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About Us

What Do We Do?

Launched in 2017, ReviewInstitute exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy. We are growing to be one of the largest and most comprehensive product review sites in the United States, with tens of thousands of reviews and rankings in categories that include fitness & outdoor equipment, personal care, infant care, electronics, home & garden, household appliances and more.

Our Focus

Unlike many other consumer portals, we focus entirely on digital commerce. We regularly search through the largest online shops such as Amazon and eBay for new product ranges, which we examine for our readers.

We’re a little different from other product review sites in that each one of our product groupings is displayed in an easy-to-follow format. While we may have researched dozens of products in a category, we’ll only show you the best picks because who has time to wade through hundreds of products in an industry? Our reviews are the perfect combination of product comparison, expert analysis, and industry data so you can find the right product for you.

The good news is, we’ll show you many other choices that have all been researched, reviewed and ranked as among the best.

Our Values

  • Transparency – Earning our audience’s trust is central to what we do. Especially in our regular product reports we disclose all review steps and explain exactly how the individual results came about. This enables our readers to understand the review analysis and results and form their own opinion of the products on the basis of objective facts.
  • Independence – We are not in a relationship of dependence with any manufacturer, brand or laboratory. Our competitors and award winners have earned these titles because of their outstanding product features – but never bought them. If there is a cooperation with a dealer, this will be clearly communicated via disclosures.
  • Convenience – We want to inform our readers in seconds about specific product categories and ensure that every visitor puts the perfect product for their needs in their shopping basket. Time-consuming product research and annoying return shipments should be a thing of the past for regular readers of

Why Do We Do It?

Our Mission

We are firmly convinced that in the age of the Internet there must be no more shopping errors. Because all information on all conceivable products is available in digital form. It is our daily drive to ensure that fewer consumer goods have to be returned throughout the United States. This benefits not only consumers and retailers but ultimately also our environment. As a consumer, we want to be able to help you leverage technology to achieve your goals and ambitions, whether it’s getting in shape, protecting your kids, being more productive or just having fun. To do that, your shopping experience should be less time returning products, and being more informed on the quality products that will fit your lifestyle.

Locating the Top Products without the Fuss

Our teams spend more than 5,000 hours a year, reviewing, analyzing, researching, and testing new products to provide recommendations, reviews, and guides to keep you informed.

Make Buying Decisions with a High Degree of Confidence

Find out what consumers who actually purchased the products are saying. We keep you informed by providing the best information so that you can get the best deals, data, and warnings about advantages, disadvantages and all the quality features of the product.

Discover things others don’t want you to know

From our algorithmic analysis, deep insights, and thorough review of these products, we develop product reviews, advisory guides, and comparative analysis which will uncover the truth and information you need to make your life easier in your next buying decision.

Our Team

In the product review space, a company was formed when a two-person team launched in Germany. Building on the successes overseas has now come to the shores of the United States with, leveraging a team of more than 70 freelance and permanent employees – 50 of whom are editors – who ensure the highest information quality and probably the most comprehensive product reports and analytical comparisons in the United States.

How Do We Work?

We send our Research Team out into the marketplace (i.e., the places you shop online). They participate in online forums, monitor trends, follow industry news, research digital data sets and keep an eye on new advancements in home and technology.

Our Editorial Team picks apart the data they gather to identify products and services of note. Their selections are based on a number of factors, including cost, availability, popularity, etc. Sometimes they’ll suggest a few dozen products for review; sometimes more.

Among other things, our tests gather data on features, ease of use, durability and the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer. Using a proprietary weighted system (i.e., a complicated algorithm), the data is scored and the rankings laid out, and we award the top-ranked products with our Best Deals & Review Winner award designations.

We then lay out each product grouping in a side-by-side comparison that’s unique to  Of course you can click on each product for a more in-depth look into what sets it apart from the others.

ReviewInstitute Rating and Reviews


We are proud to be owned by Ever-Growing, one of Germany’s premier & established digital media & growth publishing companies. Ever-Growing ( is the home to some of Germany’s best-known media brands in the test & product comparison space, such as Expertentesten (