perfect for you and your family. With a bit of preparation and searching, it's possible to select a model that works great and that offers all of the benefits you want.

Brief information on leading 7 manufacturers

Ready to start searching for the perfect unit? There are many brands to choose from when it comes to selecting the ideal stroller. Here are several review winner brands you should consider when you're ready to start shopping.

  • Baby Trend
  • BOB
  • Baby Jogger
  • Thule
  • Phil & Ted
  • Schwinn
  • InStep
Baby Trend offers a line of double jogging strollers that are perfect for the budget-friendly shopper. These no-frills options come with space, dependability, and best of all, an affordable price tag.
These strollers are known for being dependable and durable. If you plan on doing a lot of jogging, including during marathons or lengthy races, a BOB stroller offers the durability you need.
Baby Jogger has an assortment of benefits when it comes to double jogging strollers. This particular brand features reinforced seats and a convenient hand brake to make sure you're able to stop safely and quickly when you need to.
If you want something easy to fold and easy to use, Thule has the model you need. These strollers feature a lightweight design and an incredible front wheel that swivels perfectly.
This company offers a series of inline strollers that can easily be converted to double units using their conversion kits. If you're looking for something state of the art with a narrow frame, this is the style you want.
Schwinn brand offers affordable double units that are designed to be comfortable and dependable. One of the biggest perks is the swivel front wheel that can easily lock in place if you plan to do any running.
InStep company is known for its dependability and affordability. If you want something with a parent console, a safety bar for children, and independent seats that can be easily adjusted, this brand has exactly what you're looking for.

No two styles are identical when it comes to picking out the perfect model, so make sure you take your time selecting a double jogging unit that's perfect for you and your family. Consider your budget, the price tag of the unit, and the design you want before making your purchase. This will help to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for and exactly what you need.

Internet vs. retail trade: where should I shop for this item?

where should I shop forShopping isn't always easy, especially when you have children. Finding a double jogging unit that works for your family should be an enjoyable event, but chances are you're dreading it. It's understandable. Dragging your children to multiple stores, unbuckling them from their car seats over and over again, and trying to schedule your shopping trip around nap times can seem impossible. Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to shopping for the perfect review winner. Here's what you need to know.

Internet shopping

If you're worried about the details of bringing your children with you to multiple stores, Internet shopping could be a reasonable solution. This method of shopping enables you to look for the perfect stroller while you're at home, at the park, or even at the library. You can simply shop online using your phone in order to select the perfect review winner for your family.

When you shop online, you'll typically receive free or discounted shipping. This is fantastic. It means you aren't going to have to stress about finding the perfect delivery service in order to receive your product. You aren't going to have to try to fit a huge boxed product into your car. You aren't going to have to do anything except sit back and enjoy the wait for your new unit.

Retail shopping

For some parents, the idea of Internet shopping isn't exactly fun. Some adults like the feeling of being able to physically go to a store and try out different models before making a purchase. There's no doubt that this is a benefit of shopping at a retail store. You can touch the fabric, push the stroller, and even place your children in it to make sure you find a model you're all comfortable with.

The downside to shopping at a retail store is that you can't guarantee they have your chosen unit in stock. If you want something particular, there's a chance you'll arrive at the store, only to discover they no longer have the stroller you've been looking at. This can be frustrating for anyone.

Making the best choice

Choose the shopping method that works best for your family. Don't be afraid to try something new and order online, even if you never have before. Ordering your double jogger online can be a fun, relaxing experience. You can wait until the kids are in bed, grab your favorite snack, and enjoy a relaxing experience looking for the perfect review winner.

No matter what method of shopping you choose to utilize, make sure you consider the manufacturer's warranty options before you make your purchase. Did you know that most double jogging stroller manufacturers offer some sort of warranty? A warranty doesn't always offer full coverage, but it offers an appropriate amount of protection should something go wrong with your jogger. For example, if a wheel breaks prematurely or you struggle with your brakes, the company can assist you in replacing or repairing part of your stroller. In addition to the warranty offered by the brand itself, make sure you ask about retail store extended warranties. Most retail outlets do offer some sort of extended care plan that can offer you further coverage and protection.

Interesting facts & advice

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging StrollerThese models come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. No matter what your budget is, it's possible to find an incredible jogger that works for you and your children. Each model is designed to provide optimum comfort for both the person pushing the stroller and the people riding in it.

