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Best Child Seat 2019 • 0 Child Seats Reviews

How does a child seat work?

The child seat actually works quite simply. There is a locking system which connects the child seat to the vehicle. The technique used to perform this procedure is called Isofix.

With this method, child seats are firmly connected to the vehicle so that the seat has an optimal hold. This is important so that the child seat can also secure the child optimally. So-called Isofix pliers are attached to the vehicle's brackets. Today, the brackets are installed as standard in the vehicle, so that many vehicles have this system.

With this mounting system, you must make sure that the child seat is fully attached to the device. If the seat is mounted correctly, it cannot be turned or tilted. If this is the case, it is best to start the fixing procedure again from the beginning.

However, there are other child seats that are attached only to the three-point belt of the vehicle. These child seats are used when the seat cannot be mounted according to the Isofix system.

Once the seat is firmly attached to the vehicle, you can attach the child to it. Many child seats use the five-point belt for this purpose. This secures the child at 5 points so that the child is also firmly attached to the seat. If an accident occurs, the child seat largely reduces the injury risk.

Child seats for newborns and babies are usually referred to as baby cups. These are also connected to the body. These shells have the advantage that they are mobile. If, for example, you meet up with friends, you can transport the baby in the infant carrier without the need for a pram.

There are also systems that can be connected to a stroller so you have a multifunctional utility item that makes life easier with the baby or toddler.

Child seats group 0 – suitable for which vehicles?

When we talk about the most important item you will ever buy for your newborn, we can only mean the car seat. An approved child seat can save your child's life and therefore you should not save at the wrong end of the case.

Britax Römer Autositz DUALFIX, Gruppe 0+What is the use of a Child seat if it is not used correctly in the vehicle or if the wrong model is used? Tests from the past show time and again that children are not properly secured in the vehicle. This can have devastating consequences.

Parents are usually supported in the front rows of seats by airbags, headrests and the belt as a safety feature when needed. For newborns and children, on the other hand, survival mostly depends on a correctly installed and used child seat.

The first trip with the offspring is in most cases the way home from the hospital. Child seats are available in various designs and for every age, there is also a suitable Child seat.

For newborns the infant carriers or the child seats of the group 0 are intended. These special transit possibilities for the vehicle, you acquire in the ideal case in a specialized trade.

The child seats of the group 0 are suitable up to a body weight of 13 kilograms. Does the question arise for the parents whether the child seate of group 0 or the baby seats also fit into the vehicle?

Fitting group 0 child seats into each vehicle?

The baby car seats can actually be fitted properly in any vehicle. However, it is important that the child seats of group 0 are mounted on the passenger seat and in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. This also prevents parents from placing the baby too early in another Child seat.

Another very important point is the airbag. If babies in the vehicle ride in the front passenger seat with a Child seat of group 0, the airbag on the front passenger side must be switched off.

In the event of an accident, the force of the airbag would cause serious injuries to the child or it could end much worse. In most cases, the airbag is switched off in the lower part of the dashboard (often also marked in colour). If you cannot find the switch for deactivation, take a look at the manual of the respective vehicle or visit a branch office of the vehicle manufacturer.

Safety 1st 8015764000 Sweet Safe, safe child car seat TestAll vehicles today have a passenger airbag, which can also be switched off. However, make sure that the airbag is activated again if the newborn does not sit in the front passenger seat. Due to the ever increasing safety equipment of vehicles, many vehicle models have a side airbag. This cannot be deactivated on a vehicle.

This fact represents a high safety risk during transport of the baby seat on the passenger seat. Experts and automobile clubs advise in such cases to mount the baby seat in the rear seats (also against the direction of travel). In many cases, however, it is not particularly pleasant for parents if they do not have the newborn in their field of vision during the journey.

However, safety is the key and you should not take any risks when it comes to your child's health. Many vehicles today already have special belt systems for child seats (ISOFIX). If the child seat is connected to this system, the highest possible safety is ensured. This system is already standard today. If you own an older generation vehicle, you may have to do without ISOFIX.

