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5 Ideas to Build Out a Media Center Around an Electric Fireplace

If you are someone who has felt that you needed an extra little touch in your home when it comes to making things look and feel right, then you might want to consider an electric fireplace for your home. The great thing about these particular devices is that you don't need to already have a chimney in place. If you are someone who always wanted to be able to gather around a roaring fire in the middle of the winter, but knew that your house really wasn't set up for that, then this is the kind of thing you are going to want to have in your house. There are all kinds of different setups for this device that can literally fit into any room. What kind of setup you want and what kind of decorations you want to put around it are entirely up to you.

Media Center Around an Electric FireplaceOne choice that people are going with more and more is to kind of build these mantels into the room and incorporating an entertainment center or media setup in the mix. The key is figuring out just how you want to combine two pieces of entertainment kind of decorations. People are finding that their living rooms aren't big enough to have a television and a mantel, but that isn't stopping them from finding ways to incorporate both. The good news is, we've brought you a couple of ideas of our own that will allow you to find a way to have the best of both worlds in your home at all times. Do you just want to sit around the house and watch a “fire” crackle? You'll be able to do that.

Do you want to watch the fire crackle while you have the Christmas Eve or New Year's Day Bowl Games on? You can do that as well and it's not nearly as hard as you might think.

1. Electric Fireplace in the entertainment center itself

This might be the most popular layout people are going to come up with. This basically means the entertainment center, complete with shelves for things like video game consoles and DVD players are going to be built around the mantel. As a general rule, this kind of design is going to use a model that will not actually be generating heat, since that can damage the electronic devices that surround the “fire.”

These generally have the fire sitting low on the ground and then you are able to place your television on top. It's a nice look, and give people who want to go this route a number of different places they can aim their gaze.

2. Mount the television over the fireplace wall

Electric Fireplace for TVThis setup is more for people who don't have a ton of electronic equipment to install. They might be going a route where really, all they have is a television. Perhaps they've already cut the cord and just want to be able to watch television through a WiFi connection. This setup allows for people who know how to mount a television to their wall, to do so over the mantel. This means that the mantel can even be the kind that generates heat, though you aren't going to be setting it to high even if the television is several feet over your electric fireplace.

You can have better control over where in the room it does with this setup, as you don't have a massive shelving using that has to be fit into a particular section of the area.

3. Replace a bookshelf with a electric fireplace

If you are looking for a room in your home for one of these mantels, there is always the possibility of moving a bookshelf out and putting the mantel in. You can then arrange the rest of the room however you had it. This will save space in the long run because you aren't moving everything around and trying to play a kind of Tetris game with puzzle pieces. Just know that the mantel is going to go where the bookshelf was and you'll be able to plan out the rest of your electronics accordingly.

4. Corner mounted electric fireplace and Television

If space really is an issue, then you can go with a combination that is corner mounted. There are mantels that are geared specifically for this because they understand what the purpose is. The people who use these models are looking to put in a mantel where there isn't supposed to be one. There are televisions that are similar in this regard and are specially shipped in order to do a corner mounting. This is basically the same as number 3, except instead of mounting the television flat against a wall, you're mounting it over the mantel using the corner of the room.

5. Surround sound fireplace speakers and TV

If you pull this off right, you can have your electric fireplace mantel bookended by nice big surround sound speakers. If you then mount the television on the wall over the mantel you will be able to have a real home theater setup and you will also have the peace of knowing that when you aren't watching the human race take on aliens, or ghosts haunt old mansions on your HD TV you can just settle in and watch what looks an awful lot like a roaring fire. This kind of setup really is the best of both worlds, because it can cater to whatever sort of mood you find yourself in from one day to the next.

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