When you're ready to use your unit for the first time, make sure you practice putting your children in the stroller. You need to get comfortable buckling and unbuckling them before you go out, but it's also important for them to start feeling comfortable sitting in the stroller. If your children have never been in a double jogging stroller that has a harness before, they might feel a bit nervous at first. Giving them a chance to see what the fuss is about before you actually go out is a beneficial way to introduce them to the idea.

Utilizing a double jogging stroller provides you with many benefits and opportunities you might not have otherwise experienced. Not only will you be able to go on lengthy jogs and runs with your kids, but you'll be able to take them to farmer's markets and on trips.

Many parents worry that bringing their children out in public will be a challenge, especially if they have toddlers. Utilizing a stroller ensures you're able to keep your children safely in one place at all times. It also means they'll be comfortable while you're out.

The history of the stroller

Versions of the stroller have been used throughout history. Many historical paintings and books feature carriages or buggies used to push children around. Today's modern double jogging stroller, however, is a fairly recent invention that was designed to ensure parents can comfortably jog and run with their children in tow. Because traditional strollers feature four wheels, they can be challenging to push on different terrains. This is why Phil Baechler developed the modern jogger in 1984. He wanted to spend more time with his small son but found that pushing a stroller on his runs was nearly impossible. A modern jogger enabled him to spend time with his little one in a simple, easy way.

Figures, data, and facts about double joggers

Facts About Double Jogging StrollerMany parents choose to utilize double jogging strollers for a number of reasons. They want to be busy and active without having to leave their children with a babysitter or family member. They want to explore the world. They even want to enjoy exercising with their kids. Double units come with a number of features that appeal to parents across the globe.

First off, these models are designed for children as young as three to six months. If you purchase a car seat compatibility kit, younger children can use the jogger, as well. Because such young children can comfortably use the stroller, parents aren't limited to taking out their small kids. They can stay busy and active.

These models are also designed with two separate weight limits for the chairs. Although joggers tend to be incredibly lightweight unit themselves, they can support up to 50 pounds of weight per chair. This means that each child you push in the stroller can weigh up to 50 pounds without causing any trouble to the stability or integrity of the frame.

Finally, these models are designed to fit compactly in your car or vehicle. Although a double jogging stroller provides a lot of durability and ease of movement, they're also quite travel-friendly and are designed to be used in a variety of situations. If you want to drive to a park and go for a jog with your kids, this style of stroller enables you to do that quickly and easily.

The most important thing to remember when you begin shopping for a double jogging stroller like this is to choose a review winner that works with your lifestyle. If you're limited on trunk space, an inline stroller could be the right choice. If you want something wide that enables your kids to sit next to one another, a traditional double could be just what you need.

Fix your double stroller in three easy steps

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double jogging StrollerIf you're a busy parent or caregiver who has noticed some problems with your jogger, don't worry! You aren't alone. It's easy to fix your double jogging stroller with these simple steps.

Identify the source of the problem

Are your tires squeaking? Is your child's seat not reclining? Is the stroller jammed open? The first step in discovering how to fix your stroller is to directly identify the source of the problem. For example, if you can't get your stroller to brake properly, try to determine whether it's the brake line, the handlebar, or the foot brakes that are causing you trouble. Then you'll be able to move forward.

Follow the troubleshooting guide in your owner's manual

The most important thing to do once you identify the source of the issue is to refer to the manufacturer's user guide that came with your stroller. As an alternative, you can also check the manufacturer's website directly. This will give you a sense of how the company who created the jogger wants you to respond. Remember that it's important to treat your stroller exactly as it was designed to be treated. This means following the recommended guidelines when it comes to repairing your stroller.

Reach out for assistance

When you're ready to get the help you need, it's time to reach out to the manufacturer for assistance in repairing your double jogging stroller. If you just can't figure out how to repair the unit yourself, don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Did you know that many products come with warranties?

Contact the manufacturer of your stroller to find out if your particular unit is protected by a limited warranty. You might be able to get a replacement piece or even a replacement stroller if the double jogging stroller is protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

If something does break or become difficult to use on your double jogging stroller, don't panic! These models are designed to withstand heavy use, so it's completely possible to fix your stroller without any trouble at all. Stay calm, collected, and in control as you work to repair your stroller. Once it's fixed, you'll be ready to start having adventures with your children once more.