Baby shell – child seats can be mounted in any vehicle

The question of whether baby car seats can be mounted and professionally accommodated in every vehicle is therefore also clarified. Child seats find their place in every vehicle. However, you should always pay attention to quality when buying. Saving money on this purchase would certainly be the wrong decision.

In recent years, the well-known manufacturers have continuously developed the child seats of the various classes and the test reports also prove that the child seats or the baby seats today offer a very high level of protection.

In addition to the age of the child, height and weight are much more important and must therefore be considered when buying a child seat .

There are two prescriptions that you should strictly adhere to:

  • The i-size standard depends on the body size
  • The ECE R44=4 depends on the weight

Osann Children's car seat Cosmo SP Ferrari Gran Tourismo black carbonNewborns often look very lost and tiny in a baby seat. In such cases, parents should choose a model with a seat shell reducer. Thus the lateral clearance can be compensated very well. Nevertheless, the seat shells offer very good protection for the head and neck area in an emergency.

So that you do not make a wrong purchase, experts recommend buying the Child seat in a specialist shop before birth and trying it out in the vehicle. Maxi-Cosi and Römer are among the best known and best manufacturers of baby seats.

The two suppliers offer different models of group 0. Transporting a newborn in another child seat is not permitted by law and in addition these child seats also do not offer the necessary protection. Group 0 infant carriers have been specially developed for newborns.


Child seats of group 0 can in principle be mounted correctly in any vehicle. The correct use is an important point, because an incorrectly mounted child seat does not provide the necessary protection. It is important that baby car seats are used in the vehicle against the direction of travel, the airbag on the front passenger seat is deactivated. If you have further questions on this subject, you will find useful advice on the Internet.

For a personal consultation, contact a specialist shop for Child seats and baby seats. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the quality and that the legally prescribed safety regulations of the manufacturers are observed.

The special features of the group 0 child seat

When it comes to the transport of a newborn in a vehicle, safety naturally has top priority. With a child seat of the group 0, you have almost no worries or thoughts to worry about with a professional installation in the car.

Safety 1st 8015764000 Sweet Safe, sicherer KinderautositzThe special features of this Child seat group are clear and obvious, because the baby car seats are manufactured by the manufacturers specifically and according to strict guidelines and specifications to the needs of babies and newborns. For this purpose, numerous tests have been carried out in recent years and the Child seate has been continuously further developed. Today they offer a very high and good safety standard.

The seat shells are therefore perfectly adapted to the baby and provide protection in the event of an emergency. Numerous models also feature ISOFIX, which has performed very well in various tests. You can't avoid purchasing a child seat anyway, because they are prescribed by law.

The peculiarities lie in the fact that, as mentioned above, they are specially tailored to the body size and weight of the babies. It is only important that the infant carrier is mounted on the front passenger seat in the opposite direction to the direction of travel. For parents, this species has the clear advantage that they always have the newborn in their field of vision and can easily reach it. Thus the new generation drives along safely in the vehicle.

Baby shells and child seats of group 0 very often also have some important functions and features:

  • removable cushions
  • practical carrying handle
  • safe belt system for the newborn
  • side fuses
  • Bags for storage

The demands and requirements on a child seat of group 0 are very high and in independent tests, could actually convince all models positively. If you want to buy a Child seat you should have a look at the reviews and test results on the internet. Here you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of each model. When it comes to the safety of your offspring, you shouldn't take any risks and should rather control the models closely.

Although the manufacturers pay more attention to easy handling, not every model will convince you when it comes to use. Of course this has no effect on safety, but in the end the Child seat of group 0 should also be easy and comfortable to handle.

Britax Römer Autositz FIRST CLASS PLUS, Gruppe 0+Not all Child seats are recommended. Tests indicate both negative and positive aspects very well. Do you prefer a baby seat with very good padding or would you like to have another special feature? Get a first rough overview of the different versions with the test reports.

