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Advantages Of A Portable Garage Heater

A portable heater has one major advantage in that it is portable. In a garage, it can be moved from one place to another depending on where it's needed. As a matter of fact, portable heaters are most often used in workshops and garages but are also found in campers and industrial areas. Those of us who work on automobiles usually depend on an electrical portable garage heater rather than one that burns natural gas or propane because burning fuel creates moisture which could affect the bodywork on a car. Electric heat uses coils to heat rather than a burner.

In addition to portable electric garage heater's portability, they don't need a great deal of maintenance, The newer models now sold are priced competitively with a higher rating for efficiency as opposed to the high cost of gas. Most electric portable garage heats have an automatic shut off that instantly shuts off the unit should it be knocked off its base or tipped over. And, these heaters offer protection from poisoning carbon dioxide because there are no gas leaks to worry. They don't create emission and are for sure a green option in eco-minded houses.

Types Of Portable Garage Heaters

Types Of Portable Garage HeatersThe most popular types of portable garage heaters are the infrared radiant and forced air. They run off electricity and propane. They hardly ever are gas powered. The more expensive one to run is the electric heater, but many consider electric the safer option. Even though propane is cheaper, it requires the user to pay more attention to safety and the constant need for propane cylinders.

A heater with forced air emits volumes of warm air through elements, heating a room in no time. The infrared units apply heat radiation principles, heating ceilings, floors, walls and other objects in a garage. The heat is transferred into the air. Infrared portable heaters work best in smaller garages as they produce less warmth than forced air when placed in a larger space.

The heaviest and largest portable garage heaters are fuel grade kerosene driven which can be quite expensive. They operate in a low or high setting with heat radiating from the unit. Most do not have a thermostat to indicate the heat being generated.

Radiant heat electric garage heater looks like radiators with thermostats to control room temperature. They are much quieter than forced air, less costly than kerosene and much lighter. Radiant heaters for garages have excellent safety features including automatic shutoff.

Forced air garage portable heaters are a popular pick because they are inexpensive to operate. They heat a garage in a relatively short time and have thermostats for better control of the temperature in the room. They are light to move around, and many are used as fans during the summer months simply by turning the heating element off.

A Few Of The Best Portable Heaters

Portable Garage HeaterNow that we know a propane portable heater can work in a garage there is a model worth noting. The Dyna-Glo RMC-PA60DGD 30,000 – 60,000 BTU is a liquid propane forced air portable heater that heats as much a 1350 square feet in a garage. It works fabulously in a large garage heating the air efficiently and quickly with a powerful blower It cells for approximately $100.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU is a strong competitor in the portable radiant garage heater market heating up to 200 square feet with a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. It can be used indoors or outdoors, works instantly and has an automatic shut off. It's lightweight and sells for around $70.

The Dr. Intrared Heater Dr-988 Garage 200/240V 4800/5600W with a 6-30R takes care of a room up to 600 square feet. It sells for approximately $115 and has an adjustable thermostat, the automatic cut-off for overheating protection and a range in temperature of 45-95ºF. It works best placed on a concrete floor.

Cadet Electric Portable Garage Heater is a $250 garage heater with a fan switch, built in thermostat and mounting hardware if desired. If mounted, the unit demands a three-foot clearance from the front and a six inch back and top clearance with 12 inches from sides.

The King Portable electric garage heaters offer 13,000 BTU's and sell for $160. It can be used on the floor or mounted on the ceiling or wall. It includes a built-in thermostat cut off switch as well as a tip over switch. It heats up to 450 square feet and comes with a one year guarantee.

Review Of Portable Garage Heater Features

Many portable heaters come with mounting brackets that allow us to mount our heater on a wall or ceiling to free up surface space should our garage space be on the small side. Some also feel that a mounted portable garage heater offers more effective heating.

The built-in temperature control feature is especially useful because it's adjustable, and we can warm our garage to a temperature we prefer. Some portable garage heater has louvers that are adjustable and will aim heat in the direction of our chosen area for almost instant heat. Another plus is the cool touch feature that comes with most portable garage heater and helps to eliminate burns from occurring when the heater is on the floor or on a table. Finally, as noted above, although all portable garage heater needs some maintenance like cleaning or minor repair, they are pretty reliable.

A heater that has a self-lubricating fan, an intake air grill that keeps debris out of the unit and a unit that is durable will help keep the machine running maintenance free for a long time. General care can be carried out by wiping it with a damp cloth and vacuuming it to remove any dirt and dust that can accumulate.
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