10 tips for care

jogging stroller caring tipsSo you're going to invest in a double jogging stroller. Congratulations! This is an incredible investment and a valuable product you and your kids are going to absolutely adore. When you choose to purchase a stroller you can use with both of your kids, you prepare yourselves to have incredible adventures as a family. Before you get started using your stroller, however, it's important that you consider how to best care for this important device.

Proper care and cleaning ensure your stroller lasts for years to come. Don't make the mistake of thinking your double jogging stroller is invincible. Instead, take the precautions you need to in order to ensure your stroller stays in pristine condition even with kids. Cleaning, washing, and repairing your stroller, as well as proper storage, can help ensure your unit lasts for many years. Here's what you need to know.

Clean after each use

You're a busy parent. It's understandable that you might not want to clean up your double jogging stroller after a long jog or a day at the market. Unfortunately, you need to. If your child spilled milk or spit up on the stroller, you need to get these stains out as quickly as possible. Consider keeping a packet of wet wipes in your purse for easy cleaning after you use your stroller. This will ensure that stains don't set and that your stroller doesn't develop a funky smell. While nobody wants to spend all of their time cleanings, this is one of the simplest ways you can protect the integrity of your stroller.

Store appropriately

Each time you use your stroller, you need to store it properly. You might be tempted to leave your double jogging stroller sitting on the porch or next to your car, but leaving your stroller outside exposes it to the elements and can damage it. Problems like rust and mold growth occur when a stroller is left outside for too long. You can avoid these problems for your review winner when you simply place it indoors after use. Your stroller folds easily, so there's no reason you can't simply place it in your trunk, your hall closet, or your garage after use.

Replace wheels as necessary

The tires on your double jogging stroller are designed to withstand heavy use, but that doesn't mean they're invincible. It's possible for double jogger wheels to break down or become damaged. If this happens, make sure you get them fixed as quickly as possible so you can get back in the game.

There's no reason you need to sit out a fun, exciting summer just because you don't want to replace the tires on your stroller. Instead, you can get right back to having fun with your friends when you quickly repair your jogger.

Follow the suggested weight guidelines

So your child just hit 50 pounds and is still growing. You might feel tempted to place them in the stroller, but it's important that you don't. Always follow the manufacturer's suggested guidelines when it comes to the weight of your children using the stroller. This is for their own safety. Each seat is designed to hold a specific amount of weight.

Putting a heavier child in your double jogging stroller can damage the seats, cause the back of the chair to break, cause harm to the seat belt, and even cause the stroller to pull unevenly to one side. This can lead to you accidentally crashing the stroller while you're using it. For the best possible experience using this style of stroller, make sure you follow the guidelines completely.

Learn how to use the swivel lock

There are two styles of the front wheel when it comes to your review winner stroller. Your front tire may swivel or it may be fixed in place. If you have a swivel unit, make sure you learn how to lock it so you can jog properly. While a swivel wheel makes walking at a leisurely pace an enjoyable experience, it's vital that you lock the front wheel before you start running or jogging. This is because a locked tire ensures you run in a straight line without accidentally veering off to one side. This provides safety for both you and your children. Typically, a swivel lock will appear just beside the front tire, so check yourself or refer to your owner's manual for an easy way to locate the lock.

Check for tears

No one wants to think about the possibility of their stroller fabric tearing, but with heavy use, this can sometimes happen. Always check your stroller on a regular basis for tears or damage to the fabric. If your child happens to tear the fabric with a toy or you have a pet who got a little too excited when they saw your stroller for the first time, you'll need to repair the fabric quickly.

Repairing any tears or problems with the seating cushion or fabric of the stroller helps prevent further tearing and damage that may be harder to fix. It also ensures your children enjoy a safe, comfortable ride when you're pushing the review winner double jogging stroller.

Use a proper cover

Did you know that you can go jogging even if it's raining? That's right! There's no limit to what kind of weather you can go jogging in, but you do need to take safety precautions and use a proper cover if you choose to jog in the rain. You can purchase a rain cover from any retail store that sells strollers or you can visit the manufacturer's website to learn more. A rain cover offers protection to both your stroller and your children should you choose to jog when the weather is a bit finicky.

Install accessories correctly

When you purchase a double jogging stroller, you'll have an opportunity to purchase a variety of accessories for use. You might want to purchase a new basket for beneath your jogger, a cup holder, a snack tray, or something else entirely. Make sure you install each of these correctly. If you choose to install a cup holder, for example, make sure it's sturdy and can bear the weight of your drink. It's best to check these things before you start jogging. This ensures you won't encounter problems once you're out on the road.