Which special features the baby cups still offer and what you should pay attention to when buying, you can of course also find out in specialist shops. If you do not want to compromise on quality and safety, you should choose well-known brand manufacturers such as Maxi Cosi or Römer. Although they are usually a little more expensive to purchase, they also offer the best quality.

In addition to safety, the appearance is of course also an important point again and again. Baby seats and child seats must not only offer the highest level of safety, they must also be visually convincing. The manufacturers have recognised this fact a long time ago and therefore pay attention to trendy colours and trendy patterns. Thus these requirements can also be very well served and covered by parents. Of course, there are also child seats in group 0 that are specially produced for boys or girls (external appearance).


It can thus be said that the child seats in group 0 best meet the high demands and needs of the parents. The special features of these Child seats are clearly in the area of safety for newborns. If you are strapped in the vehicle against the direction of travel, these models offer a very high safety standard.

Not only the topic security is to be addressed at this point, also the many additional functions and features should not be forgotten. Be it the useful carrying handle or bags to store small items. With the baby carriers the regulations of the legislator are all fulfilled and in some cases even surpassed.

Before you buy, take a look at the individual test reports and use them to decide which Child seat of group 0 offer the best functions and features in your case. Special features, such as safe protection, are actually fulfilled by all models.

The baby seats and car seats of the manufacturers Römer and Maxi Cosi are especially recommendable. For many years now, the model versions of these well-known manufacturers have been convincing with their quality and performance. Slightly higher acquisition costs should not discourage you, because in case of emergency the life of your child is at stake.

The correct mounting of the child seat

A Child seat only offers safety if it is well fastened. The belt should be long enough and, if possible, you should use the ISOFIX bracket in the vehicle. These are considered to be particularly safe and prove to be very good again and again in tests. ISOFIX provides very reliable protection, especially in the event of a frontal impact. These belt systems are firmly attached to the vehicle body and can be found in all vehicles built from 2014 onwards.

Baby flower - Child car seat - CALLA - Group 0+ and 1 - from birth to 4 yearsIf you buy an inferior Child seat, however, even the ISOFIX belt system does not guarantee safety. When purchase the child seat pay attention therefore completely exactly to good quality. If the quality is not right, the child may be seriously injured. So the complete construct must be right. From the belt system to the Child seat, only if you pay attention to quality can you feel safe.

If you opt for a Universal Child seat , the seat is fastened with the Three-point seat belt system . The advantage is that vehicles since 1970 contain a belt and can therefore be child seats safely accommodated in any car.

However, fastening can also sometimes be a major challenge. Especially if it is a rather small vehicle. Due to lack of space, it is not always so easy to fix the Child seat quickly and properly. However, you should not throw away your nerves and take the necessary time. Even if you only travel short distances with the vehicle, the child should always be strapped into the vehicle with a child seat. In addition, of course, this is also required by law. Not only do you endanger the health and life of your child if you ignore them, you also risk a high fine from the executive.

The manufacturers of child seats have very well developed the models in recent years and pay attention to a comfortable and simple feel. They also want to ensure that parents do not do without the right attachment of child seats even when driving shorter distances with the vehicle. You don't even have to be involved in an accident. It is sufficient that you abruptly brake and if the Child seat is not attached, this can also lead to very serious injuries to the child.

The fixing of child seats is very similar from model to model. If you are still not sure, you will find the information you need in the operating instructions included in the scope of delivery. There are also on the Internet very good videos and instructions for the correct attachment of each Child seate. Fastening is critical to safety and even the most advanced and best Child seat is useless if it fails to fasten properly in the vehicle.


The fixing of a child seat is therefore very simple and actually similar for every model. However, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Only Child seats that are properly secured and installed offer the desired protection.

New vehicles already have ISOFIX systems by default, which perform very well in the tests. Should you require information on this topic, it is always worth taking a look at the many test reports on the Internet. Here you can also see which Child seats offer the best and most reliable protection.

How safe is the child seat of the group 0?

The Child seat of the group 0 has first and foremost of course only one sense and purpose, it should provide for the safety of the child. Nowadays, manufacturers have to comply with very strict requirements and regulations for the manufacture of child seats .

