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ANOVA is the specialized dealer in the segment cooking. The goal of is to support the customer in cooking by providing the user with the best possible result through App and ANOVA. Product videos can be watched on YouTube and thus ensure lively advertising. is well known for its high quality and you also get a professional service.

ANOVA - screenshot Homepage

ANOVA – screenshot Homepage

The ANOVA Online Shop scores 48 out of 50


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  1. Security

The website is classified as safe. Shipping is largely free of charge. The delivery time is 2-3 days. The payment by PayPal is made available to the customer. You also get a 100-day money back guarantee.


8 of 10 points


  1. Usability

The ANOVA website is very clear and guides the user step by step to the product. Excellent is the simplicity of The menu is divided into the following sections: RECIPES, COMMUNITY, SUPPORT and SHOP


ANOVA - screenshot

ANOVA – screenshot


10 of 10 points


  1. Design has a clear and user-friendly design. The instructions are clear and concise and you get a very good feel for the product. The structure is absolutely focused on what the product is about. The user can also use the SHOP symbol to quickly buy the product.


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  1. Transparency offers a very good price-performance ratio. If you have any questions, there is a very good support page with many solutions and you can also contact the support by phone or mail.


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  1. Service

The customer service is available at any time to clarify any questions that may arise. In all categories the customer is guided in the best possible way through the processing up to the order. The customer is helped with all problems. The focus is not on profit, but on a happy and satisfied customer. also offers discounts on certain seasonal occasions.


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