Remove basket items before folding

Graco Graco UNO2DUO Double jogging Stroller, Double, Hayden

When you're finished jogging, you need to fold up your double jogging stroller. Unfortunately, you're probably going to be feeling pretty tired. You might even think that just this once, you aren't going to remove your basket items, but you need to. It's very important that you remove all basket items before you fold your stroller. Failure to do so can cause damage to your stroller, as well as to your possessions. You'll also discover that when you don't remove all of your belongings from the double jogging stroller, folding the unit up becomes very difficult, if not impossible.


Adjust seats as needed

Your two child seats can be adjusted for each child's preferences. If you have a little one who wants to nap while you jog, you can recline their seat. If your child wants to sit up and stare at the world around them, they can sit up. Make sure you adjust the seats as needed for the safety and comfort of your children. Furthermore, note that you will need to have both of your seats in the upright position before you fold up the double jogging stroller.

If you try to fold the stroller with the seats reclined, the unit simply won't fold. This can cause unneeded stress to you and your kids, so make sure you follow the recommended guidelines for seat usage when you're utilizing your stroller.

Remember that proper care and cleaning of your double jogging stroller can extend its lifespan. It's possible to use the same stroller throughout the childhoods of each of your children, but you have to take care of it properly. With a bit of planning and a little bit of preparation, it's possible to take great care of your stroller. This will help you maintain the integrity of the seats, keep your brakes in great shape, and even ensure you don't encounter mold or rust problems on your unit.

Useful accessories

Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-In-1 Modular Travel SystemFinding the perfect unit isn't always easy, but it's possible to select a double jogging stroller that your children love. Once you've chosen the model you want, it's time to accessorize! No jogging unit is complete without a selection of fantastic accessories designed to simplify your usage and make exercising better than you've ever thought possible.

The right accessories can help you to have a positive experience jogging, walking, or running with your stroller. Whether you want to use it to run marathons, exercise in your neighborhood, or even spend a day walking through museums without worrying about your little ones running off, finding accessories for your unit is important. Here's what you need to know.

Rain covers

Rain covers are an incredibly useful accessory. There's little installation required. You can simply place this over your stroller and snap it into place. The rain cover will protect both your children and your stroller from exposure to the elements while you're on a jog. A rain cover ensures your kids stay warm, comfortable, and dry while you're running. When you're done using the rain cover, it folds up easily.

If the sun comes out while you're still jogging, you can remove the cover, fold it up, and place it in the basket beneath your stroller. Similarly, if you want to bring it along just in case the weather turns sour, it's small enough that you can do this easily.

Cup holders

Jogging is a fantastic method of exercising, but it's important to stay hydrated while you're on-the-go. Did you know that you can install a cup holder for your jogger? This ensures you're able to drink water while you run. Additionally, if you want to place your child's bottle in the holder for easy access, you can do this. Many strollers do come with pre-installed cup holders, but if yours doesn't, consider adding one of these valuable accessories.

Snack trays

If your child is a normal toddler, chances are they get hungry frequently. Did you know you can install a snack tray on your stroller? A snack tray sits in front of your children and enables them to munch on their favorite treats while you're jogging. Whether they want cereal or fruit, you can simply place the snack on the tray and know that your child is eating comfortably while you get a great workout.

Under baskets

If your unit doesn't have a basket, you need to get one. An under basket ensures you're able to bring your diaper bag and other necessary accessories with you while you jog or walk. A basket means you can bring along all of those important items you need for your children without stressing about carrying a diaper bag or backpack on your jog.

Conversion kits

If you have an infant who still rides in a baby carrier car seat, it's important to consider a conversion kit. This enables you to place your child's baby car seat inside the stroller while you use it. Your toddler will be able to continue riding comfortably while you'll be able to rest assured that your infant is as safe as possible during the ride.

Remember that no two families are completely alike, which is why installing your own chosen accessories is a fantastic way to personalize your stroller. Take full control over your lifestyle activities by choosing the accessories you want to make your experience with your review winner great.

FAQ: 10 common questions about these strollers

Although you've been considering a new review winner stroller, you might still have some questions. That's okay! It's perfectly normal to have questions about such an incredible piece of parenting equipment. If you're still wondering which baby jogger is right for you, check out these common questions and answers.