Of course, these are also very strictly checked and monitored. In various tests, the safety of child seats of group 0 is checked again and again. When installed correctly in the vehicle, the Child seats offer a very high protection factor. In addition, however, the child seats from well-known manufacturers are far better than the low-cost model versions.

However, it should also be said at this point that children in a vehicle up to the age of 14 years or less than 150 cm may only take a seat in a vehicle if special restraint systems are also provided. Behind restraint systems are hidden the child seats or later also the seat boosts.

Child seats are often regarded by parents as “Storage aid” for the offspring, which is also required and regulated by law. Therefore the purchase usually goes fast and is ill-considered. If the price and the design are right, no further thought will be given to it. You should be aware, however, that in an accident very high and enormous forces are released, which can cause considerable damage to all occupants of a passenger car.

Babyflower - Child car seat - CALLA - Group 0+ and 1 - from birth to 4 years TestEvery child should therefore be well and safely protected. In an accident at 50 km/h, passengers in a vehicle are exposed to 30 times their body weight within one tenth of a second. It is only possible to survive such an accident unscathed if the existing and offered safety systems are used appropriately. In the first row of seats, vehicle occupants have a belt and usually also an airbag in the front and side areas.

In children, however, survival depends only on a single safety precaution: the child seat. It is precisely for this reason that manufacturers such as Römer or Maxi Cosi have been involved in the development of child seats for several years.

This experience is also very noticeable when it comes to quality. In a test it was determined that children in a high-quality child seat survive many accidents undamaged. However, if the quality is not right or the Child seat has not been strapped properly, it may have a bad ending.

When it comes to safe baby transport in the vehicle, child seats in group 0 are ideally suited. These are permitted up to a body weight of 13 kilograms. If the child seats are mounted in the opposite direction to the direction of travel, which is also regulated by law, they protect the baby's head and back very well. There are also some combination products that can be used up to a body weight of 18 kilograms.

Errors that endanger the safety

  • A wrong belt run can have fatal consequences. In the event of an accident, the infant carrier could tip out of its anchorage and thus endanger the child's life.
  • The direction of travel is also a very important point. The baby seat must never be fastened in the direction of travel or only with the lap belt.
  • Shoulder straps that are too loose can also have worrying consequences in the event of an accident. Even if it may be uncomfortable, the shoulder straps must fit tightly against the body.
  • Another mistake that can jeopardize the baby's safety is when there is a thick winter jacket between the belt and the child in winter. It should also be noted that child seats that are positioned too flat can bring certain risks.
  • For newborns, special cushions provide additional safety. These cushions support the pelvis and the seat reducer stabilizes the head.
  • A baby seat is definitely a good investment, because modern models are flexible in their field of application. Parents at home also like to use them as seesaws. However, you should take care that too intensive use restricts the child's freedom of movement and is therefore not always recommended.

Tests by experts and automobile clubs have shown that when used correctly, the child seats in group 0 have a very high safety standard. It depends of course again and again on the respective model. Not all Child seats are good.

Therefore, make sure that the workmanship is of high quality and that there is not too much space between the baby and the infant carrier. Of course, there is also an appealing solution for such situations.

In general, however, it can be said that the child seats in group 0 can save the babies' lives in an emergency. Parents should therefore be on the lookout for modern and high-quality child seats. Invest one or the other Euro more in a Child seat.


In summary, it can be said that the legal requirement of child seats has its meaning and purpose. With a high-quality child seat babies are very well protected in an accident. If the airbag is switched off during transport at the front passenger seat and the group 0 child seat is used correctly, you can transport your newborn baby with a clear conscience. In case of an accident, the baby would be very well and reliably protected.

Just take a look at the many test reports on the Internet and convince yourself. If necessary, you can of course also get advice from professionals and experts in the specialist trade. Which standards the child seats must have are regulated by law and the manufacturers adhere to these specifications.

With the models from Römer or Maxi Cosi you will certainly not make a wrong purchase. When it comes to the safety of your child in the vehicle, you should never save money and buy an inferior product.

