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According to the GfK survey, 70% of consumers inform themselves on an independent consumer portal before buying a product on the Internet.

At this very point we come into play: ReviewInstitute is an independent consumer portal with the objective of simplifying the purchase decision for consumers through clear comparison tables and to support prospective customers thereby competently and objectively during the purchase process. Our aim is that every website visitor will find exactly the product that best suits his personal ideas and needs. And fast, uncomplicated and simple.

On ReviewInstitute our visitors expect a current and extensive review and service offer approximately around various product segments, detailed product reports, intuitive comparison tables as well as comprehensive advice as competent and reliable orientation assistance before the purchase.

Benefit from our innovative advertising concept and reach potential customers with immediate buying interest.

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Media Data – ReviewInstitute in figures

Media Data

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  • Competent product comparisons: Highest professional competence
  • Credible: editorially independent product reports and guidebooks
  • Attractive target group: male and female, 25-60 years, medium to high income
  • Perfect timing: Our visitors are currently informing themselves about a product category and are therefore about to make a purchase decision.
  • Opinion leaders: Our readers are multipliers


Advertising Options

Topic-specific advertising is possible both in the form of marked banner advertising and through an entry in the comparison table marked as advertising/sponsored. In this way, we ensure the greatest possible relevance to the topic while at the same time providing an optimal visitor experience.

Banner Advertisements

In the case of banner advertising – which can be designed as text or image form – we attach great importance to thematic proximity, so that there is added value for our website visitors and you as a seller can also reach potential customers with minimal wastage. For this purpose we offer different formats on ReviewInstitute:

  • Header Ad, just before the content area: 620 x 60 px
  • In-page Ad Type 1, in the content area: 620 x 60 px
  • In-page Ad Type 2, in the content area: 300 x 300 px
  • Sidebar Ad, in the sidebar area: 300 x 300 px


Ad Costs

  • from $300 per month with reference to
  • from $500 per month with reference to a shop outside of (e.g. your webshop, your Ebay offer, etc.)


Entry in the comparison table

ReviewInstitute Rating and Reviews

With the label Tipp (Sponsored), your product is declared as advertising and integrated directly into the comparison table, the heart of our consumer portal. In this way, your product achieves a similar media attention as the independently verified comparison winners or test winners.

The objective criteria and manufacturer information are also listed in the comparison table for your sponsored entry, so that the visitor can make a direct comparison between your product and the products on the market that we believe lead in this area at any time. This puts you at eye level for the customer and in direct comparison with the probably best and best-selling products on the subject.

Note:¬†An organic positioning as a comparative winner cannot be bought from us. Please have a look at “How we test” to understand our criteria.


  • from $300 per month with reference to
  • from $350 per month with reference to a shop outside of (e.g. your webshop, your Ebay offer, etc.)

All information on advertising in our comparison tables can be found here.

Your Ad Contact

Do you also want to increase your visibility? Then we look forward to working with you! All enquiries and booking requests regarding advertising and sponsoring should be directed to [email protected]

Transparency and honesty are very important not only to us, but also to our visitors. All product comparisons are neutral and independent, so it is not possible to place products within the comparison tables without a label.