How do I fold a double jogging stroller?

How do I fold a double jogging stroller?

Your stroller contains buttons on either side of the stroller. When you're ready to fold your unit, make sure the stroller is free from personal items and children. Then you'll place your hands on either side of the stroller, push the buttons in, and the unit will fold in half. Make sure you use the safety snap once the unit folded for extra security and safety.

Which double jogging stroller fits through doors?

Which double jogging stroller fits through doors?

If you're concerned about choosing a narrow jogging stroller that can fit through doors, you aren't alone! Many parents want a unit that fits where they do. Look for a stroller that is less than 36 inches in width. This will enable you to get where you want to go.

Which double jogging stroller is the best?

Which double jogging stroller is the best?

Consider what you're going to be doing with your stroller, what accessories you want, and how big of a stroller you need. This will help you to determine which unit works best for your family.

Which double jogging stroller is not side by side?

Which double jogging stroller is not side by side?

This style of stroller is called an inline jogging stroller. It is designed for children to sit one in front of the other. Phil & Ted makes this style of the stroller for parents who want something narrow, but that can still carry two children.

Which double jogging stroller is for infants and toddlers?

Which double jogging stroller is for infants and toddlers?

All double jogging strollers can be used for children up to 50 pounds each. Many strollers also enable you to convert one seat to be used for a car seat, meaning that children under six months can also ride in the stroller in their own car seat.

Which double jogging stroller is best for running?

Which double jogging stroller is best for running?

If you plan to run with your stroller, look for a unit with a fixed front wheel. This means your front wheel will stay straight and sturdy during your activities.

Which double jogging stroller is for an infant car seat?

Which double jogging stroller is for an infant car seat?

Most double jogging units have the option to convert them to handle a car seat. Check with the manufacturer to request a car seat installation kit to help you on your journey.

Which double jogging stroller is for a six-year-old?

Which double jogging stroller is for a six-year-old?

It's important to follow the weight guidelines of the stroller. If you have a petite six-year-old who weighs less than 50 pounds, they may be able to fit comfortably in certain models. Make sure you test the stroller before you take it out. You don't want the weight to be unevenly distributed between your two children.

Can I use a double jogging stroller and car seat?

Can I use a double jogging stroller and car seat?

It's possible to place your child's car seat on some double joggers. These may require an installation kit, but once you have everything set up, there's no reason you can't go jogging with your infant.

Can I find a double jogging stroller in orange?

Can I find a double jogging stroller in orange?

Yes! Double jogging strollers are available in a wide range of colors and designs. If you're looking for something in a specific color, check with your local retail store or the manufacturer of the brand you're looking for to find the color you want.

What's the best double jogging stroller comparison?

What's the best double jogging stroller comparison?

Consider whether you want a side-by-side double or an inline double. Once you make this decision, shopping for the best stroller becomes a breeze.

Alternatives to the double jogging stroller

If you've been considering all of your options and you feel like a double jogging stroller just isn't for you, don't stress. There are many options available for parents who don't want to invest in a double unit or who feel it won't work for their children. Before you start to stress, take a look at these alternatives to see if you can find something that works for you.

Baby wrap

Did you know you can consider wearing your baby in a crib, wrap, or backpack carrier? If you want to walk with your child, but don't want a double unit, you can carry one child on your person. Note that this won't work if you have multiple children unless one is comfortable walking on their own. If you have just one child, however, and want them to be close to you, a wrap provides safety and comfort for an infant or toddler.

Single jogger

If you have one child who is simply too big for a double stroller, consider getting a single jogger. Your older child may be able to walk with you while you push your younger child in the jogger. A single jogger is fantastic for anyone who wants to go out with just one child and who wants a narrow, easy-to-use unit.


Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, Teal/GrayIf you want an easy way to bring your children to the park, you can consider utilizing a wagon. Both of your children can fit easily into a wagon. Then you can pull it. Wagons are ideal for short distances and walk to the park where you might not want to load everyone into a stroller.

Bike trailer

If you enjoy riding bikes, you might want to consider buying a bike trailer. This enables you to pull your children behind you while you ride your bike. Many bike trailers can easily be converted to enable you to push them and your children while you're on a run or jog.

Remember that no matter which review winner double jogging stroller or alternative product you choose, it's important to select something that feels right for you and your family. This will help you to connect with one another and enjoy spending time in your neighborhood in a fun, relaxing way.

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