Legal regulations

Fixing Cybex Gold Aton 3S Black River Child Seat 0+A lot has changed in the last 30 years with regard to child seats. The legislator has established a separate regulation for the carriage of children. Children up to a height up to 150 cm may only ride with a suitable child seat. This regulation is based on body size and is independent of the age of the child. In most cases, however, the children have reached their height by the age of 12.

For smaller children there are bucket seats and for older children there is a seat booster. The raised seat ensures that the 3 points safety belt is fastened in the same way as for an adult and secures the child accordingly.

A feature of seat boosters is the embossed belt hook, which must absolutely be attached. If this is missing, severe abdominal injuries can occur due to the high-sliding lap belt.

Therefore, with child seats of this type, make sure that this characteristic is absolutely recognisable from the child seat. Seat boosters on which backrests are located are safer than simple seat boosters. These back supports result in a better shoulder strap guidance. The head support is also better suited with a back support.

The legislator has also decided that a child who has the height of 150 cm does not need a seat booster if the belt is properly fastened. This regulation also applies if the child has not yet reached 12 years of age.

Since the year 2008 old child seats are banned by the legislator, because there is no longer sufficient safety offered. However, if these child seats are provided with the test standard ECE R 44/03 or ECE R 44/04, older child seats may still be used.

You will find the check number on the side of the child seat. The test number under the E must begin with 03 or 04. Child seats that are over 13 years old usually begin with the number 01 or 02. These no longer meet today's safety standards and may therefore no longer be used.

If you are checked with such a child seat, there are horrende penalties and the child is no longer allowed to ride. By the way, this law applies EU far, which must also be observed when travelling abroad. Since 2009, regulations also apply to the sale of child seats. In the trade only child seats may be sold, which are provided with the test standard ECR R 44/04. However, there is no clear ban on the sale of child seats with the test standard ECR R 44/03.

What types of child seats are there?

When the offspring announce themselves, many questions arise. If you also have a car, you will need a suitable seat for the baby. There's plenty of them in the shops. Especially as new parents you don't know which child seat is suitable at all.

The child seats are divided into different classes. There are classes or groups 0+, 1, 2 and 3. These individual subdivisions are suitable for special weight classes.

For babies and newborns there are so-called baby carriers. These are usually suitable up to a body weight of 13 kg. The most important thing is that you pay attention to the quality when buying a child seat, because should an accident occur, inferior child seats can cause more damage than they can prevent – and that is what child seats are designed for.

Child seats are divided into four groups. The first group is called 0+ and is suitable for children up to a weight of 13 kg. As a rule, this weight amounts to an age of 15 months. However, it depends on the child and the growth of the child.

It may happen that the baby already weighs over 13 kg at 12 months of age and therefore needs a different child seat. It may also happen that children can use the 0+ model up to the age of 20 months because they have not yet reached the appropriate weight and size.

Children of a weight 9 to 18 kg fall under the group 1. In Group 2 there are child seats which are suitable for a weight between 15 and 25 kg.

The groups 0+, 1 and 2 are mounted against the direction of travel. Group 2 already has models that can be mounted in the direction of travel. The so-called Isofix assembly procedure is prescribed for this purpose.

In the class 3 there are child seats which are suitable for a body weight between 22 and 36 kg. These are child seats which are mounted in the direction of travel and may only be fastened with Isofix mounting. This is what the legislator has stipulated on the basis of the safety standard. Non-compliance may result in severe penalties.

Which seat fits for my child?

Which seat is suitable for your child depends on several factors. In order to find a suitable child seat, it is necessary that the question of the vehicle and the fixing options are clarified.

You can ask the vehicle manufacturer which child seats he recommends. The question of the vehicle may sometimes limit some of the child seat models.

Next there is the question about the weight and the height of the child. Child seats are divided into groups according to body weight. Have a look at Test portals to get an insight into which child seats and manufacturers there are.

Also on the website of the manufacturer you usually find some information about the child seat. The question of the Airbag should also be clarified. There are child seats which may only be fitted in the front if the airbag can be switched off.

Another important question is the time the child is in the child seat. Baby car seats in which the child is for several hours should be comfortable and well padded. If the child feels comfortable, you can also use the child seat for longer distances.

So that you know whether the child feels comfortable in the seat, there is no other way than to try it out. The choice of a child seat cannot be generalized, because every person, even the little ones, has different sensations and body characteristics.

test criteria: How did we test the child seats?

We have tested some of the child seats for you. First of all, we have considered dividing the child seats into the respective groups. In addition, we tested the child seats for different features, such as the seat belt, the equipment, the mounting system and also the pollutant load.

Since there are different manufacturers, the handling is also very different. We have paid special attention to whether the child seat is easy to operate. Cleaning also plays an important role. Kids can smear biscuits or chocolate. These stains do not mark the seat beautifully. High-quality fabrics can be easily cleaned with a cloth and then look like new again.

We also looked at the processing of the individual seats. After all the data and facts that we have collected, we will provide you with a small conclusion at the end of the test, in which you can see exactly how suitable the child seat is.

What functions are important in a child seat?

A child seat is first of all designed for safety while driving. This is why safety is also a top priority. What a child seat must have is a safe belt system that connects the child to the child seat.

In addition, the child seat must be well and firmly connected to the vehicle. The Isofix system is a standardized system, which is available today as standard in the vehicles. If you have an older vehicle, you must make sure that there are suitable adapters available to properly attach the child seat.

In addition, the belt should be adjustable in order to adapt it optimally to the child. Another point is the Sleep position. Kids love to sleep in the car. Many children hardly sit in the car and are already asleep. Therefore, the child seat should also have a sleeping position.

Covers that are washable are also advantageous for cleaning the child seat from time to time. For the child to survive longer journeys without problems, a back ventilation, for example, should be installed. Also pay attention to comfortable and not too soft padding.

The top 5 child seat brands:

  • Maxi Cosi
  • Recaro
  • Britax Romans
  • Qeridoo
  • Chicco
1984 the first child seat by Maxi Cosi was launched on the market. The company specializes in children's accessories such as prams, baby carriers and other practical accessories for babies and expectant parents.

So since 1984 child seats have been in the assortment of Maxi Cosi. The idea to create safe child seats came from the USA. It was a Dutchman who brought the car seat for children to Europe. At that time, Sjef van der Linden had a specialist baby shop in the Netherlands, in Helmond.

Still today there is the Headquarter of Maxi Cosi, a company which was founded when the Dutchman had a huge success with the car seats. Today the Maxi Cosi brand is very popular and is one of the most popular brands on the baby accessories market.

Recaro is also a very well known manufacturer of child seats. The company has existed for more than 100 years and looks back on a very long past. The brand has several special features.

For Recaro, innovation and design are at the top of the list. The technical highlights found in Recaro seats today are the newest technologies. Again and again one can read press reports about the manufacturer, by it again new safety improvements at the child seats made.

In addition, the child seats are always chic and fit perfectly into any vehicle. The manufacturer is also not to be fooled when it comes to quality. The fabrics, cushions and materials are very high-quality selected, so that the child is well bedded and can enjoy a safe protection. The child seats of the Recaro brand can also be seen by parents. A simple operation is a matter of course for the manufacturer.

Britax Römer is a company where the headquarters are located in Ulm. The name came about in 1978 when the both companies Britax and Römer merged. Both companies specialized in the field of child safety. Römer already existed since 1872.

Britax, on the other hand, was not founded until 1930. The merger of the two companies resulted in a huge success. In the 80s the company already expanded into the USA and other countries. Today you will find many accessories for children. These include products such as prams or car seats.

The quality of Britax Römer articles is unmistakable. New technologies and ever more advanced functions turn the products into true all-rounders. Particularly in the area of child seats, the company focuses on highest safety, which can already be seen optically on the products themselves.

Qeridoo is a company that specializes in the safety of children. In the assortment there are child seats and also bicycle trailers. The company was founded in 2006. Thus, the company is still very young on the market, but can convince the market with excellent products.

Characteristics that matter to the company are: high qualities of any products. It is also extremely important for the manufacturer that the products provide easy handling. The flexible application areas benefit all customers who purchase a product of the Qeridoo brand. In addition, there is an extremely attractive design and an optimal price/performance ratio.

However, the safety for child seats is particularly important for parents, as the company sets very high criteria for child seats. A child seat from Qeridoo meets all required safety standards and ensures that the child can always be carried comfortably and safely in the vehicle.

Chicco is also a well-known brand for children's toys, prams, child seats and everything the baby needs. The company is based in Dietzenbach and currently employs 50 people.

Chicco is present all over the world, even if it is a small company. Chicco's high-quality products can be found in many countries, but preferably in Europe.

Quality is at all times an important component, which is essential for the company. Likewise, no error may occur with regard to security. This is why the company always tests every product before it goes on sale.

Chicco is also involved in social projects, which can be viewed on the company's website. So expecting parents receive a quality product and know at the same time that buying Chicco products will help other children all over the world.

Child seats tested: How does the ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, etc. evaluate?

Again and again one reads about test studies of Stiftung Warentest and of ADAC, which tested the child seats. Of course we wanted to know how the child seats are tested by other institutions and have informed us. So that we can carry out an equally high-quality test, we were inspired by the criteria of the other institutions.

One of the most important points for us was the test for harmful substances. In the media there is always talk of toxic chemicals that are used to dye the products. The chemicals are not completely removed from the products. That's why these toxic gases get into the little ones' airways.

Some institutions even advise against purchasing special products. This point turned out to be one of the most important test criteria for Stiftung Warentest, ADAC etc.. Also important is the handling for the parents. Child seats should be easy to install. In addition, the child should be connected to the seat by means of a simple system.

Of course the upholstery also played an important role. The other facilities have therefore also taken a close look at the upholstery and tested it for comfort and quality. With a dummy accidents were staged and thus also the safety of the individual child seats was examined. Based on these details and test points, point-exact judgements are made and help the expectant parents enormously in the decision for the purchase of a child seat.

In the Internet vs. specialized trade – where do I buy my child seat best?

You have many different options to buy a child seat. There are already child seats in retail, but we would advise against purchase. The advice is simply not sufficient enough to acquire an optimal seat for the vehicle and the child.

The retail already represents an better alternative. In specialist shops you usually get very good advice and can then choose a suitable child seat. The seller, however, will be able to offer you only the child seats that he has in his assortment. You can choose from several brands and find a maximum of 10 to 15 different models. This already poses the problem. Because the selection of child seats available on the market is by far higher.

So either you walk from specialized trade to specialized trade and look around for hours for a suitable child seat or you choose the third option.

The Internet provides an overview of the many models available on the market. You have a lot of selection criteria. Test portals also give you an overview of which models have been equipped with the latest security features.

In addition, there is a overview, which child seat is available for which age and thus also in which version. While the child is sleeping next door or playing in the same room, you can comfortably look at the child seats and compare them with each other. You do not have to leave the house and can stop searching at any time to devote yourself to the child. As soon as the child lies in bed in the evening and sleeps, you can continue the search for a child seat.

The Internet offers a convenient alternative, especially for people who have little time to find a child seat. Another point is the price.

The retail trade as well as the specialized trade must hit a certain gain on the child seats and the products in general. This is the only way to keep the business going and cover running costs.

In the Internet there are much fewer running costs , since the online shop is usually operated from an office. Likewise many wage costs are omitted, since the on-line Shop does not have to adjust any salesmen. These facts are reflected in the price.

So it happens that a Online Shop can usually offer products up to 50 percent cheaper. If a high-quality child seat costs 300 euros in a specialist shop, it is quite possible that you can purchase the same product for 150 to 200 euros in an online shop.

You have to do without no safety standards, because it is one and the same product. So you can save a lot of Euros with a purchase in the Internet > without having to do without the same standard as in the specialized trade.

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